Hey everyone. It’s me Deven Luca. It’s time for AnimeThief to start!

Now to explain how things work here and how things will work in terms of Thief Fantasy and other Mystical Happening.

I’ll be reviewing a few of this season’s and later seasons’ anime as well as some mangas that I particularly like. However that doesn’t mean that you guys don’t have a voice. If you leave a comment and ask me to review an anime or a manga and I have the time to read/watch it then I’ll review it.

The schedule for AnimeThief’s reviews will be the morning after it aires. So say the anime aires on Tuesday evening, then the review will be posted on Wednesday morning by 7am Eastern Time.

As for Thief Fantasy and other Mystical Happenings, the current schedule will be Daily Mythological Creatures on Mondays and Fridays with Character Sneak Peek on Mondays and Thief Terms on Fridays.