Here we on episode 4. The way things started you’d think that it was a fanservice only season but now we’d heading into a full out fight! Date A Live 2 just as awesome as season 1!

Now there will be no dates today. Let’s fight to save the Kaguya and Yuzuru and save Reine and Origami. Let’s head into battle!

We open up right we left off last episode, the Fraxinus vs. the DEM ship, Ashcroft. Now see this, the opening doesn’t play this episode instead it’s playing while Kannazuki giving orders to the ship! Now that only happens during some of the most awesome stuff in an anime!

After that awesomeness, we head back to the battle between the Yamai twins.

Wow this battle's getting intense.
Wow this battle’s getting intense.
Who's going to win?
Who’s going to win?

But Tohka notices something in the dark or someone…

Evil Ellen
Evil Ellen

And she calls out these guys.

So these are their grunts
So these are their grunts

So these are the guys that attacked Reine and Origami!

What are you going to do Tohka? Stupid question.

Tohka can do it!
Tohka can do it!

She’s going to kick get some butt! Looks like Ellen isn’t going down without a fight! Now we’ve got fights all stages!

Okay this might be harder than it looks
Okay this might be harder than it looks

We flash back to the bridge of the Fraxinus where they blocked another enemy attack with no damage at all. Turns out if you focus all the Protect Territory on one spot its defense is boosted exponentially but leaves all the other places wide open. Not something you want to do…

Unless you’ve got Kannazuki leading the pack!

Totally taking command!
Totally taking command!

And it’s blocked completely. The Fraxinus is safe as long as Kannazuki’s giving the orders!

We go back to the battle between Ellen and Tohka. I really like this rapid shifting between fights. It keeps up the momentum and gives a really good pace to the episode.

And then…

No way…Tohka lost.

We go over to Shido who flashes back to the battle against Kurumi and remembers how helpless he was in the fight.

And then his eyes glow white or rather they get a white highlight in them. Now for those that don’t know only Spirits have these.





He's got freaking Sandalphon!
He’s got freaking Sandalphon!






He summons freaking Sandelphon! This anime gets better and better.

We go back to the battle on the Fraxinus where they just blocked another attack. Here I thought Kannazuki was just a perv lusting after a middle schooler. He’s a awesome commander!

Now it’s time to go on the offensive!




Alright we’ve got an epic aerial dogfight here and the enemy ship, Ashcroft, is moving on the Fraxinus!






We go back to Shido’s battle against Ellen and the Bandersnatch. She wants to take him in custody with Tohka! So what are you going to do now Shido?

Shido just got his awesomeness
Shido just got his awesomeness






Do what all anime heroes do! Kick some ass!

We go back off to the Fraxinus and they deal a massive blow to the Ashcroft which has a effect on the Bandersnatch on the ground. That explains why this episode is switching between the two scenes so often and so fast.

Anyway Shido and Tohka take the opportunity to run and Ellen tries to give chase but…

Who the hell dug this?!

Thanks girls. You're not as useless as you look
Thanks girls. You’re not as useless as you look






Thanks for saving the day girls!

We go back up to the Fraxinus where the crew realizes that Kannazuki launched a sneak attack with one of the Territories, dealing the blow that made the Ashcroft retreat and putting the Bandersnatch out of commission. Pretty badass, Kannazuki.

We go back down to the ground with Shido and Tohka where they try to talk Kaguya and Yuzuru out of their fight. He tries swinging Sandalphon at them to get their attention but nothing works. Then Tohka tells him to focus on what he wants, to clear his heart everything else, and swing the sword. And it works awesomely!

His words get there attention but they tell him that he doesn’t need to get involved anymore. But he tells them that he’s still going to choose who’s going to be the real Yamai. It is…

Single handedly the most awesome thing this episode
Single handedly the most awesome thing this episode






So badass Shido. You might be one of the best action harem protagonist I’ve ever seen and I’ve Minato Sahashi from Sekirei, Tsukune Aono from Rosario + Vampire, Tenchi Misaki from Tenchi Muyo and whole lot of others!

He gives them these options.
1.Kaguya kills Yuzuru to become the true Yamai
2.Yuzuru kills Kaguya to become the true Yamai

They try to interrupt until my man Shido gives them the third and final choice:
3. In exchange for giving up their Spirit powers they can both live.

The two of them start wondering if it’s possible if they something like that can even happen. They start imagining all the things they could do as normal girls doing thing like going to school, going to cafes, and all that normal stuff.

It really shows how we take the simple things for granted some times.

Of course things can’t be sad for all the time. The Ashcroft comes out of no where trying to capture Tohka, Kaguya, and Yuzuru no matter what.

And instead of being scared or shocked what do the Yamai twins do?

They Blow It Up with the true form of their Angel!
They Blow It Up with the true form of their Angel!






So after the battle, we have Shido and the Yamai Twins in the forest and they tell him to close his eyes.

Twin kiss
Twin kiss






And things get awkward since you know what happens when a Spirit’s sealed. The Astral Dress comes off and the Spirit’s naked. Normally that’s nothing

(well as nothing as two naked girls in the woods can be.)

but then Tohka comes along and you can guess how things go. Typical harem hijinks.

But the really good stuff happens now at the end. Ellen has confirmation that Tohka is the Spirit codenamed Princess and asks if it’s possible that a human can use the powers of a Spirit.






And after the credits, we see Kotori(wow she’s been really MIA in this arc) talking with who I can guess is the director of Ratatoskr that if worst comes to worst they might have to deal with Shido since he’s summoned an angel. Kotori says…






Wow now that was an ending. Forget that. This was an awesome episode from beginning to end. I can’t wait for the next episode especially since it begins the next arc, the Miku Izayoi arc. I’m going to love this arc since Miku Izayoi is going to be voiced by one of my favorite Seiyuu Chihara Minori.

Damn one week just can’t go fast enough. Until then

Later Days.

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