Here we go. My first official review for Date A Live 2. Let’s hope that it’s a good show.

Let’s have a thrilling date.(I think I’ll use this opening for Date A Live. How’s it working?

So in an awesome action packed anime like Date A Live was last season we should start with some epically awesome fight like when Kotori fought Kurumi in episode 10…

or when Tohka fought Origami in episode 1…


We start off with an argument with Origami and Tohka over who’s going to share a room with Shido.

It’s good stuff. Typical Date A Live Tohka/Origami stuff but personally I wouldn’t have started with it but hey what are going to do?

Oh and we’ve also got this lady.

Hot but evil
Hot but evil

She’s supposed to be with the travel agency that set up and changed the school trip destination but according to Kotori the travel agency’s connected to DEM so there’s reason to be suspicious….

Mainly because they’re watching Tohka for any Spirit activity.

Okay they land on Arubi Island

And you know what the first thing that Tohka and Shido do…

They leave the flipping group! Come on guys. Keep with the group. I don’t know what they teach at their high school but in mine we don’t leave the group. But hey at least there’s practicing the Buddy system. Right?

Now I’ve got a legit question about the black haired one with the glasses.(I think she’s Mai.) All she says is “Gross” or “That’s Lame” depending on the translator. So does she only record that line once or does she record it for each episode?

Moving on…

The weather changes really quick and then…

We get the Yamai twins! Hot twins lucky day for Shido.

But they keep arguing and arguing about who’s strong enough to be the real Yamai. Gosh it reminds me of my family…

One thing that gets me though is how fast these girls stop fighting and basically say let’s fight over the guy that was just standing there. Come on. I know you need to advance the plot but serious…very Deus Ex Machina.

Then we get a description of why they’re fighting:So they can figure out who is the dominant personality so they’re can be only one Yamai. To do this they’ve done nearly every anime competition out there.

Then after that we, well…

Go mixed bathing.

Yeah the rest of the episode is a fair bit of fanservice. Not to offend my friend, Nick SkyCorps, but I personally have no problem with fanservice as long as it isn’t too much too fast. Luckily they didn’t reach my fanservice limit in this episode.

Moving on…

Let’s thank Tohka Yatogami for breaking up the fanservice of the Yamai twins.

Then she knocks him into the ocean…accidentally. I’m grateful for her getting him out but it was kind of a standard harem way to get him out.

Yep that arrow is our protagonist falling into the ocean. We're screwed
Yep that arrow is our protagonist falling into the ocean. We’re screwed

The episode ends with Ellen setting up for some group to come to the island and try to capture Tohka. I hope Shido can turn things around.

That’s all for this review.
I personally like the first part of the episode but when you have at least 1/4 episode of fanservice. I almost reached my fanservice limit for one episode.

I’m definitely curious about the next episode.
Until the next episode
Later Days

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