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May 2014

Let’s Look:Fairy Tail Second Series Episode 8 Finally! It’s over!!!

Finally the Boring Knights are beaten and the great part is Erza vs. Minerva vs. Kagura is next

Side Note: I didn’t have a review last week because you have to be interested in what you watch to write a review. Last week’s episode was so boring I just didn’t feel it.

Just like in the last episode(Just because I didn’t review it doesn’t mean I didn’t watch it.) Lucy starts off the episode summoning Aquarius.

After the opening we get the fight between Mirajane and Kamika. After sealing her with the Purple Paper, Kamika follows up with Red, White, and Yellow Paper but Mira doesn’t even flinch.

So Kamika uses Green Paper, God of Poison on Mira which actually starts doing a good effect. Then Mira starts talking about how magic isn’t meant to kill people instead you’re supposed to protect people with it.

She obviously doesn’t know Zeref…ya know the Death Wizard that dropped Zancrow like he was nothing and killed Hades with a flick of his wrist.
Anyway heading to the next scene we’ve got Natsu vs. Kama.


Looks like Natsu’s on the ropes with Kama’s second scythe which can cut right through magic.

On to the next one, we’ve got Pantherlily vs. Neppa and just like everyone else’s he’s on the the ropes.


Now we flash back to Lucy and Yukino vs. Uosuke and predictably everyone’s who’s seen Aquarius knows what’s about to happen.


Then we get some classic Aquarius and Lucy comedy with Aquarius wondering if Scorpio might be dating another woman.

Now if it was me, I’d get pretty mad if this just devolved into a whole conversation wondering if Scorpio is cheating so thank goodness Uosuke decides to make a move.

Yeah…not really a good move attacking a water spirit with water dude!!

After some figuring Uosuke switches the water from cold water to boiling hot and prepares to fight Aquarius.

However before we get to the good stuff we get this…

Hmmm not bad. Give that girl a record contract! Don’t ask. Inside joke.

Anyway looks like Wendy’s up. How?


Then Wendy goes on the offensive but Cosmos hits back just as hard with Spore Bombs. You know the way this battles goes around in a round robin reminds me of episode 6 of Date A Live 2.

We head back to Natsu vs. Kama when Natsu decides to go in close with Kama with hand to hand combat.

Now we’ve got some side plot filler about the others in the arena wondering about the Rescue Team…it’s not worth caring about. Let’s keep going.

We come back to see Mira walking through Kamika’s field of poison like it’s nothing.


Then Mira tells her that she made a big mistake by separating her from the others because now she can go all out. She goes Satan Soul and you know what she does next…

Call me crazy but Mira's lips are really sexy
Call me crazy but Mira’s lips are really sexy

She eats the poison! Like a boss!

Now as a reviewer I have a responsibility to report the episode as it happens but with Mira fighting Kamika it’s a complete and utter curbstomp battle.


That was easy once she got serious.

Back to Lucy and Yukino vs. Uosuke.

He just heated the water so Aquarius can’t use it anymore or can she?


Someone’s about to get screwed.

Quick flash to Pantherlily vs. Neppa. Panterlily remembers his training with Gajeel and remembers that the strength of the heart makes the blade able to cut through anything and …


Now that doesn’t make sense but hey it’s anime.

Let’s go over to Wendy and Cosmos. Who basically thinks what would Natsu do?

We figure that out in the next scene with Natsu owning Kama in hand to hand combat and Kama asks would he be willing to make enemies of the country and Natsu says…


After that we’ve got totally ownage of all the Garou Knights at the exact same time.


And the episode ends with this.


Now I’m happy here not because it’s a good fight but because it’s finally over!!! Thank goodness now we can get back to the battles happening during the Grand Magic Games. I’m definitely going to love Erza vs. Kagura vs. Minerva mostly because it’s Sayaka Ohara vs. Saori Hayami vs. Kikuko Inoue, my three favorite female seiyuu.

So I can’t wait until next week! Until then
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Date A Live 2 Episode 7: The Reason We Watched the Other Six Episodes is Back.

Kurumi’s back…that’s all the needs to be said.

Now then let’s our date begin(I haven’t been using my opening lately. How is it? I think it sounds better in Japanese)

Now we start the episode with the announcement of who won the Tenou Festival stage portion.

And while that’s happening Origami’s fighting AST.

Who’s going to win?

Damn…well it’s what you expect. Do you want me to go over again how the odds were blatantly stacked in Miku’s favor?

Smug arrogance never looked so hot.

After the opening Miku talks to Shiori about the reason she lost is because she depended too much on her friends.


Yeah you won. Don’t brag.


Oh looks like we spoke too soon. Turns out Miku won the stage portion but her school lost in the booths and because of Shiori(Shido)’s awesome performance they were able to win the entire thing but lose the stage portion. So Miku lost! Ha now you’re going to get sealed, Ms. Cuteness.

Aww someone’s a sore loser. Well pucker up Miku…

Shiori says that the reason they won is because the students of Raizen banded together and covered each other. You know what the beautiful Miku Izayoi says to this?

Sore loser…well everyone’s screwed.


And with only a few notes on the organ she’s got the entire audience under her spell.


Apparently she’s not the “Keep my word” type.

Now this would be kinda hot if I didn’t know Shiori was Shido.


Yeah I’m thinking that she’s about to get a nasty suprise.

Her shocked face is hilarious!

And then she turns the entire arena into zombies.

Looks like he’s screwed. Wait what if he just hit her? She’s just a music type fighter so she should have good defense.


What can’t she control?!


Apparently there is no limit to being screwed in Date A Live.


Now he’s really screwed six ways to Sunday. So what’s up next…

Apparently death’s next on the list until…


Turns out that Tohka had her rhythm monitors in her ears so she couldn’t hear Miku’s Angel, Gabriel.

So I think it’s time to get the hell out of dodge. Time to call up to the Fraxinus.


Crap how far does Miku’s song reach?

Kotori prepares to fire the Fraxinus’s magic cannon but someone stops her.

We flash to the battle between Origami and DEM and it looks like Origami’s going to lose until…

It’s Mana! And it looks like she’s defecting to the Fraxinus!

Wow she may have only ten more years to live but she’ll be kicking ass until she dies!

We flash back inside the arena where Tohka fights against Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Miku.

Then it turns from bad to worst. Ellen comes in and attacks. Tohka manages to throw Shido out of the arena but this happens.


Things are really really bad right now.

No allies, functional zombies looking for him, but at least he’s wearing pants!

All kidding aside how are you going to get out of this Shido?

The answer is two words: Kurumi Tokisaki.


She’s back!!!

After we come back, Shido asks for Kurumi who accepts. So cute…

Next scene we get Tohka captured by Ellen.


Ellen talks about how they plan to capture Shido and how it’s futile for Tohka to try and escape in her sealed form.

To the next scene away!!!

We get with Shido and Kurumi sneaking into Miku’s house….


Or mansion. It’s really more of a mansion.

Once inside Kurumi does a little bit of teasing with the whole Shiori situation and comments on just how freaking large Miku’s boobs are.

Kurumi is really the sexiest girl in this anime.

Lucky bastard. Anyway while getting his face licked by Kurumi Shido finds some old CDs of Miku’s but they don’t have her name on them, it’s Tsukino Yomachi.

Kurumi uses the first bullet, Yod, to know what’s up with the CDs and the picture they found.

We flash to the final scene which is Shido and Kurumi surrounded by our loony townsfolk, ready to face her down and seal her.

And we end the episode with that.

Now that’s a good episode solely because it’s got Kurumi in it. She’s the reason why a lot of people come to this anime. I totally can’t wait until the next episode and see what Shido and Kurumi are going to do against Miku.

I can’t wait to see what happens in next week episode. Curse this one week wait but until then

Later Days

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Also check out some of these pics I got off of Pixiv. Give me a post or two before I’m crediting the artists.

Such a beautiful demoness
Such a beautiful demoness


Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 8:Two Gates and They Both Lead To Hell

I can’t even breathe. Akuma no Riddle doesn’t give you a breather episode even once!

Let’s see who wants to kill Haru this week.

Looks like Mahiru/Shi’nya Banba are going this week….

We’ve got two making their move and unlike Shiena, Hitsugi, and Chitaru these two are heavy hitters!

Okay let’s start this episode.

We start with Isuke, talking on the phone with her “Mama”, Esuke.


Esuke asks why hasn’t Isuke(this must be really difficult when talking) returned home yet.

Isuke comments that there’s a bug so she can’t finish yet.

I’m guessing Tokaku’s the bug…

Anyway Esuke comments that Papa(I’m guessing Esuke’s partner) misses her. Now this isn’t a big moment but this is what’s he’s doing while he’s talking to her.


Only a badass could raise Isuke Inukai and this is him.

Isuke asks if Esuke misses her too and he says he does. This really makes Isuke smile and she says she’ll be back soon with a lot of souvenirs.


Wow, I never imagined that Isuke cared about anyone. It’s clear that she loves Esuke. I wonder what her wish is…

Anyway after the opening we’ve got Nio with the freaking chairman…chairwoman of the school.


The chairwoman comments that there are only three more girls left to make their move. Nio comments that’s she’s still around.

Chairwoman laughes, apologizes, and continues. She says that because of her wish, Sumireko Hanabusa will probably go last which makes sense since she’s always shown last in the opening and she seems most pramagtic since she pulls a gun on Tokaku in the opening while she’s injured.

The Chairwoman says that she guesses that Isuke or Banba will probably make their play.


Oooh that’s bad. That means they’ll all be trapped inside and they’ll be no where to run.

We go to the bath with Tokaku and Haru where they’re talking about how it’s so quiet around because most of the girls are gone. Then we get this…


Looks like Banba’s decided to crash the bath.

After the bath the girls head back their dorms and Banba(I use her last name because calling her Shinya or Mahiru would get annoying) goes back to hers.

So basically I can’t really describe this scene. I want to say that it’s a conversation inside their soul but I’m not sure. I’m not even sure about what they’re talking about but I’ll make my best guess. I’m guessing that Mahiru has grown to like Haru as a friend so she can’t kill her. Lucky that Shinya doesn’t have those reservations.

That’s more yuri than we’ve ever gotten with Tokaku and Haru.

Banba wakes up out of wherever they were, talking to Sumireko. Never thought they’d be roommates. Anyway Sumireko talks about how they’re going to be a typhoon tomorrow afternoon and Banba says it’s the perfect time for a party.


We all know that she means she’s going to make her move. I wonder what weapon she’ll use?

Go to the next scene with Isuke and Nio.

Nio comments on Isuke’s wish to have a villa bought for her parents for when they get old as well as on the upcoming typhoon.


Sounds like Nio isn’t going to participate tomorrow either.


Looks like Isuke isn’t giving up either. Things are getting interesting.

Over on the next day after a quick lesson in class Tokaku and Haru leave for the day but something interesting happens.


Looks like Banba’s making her move.
After the commercial we have Tokaku and Haru running to the dorms so they can get in before night and before Shinya comes out but we get this…


Oh hey Isuke what you doing here?

What the hell? She didn’t even send her notice.

Looks like someone that isn’t Tokaku has the advantage. Man this is a first.

Tokaku comments it’s against the rules to attack Haru if you haven’t sent your advance notice.


Isuke you clever girl. She put someone else’s name so Tokaku and Haru would lower their guard against her.

Guess when you got to get away you got to get away, right?


I think Isuke might actually win.

We have a quick flashback for Isuke’s past. Turns out that Isuke was abused by her parents and then saved by Eisuke.

Yeah…she loves her family. It’s creepy but it’s love.

Going to the next scene we’ve got Tokaku and Haru in a science room. Tokaku barricades the door shut Haru inside and goes out the window to face Isuke.

Looks like round 2!

And it looks like Tokaku’s losing, she totally on the defensive during this fight.


Oh yeah Isuke knows that Tokaku can’t kill anyone and as a result she can beat her. See an attack meant to kill and an attack meant to just hurt have different power behind them. The latter is weaker and that means that Isuke can counter it. In short Isuke’s got the advantage and she knows it.


Next scene we got Haru in the science room with something slamming into the door. Then we get this…


See if that was me she would have killed me because I would have looked.


And we end the episode with that. Turns out according to Kaiba the riddle’s kinda like a trick. Both gatekeepers are lying and both gates lead to hell.

What’s Tokaku going to do against Isuke, especially since she can counter so easily?

How’s Haru going to fight against Banba with that freaking huge sledgehammer?

We’ve got one of the best episodes here. I can’t wait to see what’s up next.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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Side Note: I’ll be making a post of all the flowers of the girls revealed up until now and what they mean. That will come up on May 30th in America because I’ve got the day off.

Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 7: How Old Are You, Shuto-san?

We are just getting back to back awesome episodes!

Let’s see who wants to kill Haru this week.

I’m not going to lie I didn’t expect the twist in this episode. It’s something that doesn’t pull you out of the story but it definitely throws you for a loop.

As for backstory, I really think that Akuma no Riddle should have gotten a 26 episode season because this little tidbits of backstory is really getting on my nerves. It’s good stuff but it’s so little especially here with Suzu.

Turns out that Suzu Shuto has Highlander Syndrome, which is a disease that gives the inflicted eternal youth and eternal life. If you seen the movie Highlander it’s the exact same thing.

Anyway she had a friend that had a birthday right after hers, July 15th. However because of her Highlander Syndrome she never aged and eventually married someone else and later died.

Moving on to the episode, Suzu decides after a long school day for all of the girls in the Black Class to take a nice break at an indoor water park. So of course you know what this means.

All so cute

Aw I wish Nio had a more sexy swimsuit but a wetsuit has cuteness in a certain way.

Now it ain’t the Black Class without someone trying to kill Haru.

and...boom goes the dynamite
and…boom goes the dynamite

Suzu’s making her move and she decides to make it a game. The collar’s going to explode at midnight and trying to cut it off will make explode automatically. The only way to get it off is to find the four cards that have the numbers for the code.

So where are those hints?

Then the other girls decide to do some watermelon splitting for some fun while Tokaku and Haru are in the water looking for one of the hints.

Tokaku guesses that one of the cards might be in the watermelon because the inside of watermelon would be dark and the other girls talking about would be showing the way.


Looks like she’s got one of the cards. Good move Tokaku.

However there’s a way around all of these search games and it looks like Banba and Sumireko figured out.


Looks like Tokaku figured it out and the only cards that aren’t in the deck are the 7s of the four suites. Let’s see how that works…


Come on girls! Nio outright said that 7777 is one of the three combinations that you shouldn’t use for a password.

Next scene is the teacher looking at some of the students records and he stops when he looks at Suzu’s record.

Then we go to the next scene which is at sunset.


Ah now that’s clever, putting it in the light like that.

Two down!

So what about the next ones…

Haru actually figures it out which shocks the hell out of me. I thought she was going to sit there and chill while Tokaku figured everything out.


That gives Tokaku an idea to check in the cards because the saying works both ways. The best place to hide a card is in a deck.

Then we get this.


Turns out it’s Suzu’s birthday. Happy Birthday, you cute blue girl!

So after the teacher is kicked out, Suzu explains her past about how she has Highlanders’ Syndrome which prevents her from dying and gives her eternal life. She had a friend who born the year after, her the day after so she was always older.

But because of her disease they could never be together and eventually he chose to be with someone else and eventually died.

Now look at the pictures. They’re in a sepia color which of course always hints that something’s old. However look at what Suzu’s wearing, a kimono with a parasol. That was more common during the Meiji period. Combine that with her friend always wearing a suit leads me to think that she was born during the Meiji period, making her anywhere between 142 and 102. That’s old!

Anyway back to the episode. We’ve got one card left and it’s in the water.


Tokaku’s definitely one of the smartest girls. If she wasn’t protecting Haru’s she’d be dead. However…

Suzu’s even smarter.


Wow the first time Haru wasn’t just sitting around and that kiss!

But to get Tokaku out they had to sacrifice the card so they’ve got to figure out the last digit. we’ve got 7, 0, 1.

So we’ve got only a two more tries and less than a few minutes so Isuke puts in a guess and she fails.

Okay now we’ve got one try left.

Since they girls know that today’s Suzu’s birthday they think that the password’s her birthday. But Nio says that ‘s another one of the most common passwords.


Now that’s a good password. Your friends, if they’re good friends, know your birthday. They don’t know family or friends’ birthday.


Good one Haru! You don’t go boom today.


Looks like she’s giving up.

She looks so sad…this was her only chance to get to die. Darn you Haru and your need to stay alive!

I can’t wait for the next episode. We’ve got a lot of good episodes one after another.

Personally I think that Mahiru/Shinya Banba is up next because of the ending talking about the two gatekeepers, one good and one evil. That describes Banba perfectly.

So until the next episode
Later Days

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Date A Live Speculation #1

Spirits. Mysterious girls appearing from another world. To fight against their pure strength with weapons, or to address them with love. Now mankind must choose.


Hey everyone. It’s me Deven and this is my first speculation post. Now speculation posts will be taking some of the information from an anime, manga, or a light novel and then make some guesses on what will happen in the future.

The first one I’m going to do is the Spirits and the possible identity of Phantom.

First all of the Spirits correspond to branches of the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Each of those branches have a number and those numbers correspond to each one of the Spirits.


Kurumi is 3
Yoshino is 4
Kotori is 5
Kaguya and Yuzuru are 8
Miku is 9
Tokha is 10

Now there are two Spirits that haven’t been introduced in the anime yet but they also have numbers too so at this point you can stop since they’re going to be spoilers.

Origami is 1
Natsumi is 7.

That’s right! During the 10th Light Novel Origami becomes a Spirit. The story is this.

She meets Phantom during the present timeline and she is given what is called Sephira Crystal which turns into a Spirit. After this Origami goes to meet with Kurumi asking to be sent back in time in order to kill Phantom who she believes to be the Spirit that killed her parents.

Kurumi sends her back in order to test the 12th bullet, Yud Bet. Once she gets sent back she gets into a battle with Phantom. She gets in a good shot on Phantom and gets rid of the fuzzy voice and sight effect that Phantom usually has around it. Turns out Phantom’s a woman with long hair but Origami couldn’t get a good look at her so there is no further description of her.

Okay now that the backstory’s taken care of let’s look at the Kaballah tree.

Now like I said each branch has a number but it also has a meaning which is a Sephria(yes exactly like the crystal) which also corresponds to them. Let’s take a look.

Tokha’s name has one of the kanji for ten in it, showing that she represents the Tenth Sephira Kingdom. You can see Kingdom in her codename Princess.It’s also seen as in her Astral Dress which looks like a combination of princess’s dress and a knight’s armor and weapon. Also the fact that her sword, Sandalphon comes out of a throne.

Next up is Yoshino.
Yoshino’s name has the four character in her name, showing that she represents the Fourth Sephira Kindnesss. You can’t see it in her codename but you can see it in her personality, which is very non-aggressive and unwillingly to hurt others.

My favorite girl!
Kurumi’s name has the three character in her name, showing that she represents the Third Sephira Understanding. We haven’t gotten much information that would make her understanding unless you connect Understanding with Knowledge. If that’s the case then Kurumi’s quick thinking, her ability to hide in the human world, use of her powers were able to let her walk around the human world easily without getting caught.

Our little commander!
Koroti’s name has the five character in her name, showing that she represents the Fifth Sephira, Power and Judgement. You can see it in her codename Efreet, which is a type of Infernal Jinn, well known for killing and general destruction. It also fits with her personality while she’s in her Spirit Form, being so aggressive and destructive she nearly killed Kurumi and Origami while she was fighting.

Cute Twins.
The twins last name Yamai has the eight character in their name, showing that they represent the Eighth Sephira, Majesty and Splendor. You can see it more in how they speak. Kaguya speaks with a very old Japanese style using Ware as her pronoun. I think that Yuzuru speaks a bit more modern but robotically polite.

Miku’s name has the nine character in her name, showing that she represents the Ninth Sephira, Foundation…yeah I have no idea how that works.

Natsumi’s name has seven characer in her name, showing that she represents the Seventh Sephira, Victory and Eternity. This shows through how she tests Shido to see if he’s worthy of her. It’s through games so she likes to win.

Origami’s name has one character in her name, showing that she represents the First Sephira, Crown. It’s shown through her rank in the AST as a Master Seargant, a field commander and her intellect.

Okay now that we’ve gotten past that. Let’s talk about Phantom.

Now my guess is that is someone we’ve already met.


It makes a lot of sense because first Reine’s name has the kanji for zero in it which works with the Kaballah Tree because it refers to the three mysterious forces above and said to be origin of the tree which works since Phantom gave the Sephira Crystal to three current Spirits.

Also look at her voice actress, Aya Endo. During the visual novel game, Date A Live:Rinne Utopia. During the game Aya Endo also voiced Phantom as well as it was commented during the game that their speaking patterns are similar.

Now if you look at animes like Fairy Tail, anime directors like to do stuff like this. It shows relationships between characters before the relationship is even shown. For example Angel of Oracion Seis and Yukino Aguria of Sabertooth are both voiced Fuyuka Oura. It’s later shown that they’re sisters. They do this again with Poluchuka and Grandeeny.

One more thing is that Reine says herself she hasnt’ gotten a good night of sleep for thirty years which the exactly length of time from the first spacequake and the beginning of the series.

Now most of this stuff is a bit unconnected but when you put it together it makes a lot of sense that Reine might be Phantom.

That’s it for now. Make sure to pass this a lot. The more people making guesses and speculating the more fun a fandom is.


Until the next Speculation
Later days

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Let’s Look:Date A Live 2 Episode 6:Marina Inoue and Chihara Minori’s Awesome Singing

Ah two Seiyuu Singing Goddesses, this is a great day for anime

So we start the episode with Mana Takamiya waking up in the hospital. You all remember Mana. If you don’t this will make you remember…

Yeah she got owned by Kurumi.

Anyway the second she wakes up the guys from DEM come in only for her to ask who are they?

After the opening, we get Shido asking the three girls whose names I wish I could forget, Ai, Mai, and Mii to perform with him for the sing off against Miku.

Please be useful girls
Please be useful girls

So now the ultimate band along with Tohka and Shido has been formed with Origami at lead singer. Unfortunately she didn’t sing which is odd since her seiyuu, Misuzu Togashi, is a member of Sweet Arms, the group that sung both seasons’ openings.

Ai, Mai, and Mii are on bass, drums, and keyboard respectively and Shido’s on guitar so what’s Tohka going to play?

She’s been entrusted with the tamborine(translation:she’s got the easiest instrument other than the spoons) She’s got the true instrument! The One Instrument to rule them all!

How you that like Lord of the Rings reference?

Let’s go to the next scene.

We’ve got Origami with her superior, Ryouko Kusakabe in what I guess is an AST facility. She’s being all casual and not looking at Origami.

She isn’t doing it to be mean. She’s just saying the DEM team’s plan to attack Tohka tomorrow at 1500(about 3:00 pm) during the Tenou Festival.

Oh Snap. White Licorice
Oh Snap. White Licorice

So she’s leaving the Hanger 2 open?! If you don’t already know from last season Hanger 2 is where AST’s got White Licorice, the thing that nearly killed Shido, Tohka, and Kotori last season.

Wow Origami really is one of the most powerful members of AST
Wow Origami really is one of the most powerful members of AST

Things are getting intense. Just as good as last season.

On the next scene we’ve got one of the classics of any anime with a school in it, the school cultural festival and the maid cafe!


Nice! I almost wish that it was a bit more sexy looking though.

Cute Twins
Cute Twins

Looks like Kaguya and Yuzuru are back. Now for a bit of information to give you guys some answers. After they were sealed by Shido, Kaguya and Yuzuru were transferred into Raizen but instead being in Shido, Tohka, and Origami’s class they’re in the class next door. So that’s why they didn’t appear last episode.


If I didn’t remember that he was a guy I’d say he was pretty good looking.

Anyway the next scene we’ve got the beautiful Miku coming around.

Just because she's evil doesn't mean she doesn't have a nice walk
Just because she’s evil doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a nice walk

And she decides to take Shido(Shiori) out on a date.

First for crepes…

Then they head to a ring toss and Miku wants to win something for Shiori.


Ha, looks like all that singing and dancing skill didn’t give you hand-eye coordination.

Okay you can always do that…


Umm dude, you’re going to wreck everything you’ve been working for.

Looks like he managed to save his butt because Miku likes a competition but that smile there doesn’t sit well with me.

You had one job, girls! Be useful. Couldn't even get that right
You had one job, girls! Be useful. Couldn’t even get that right

That insanely hot bitch. She’s cheating! As if she didn’t already have a massive and blatant advantage, she has to widen the gap even more.

So after that we flash to the stage competition where we get the tail end of Miku’s performance.


Okay that was good. Maybe Shido and Tohka can beat her?

Oh come on! As if she wasn’t already going to win, she takes on her Spirit form and starts singing.

So if Miku’s gotten to the three annoying girls and Miku’s gone into her Spirit form then how are Shido and Tohka going to perform or even come close to beating Miku?


Those Yamai girls coming in at last minute to help out!

Let’s flash over to the sky over the arena.



Yeah! It’s Origami! She’s going in on DEM Wizards.

Let’s go back to the arena with Spirits singing contest.

Looks like Kaguya can play the drums

And Yuzuru can play the bass

And with Shido on guitar and Tohka on tamborine looks like we’ve got a band.

But Shido can’t sing but no worries!


Now remember Tohka’s seiyuu, Marina Inoue. She’s done a lot of songs, both singles and opening and endings for some of the anime she’s been in. So it’s not a shock that she’ll sing during this anime.

So during the song we get flashes of Origami’s battle against the DEM Wizards as well as shots of the crowd.


Looks like she’s out of time and reinforcements are on the way.

And with that episode ends.

Looks like in the next episode we’ve got this.

Miku's Angel, Gabriel!!!
Miku’s Angel, Gabriel!!!

It looks like a church organ…and we’ve got a Spirit who uses music as a weapon. Three chances to guess who stopped playing around.


Well with that we’ve got an episode. ..Wait!!!!

I forgot something. We got something awesome but it was only for a second.


Kurumi Tokisaki!!

She’s back!

Okay now I’m done.

I’ll see you next week until then
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Isshuukan Friends Episode 4: Bad Lesson

Isshuukan Friends Episode 4
Bad Lesson

So here we are again and oh Hase.

We start off with Hase explaining that when it rains they usually eat lunch on the stairs near the roof instead of the roof.

And once they get back in class some of the kids comment that Kaori is hanging out with Shogo so they must be friends. When they turn to ask him, he does what Shogo does, shrug and says yeah.

After school Hase gets all annoyed about Shogo being the first one to be Kaori’s public friend. Shogo once again shrugs it off, saying if he wants to be her friend publically then say something to her…

That’s not what he meant…

Kaori gets angry at Hase and leave school early.


I’m not knocking Kaori Fujimiya because she’s one of my favorite heroines of this Spring Anime. Kuroha Neko’s pretty close.(I’ll be getting those up soon.) But if I just left school because I got mad at someone I’d be killed by my mom.

Moving on…

We get a few scenes of Kaori walking home when she stops she ends up at the river that Hase was talking about while they ate.


When she gets hit by a biker and her backpack goes flying into the grass. She grabs all of her stuff but she forgets one critical thing…


Kaori come back you forgot your diary…

There’s a dark sense of humor in this seeing that she forgets a lot.

Let’s keep going.


Kaori gets home and heads up her bedroom and she talks about how frienship is hard. She goes to grab her backpack to write in her diary when this happens.


Oh Kaori…

We flash to Tuesday and Kaori still hasn’t returned to school and Hase’s all depressed and stuff.

Kaori returns and gives him this…


So then Hase gets more depressed and talks with Shogo in the bathroom. He gets all depressed about Kaori not remembering him and thinks that she threw away her diary so she wouldn’t have to remember him again.

Finally he gets it! So he goes to find Kaori’s diary.

Shogo goes to talk with Kaori during lunch and she comes to the conclusion that’s she forgotten something really important to her.

Skip a scene and we have Hase looking around the riverside that Kaori was sitting at looking for the diary when Kaori herself shows up.


It takes a bit of time but finally he’s got it!!!


Now this was a good episode but the thing that gets me is this…

Now I completely agree with that but it doesn’t go with what happened. Now if Kaori and Hase fought then made up that would be a good heartfelt episode. But Hase didn’t make up with her in time so she just forgot about the fight so there wasn’t any making up.

Other than it was a good episode. I’m looking forward to this new girl that they’re introducing next episode.

I can’t wait until next episode so until then
Later Days

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Here’s some extra pics from the episodes

Let’s Look Akuma no Riddle Episode 6: These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

Akuma no Riddle Episode 6

This was definitely the most shocking episode of the season.

Let’s see who wants to kill Haru now.

I can’t believe this episode. Three attemps on Haru’s life in this episode, Hitsugi Kirigaya, Chitaru Namatame, and Shiena Ken’mochi.

Probably out of the three Chitaru gets the most backstory out of the three of them. Even then it’s about a drop in the Pacific Ocean. An assassin named Angel’s Trumpet killed Chitaru’s teacher’s daughter so she joined the Black Class to track them down and kill them.

Hisugi yeah…nothing about her other than the fight that she’s Angel’s Trumpet.

Ken’mochi well…

The dots are more than the backstory that she got.

Okay now to get to the meat of the episode. It’s not a very Haru and Tokaku heavy episode in fact it’s the opposite. This episode is all about Kirigaya and Namatame. In fact this episode is so little about them, I’d consider side characters this episode.

So anyway, we got the girls in the Black Class putting on Romeo and Juliet.

Ah the barely yuri couple is playing the twosome that got killed. I believe that Tokaku is playing Mercutio.

But the real yuri is this…

Ah my beloved yuri!

So things seem like a good old fashioned play. Can’t have that!

So we’ve got this…

Someone's taking a chance
Someone’s taking a chance

Someone’s making her play! But where’s our overly friendly protagonist…

It's almost like she wants to die
It’s almost like she wants to die

A little over twenty feet away. She makes it too easy.

Aw she's so cute
Aw she’s so cute

What’s cute little Kirigaya doing here?


Oh so that’s why she carries that bear. What am I saying? She just poisoned her!!!

Now this is important. Some folks are thinking because Shiena didn’t make an active attempt on Haru’s life she’s still good and she’ll be coming back after she gets over some poison.

Nope remember rule 3, I think. You can’t involve anyone outside the Black Class but that means that you can use people inside the class and Kirigaya handed Haru the notice so she acts a proxy so it counts so Shiena’s out.

And while she’s at it Kirigaya gives Haru her notice!

Like a little badass
Like a little badass

And she walks away like a badass!

I didn’t see a flower for Shiena. I’ll look through the episode again and update if I see it.


Kirigaya is the epicness of this episode. Earlier in the episode Kirigaya tells Namatame that she’ll help her find Angel’s Trumpet. So being a freaking genius she tells her that Haru’s Angel’s Trumpet, sending a badass Chitaru Namatame after Haru.

Little girl, big brains
Little girl, big brains

So basically if Tokaku didn’t notice the poison they would have stabbed each other during the stage fight and poisoned each other. Clever, Kirigaya but now that’s Tokaku’s figured out what’s your plan now?


Oh that…
Not bad.

So Tokaku put Haru with the teacher so Namatame can’t touch her.

You know I’m shocked that it took this long to get to someone that fights with a sword in this anime.

So Tokaku tells her that it was Kirigaya that took out Shiena with the Angel’s Trumpet poison so it clicks with her that Kirigaya is Angel’s Trumpet.

Now the next part requires needs a bit of guessing. If this was just anyone Namatame would just go all Sword Art On Kirigaya’s Line but she didn’t.

Kirigaya and Namatame do the final scene of Romeo and Juliet but they do it for real.

This definitely the epic episode of the season. Now that Shiena Ken’mochi, Hitsugi Kirigaya, and Chitaru Namatame are out of the game. We’re down five assassins, Nio Hashiri ,Isuke,Inukai, Mahiru Banba, Sumireko Hanabusa, and Suzu Shuto. I think things are about get really heavy!

I can’t wait for the next episode. We’ve got something good right now.

Personally I think that Suzu Shuto is next up on the list.

This going to be something good.
So until the next episode
Later Days

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Hey everyone it’s me Deven. Just here to give some updates.  Yes there will be posts today. I’ve got Akuma no Riddle Episode 6 and Isshuukan Friends Episode 4 all ready. I’m going to Episode 5 later this week and watch episode 6 of Gokukouko no Brynhildr and Isshuukan Friends tonight. Those reviews might be up by Tuesday evening at the latest.

First of all, I’m dropping Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei  and Love Live School Idol Project Season 2. I already announced it on Twitter but seeing as some of you don’t follow me, I decided to say it on here too. Me dropping each series has their own reasons.

For Love Live, it’s a really good series and I definitely want to watch and review but…I need to watch the first season. See before I started up, I got some recommendations from some of my friends for some series like Date A Live and Love Live. I legit thought that they were the same thing. So started watching Date A Live and it was awesome. (Favorite’s Kurumi. Fav this season would be Miku.) But I couldn’t watch Love Live before it came out because my internet went out. So now that I’m six episodes behind, it would be impossible to catch up now. However I still like the series.

That point brings me to a bit of a tangent. Starting at the end of this month, I’ll be doing something called Full Series and Season Reviews.  During the month, I’ll watch either the entire season or series of an anime and give a review of it at the end of the month. The first reviews I’ll be doing are Love Live Season 1, Date A Live Season 1, Sekirei and Sekirei Pure Engagement, and Suzuka. After those I’ll open the floor for you guys to suggest stuff to me.

Note: No anime currently airing or no anime with more that 26 episodes. Anime like Death Note which has 37 episodes are an exception.

Back on topic, why I’m dropping Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. if you think that I’m not watching the episodes when the reviews don’t come up you’re wrong. I just don’t have time to write all those reviews. That being said I don’t really rush on writing Mahouka reviews because it’s not really my cup of tea. The premise is a good one but Tatsuya is kinda boring to me. He’s perfect, really strong, smart, and one of the best if not the best magician in the school. In short he’s too badass and I can’t really relate to him. The main reason why reviews for Akuma no Riddle, Date A Live and Fairy Tail come up so fast is because I relate to their characters more. Tatsuya…I just don’t.  However I’m not dropping the series all together. Once it’s done, I’ll  do it as a Full Series Review.

Other than that, I think that’s it. Thanks for listening and keep your eyes open for all the reviews. Just to remind you these are the anime I’m reviewing.

Akuma no Riddle

Date A Live Season 2

Gokoukou no Brynhildr(I’m working on episode 6 and I’ll start posting the old episode reviews every week so I can catch up)

Fairy Tail Series 2(Same thing. I’ll be posting the new episode reviews and the old ones every week)

Isshuukan Friends(Same thing)

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