Here we go. Spirits in bikinis and swimsuits. I don’t want reach my limit too fast.

Let’s make sure to have a thrilling date(It’s a good saying to start the review with but I think I need another. Leave recommendations in the comments please.)

So we start off where things usually end. In bed…

He’s so lucky.

Meanwhile outside, we get a battle between Origami and Tohka: who will nurse the ‘sick’ Shido!

They head into one of the rooms while Ms. Sneaky Ellen tries to follow and gets this for her trouble.

Back to Shido…


There’s only so much luck a man can have. He’s clearly got a lot so there must be some type of imbalance!

Then this happens.

And this all happens before the Opening song!

Okay after the opening there’s a scene with those guys in the airship that Ellen works with and then we shift to Shido on the beach talking with Reine on intercom.

So hot and with Aya Endo's voice  she's so hot.
So hot and with Aya Endo’s voice she’s so hot.

She basically gives the run down on how to seal up the Yamai sisters seeing as they can’t do things the way that they did them with Tohka, Yoshino, and Kotori. Reason being is that there’s two of them and they’re highly competitive. Kiss one and then the other gets angry. So Shido’s got to alter his pace and makes sure he wins them both over at the same time so the other doesn’t go crazy.

So let’s the date with the Yamai twins begin.

Is it just me or are all anime girls going for the bikini or the school swimsuit?


After a quick flash of what’s happening on the Fraxinus we go to a scene of the lucky Shido about to rub some sunblock on the Yamai sisters when this happens…

I can see why Nick Corps went inactive on this anime. It’s a fair bit of fanservice and I’m only at 8:15!

The only way I can describe this scene is in the following way: twin sisters rolling around topless in the sand with sunblock all over, moaning all the time.

Now let’s get away from the fanservice(I can take fanservice but come on! They were moaning like they just came!) and head over to Tohka and Origami who are about to meet up with Shido.

Our resident sneak, Ellen, once again tries to follow only to get caught in a sand pit by those three girls.

Changing scenes we’ve got Origami and Tohka meeting up with the fanservice twins and one of the luckiest harem protagonists in the genre.

And with those two showing up things are changing on the date with the Yamai so what is Reine going to do?

Play Volleyball. Serve up!

There’s going to be more than beach balls bouncing.

It’s Yuzuru, Kaguya, and Shido vs. Tohka, Origami, and Reine and with the way the Yamais fight they’ll get wrecked.

Wow. Wonder twins powers activate! When they work together they’re pretty good.

Well it was fun while it lasted.

Flash to the next scene where Shido talking to Reine on the intercom when Kaguya comes up out of the blue and tells him he’s got to choose the winner of their battle tomorrow but here’s the kicker.

She's willing to die for her sister
She’s willing to die for her sister
She is too. Sisterly love!
She is too. Sisterly love!

Then it gets really sweet. The two of them go on about each other’s best traits while still acknowledging each others flaws and each one basically says that she’s willing to disappaer so her sister could live. How sweet is that? Date A Live might be getting back on track!

So flash to the next scene and Shido’s staring out the window of the hotel, flashing back to what both the twins told him, when Tohka interrupts asking for him to come with her for a walk on the beach where they talk about the stuff that’s happening with Kaguya and Yuzuru.

But all that ends when Kaguya and Yuzuru hear them talking and get mad. I guess the other didn’t want to be pitied but a few hours ago they were willing to die for other. Well that’s sisters for you.

And everything goes to hell at the end of the episode the AST airship is about to get into a aerial dogfight with the Fraxinus, Origami and Reine were about to get attacked by some weird creature(sorry I didn’t mention that in the review but it kinda slowed down the momentum of the review at the point it happened), and Kaguya and Yuzuru are about to begin their fight, a battle to the death.

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode. I’m definitely proud to be reviewing Date A Live. Sure this episode started off with a lot of fanservice but the last part is totally epic!

That’s all for this review so until the next episode

Later Days

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