Okay Time for Fairy Tail.
Side Note: Remember that even though the Fairy Tail episodes 1-4 reviews aren’t up, please act as they are up.
Okay we only got two major plot points in this episode. I’ll talk about the one that comes up first.
We’re sitting around with Sting in some part of the city during the competition and he has a flashback about what happened after he blew a hole through Jiemma.
Turns out Minerva warped Lector away at the last second before Jiemma blew him up. She kicks Jiemma out of the guild and says by his rules that Sting is in line to be guild master because he owned the current master.
Call me crazy but I thought that Minerva would be the next guild master seeing as she’s the guild’s ace and one of their smartest members but whatever.
Never forget that Minerva is an evil bitch. It can’t get more obvious than this.
Minerva is a complete bitch
Minerva is a complete bitch
So it’s go big or home time for Sting. Losing ain’t an option! Lucky that Natsu isn’t there or he’d get wrecked…again.
So let’s go to the other half of the  episode(the part in the first part of the episode doesn’t really matter because all they were doing was reminding us that Gray just owned Rufus.)
The Garou Knights.
The Boring Knights
The Boring Knights
Now personally I don’t really like them. I think that they’re just filler bosses so things won’t be boring while Natsu and the others are saving Lucy and to have some action and tension to add alongside the Finals of the Grand Magic Games.
Anyway, the Rescue team runs into the Garou Knights who seems to be some weird combination of guys and they start a fight with Fairy Tail.
Now what I don’t get is Natsu and Wendy are having trouble with these guys.
Natsu just yesterday wrecked Sting and Rogue in Dragon Force by himself!
Natsu, the fire dragon slayer, is getting owned by fire...
Natsu, the fire dragon slayer, is getting owned by fire…
Wendy only a few days ago fought a God Slayer with a type advantage to a standstill. It’s like for us Pokemon fans seeing Ampharos beat Thunderus-Incarnate with a Electric type attack.(I’ve had this happen to me. It’s so easy to forget it gets Mold Breaker and switch your Thunderus only to get OHKO’ed)
This is the girl who fought a God Slayer to a standstill
This is the girl who fought a God Slayer to a standstill
Anyway they should not be losing. I’m not really happy about it. I’m just waiting until they get back to the Grand Magic Games fights.
I know that things are going to get interesting…as soon as we get pass these jokers.
That’s all for this review. I can’t wait until we get passed these fights.
So until the next episode
Later Days


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