Here we are episode 2. Some anime put everything in the first and the last episode and the rest suck. Let’s see what we’ve got here.

I told you about my girl, Nio! She’s going all out. Full out war!

But we got to talk about the other stuff before we get to that…

We’ve got the rest of class coming in but they haven’t really made a good impression with me yet. Anyway with the entire Black Class gathered it’s time to get serious and like I said, my girl Nio’s the one that starts it off!

Here’s how it’s supposed to go from what I saw in the episode. Apparently it’s some type of sick and twisted game to kill our beloved red haired protagonist, Haru. Despite all the crazy and hot girls in this game, it’s got its rules.

I’ll be paraphrasing. I have to add in my comedy some way.

  1. You’ve got to declare your attempt by handing over some type of pass
  2. You can’t involve anyone that’s not inside the Black Class
  3. Can’t mess up and totally fail
  4. And you’ve only got forty eight hours from the time you make your declaration

If you mess up, you get eliminated from the game. It’s like dodgeball. You get hit and it’s over. Granted you never had to deal with knives and psycho girls in dodgeball but hey whoever said life was easy?

But let’s back up to something before that before we get to the epic ending.

But before the big meeting that night someone decided to get an early start on our target. Two guesses who is it.

That’s good. You gotta admire her eagerness. Granted it’s an eagerness to kill but it’s good all the same.

Haru invites Isuke over to her room so they can have a tea party to ‘get to know each other’. Everything in the quotes means attempt to murder. However our blue haired protagonist, Tokaku, figures it out and totally saves her from Isuke.

Tokaku wins but not without showing both Isuke and us the viewers that despite her insanely awesome and badass skills Tokaku has no kills under belt. She’s a kill virgin for lack of a better term.

What’s really amazing is these.

She’s allllll scarred up. However look. There’s not one scar on her neck which according to what I learned from Sosuke Aizen and later checked for myself, the neck is the weak point of all creatures. So someone’s been after Haru, gave her all those scars, but she still didn’t die! Can you say badass?!

No wait the most badass part is this:

Now it’s eleven assassins vs. one protector!

How are there going to pull these off? Let’s see what happens next week!(Or right after you see this post since I’m so far behind they’re all going up on the same day.)

Until then,  Later Days

Here’s awesome moments and cute pics from this episode.

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