Being an academic myself I really understand how she feels.

Let’s see who wants to kill Haru now.

I legit didn’t expect a girl that came in on the second day to be a good and interesting character.

Kouko is way different that Otoya in the last episode. One thing is that she’s actually sane! She’s also a very smart girl. She isn’t just all good looks.

And I’m so freaking happy! She’s got an actual past and a pretty good one at that. She was raised in a orphanage, I want say it was a Catholic one, where she was raised to be an assassin but she was teased because she wasn’t very good at it. But one person never teased her or made her feel back, her senpai Irina.

Her ineptitude got her senpai, Irina, killed. So she just killed the one person that cared about her. Sad…

Now time for some sub-plot! Why? Only because it helps the main plot.

It’s exam time at Myojo and out of the Black Class there’s only one person taking it seriously and studying.

The one person should looking around for killers is studying. Great prioriting
The one person should looking around for killers is studying. Great prioriting

And the rest of the girls…

It’s like they don’t even care…oh wait they don’t. At least someone’s remembering their roles.

Anyway Kouko cashes in her assassination notice and her first try sucks. She tries to blow Haru up with a bomb rigged to the mini fridge but the door doesn’t close all the way!

The other one is better so Tokaku sees through it. A bomb in the juice that’s a creative one.

So later studying in the library Nio comes up and tells Haru and Tokaku about the Seven Wonders of Myojo Academy, one of which is a mysterious secret room in the library with a secret book which if you check it out then you’ll have eternal happiness.

Of course Haru doesn’t see this as the blatantly obvious trap and ends up getting caught in Kouko’s trap, a massive firery explosion…that doesn’t kill anyone but full points for effort.

Kouko goes hand to hand with Tokaku but even I can see that she’s hopelessly outclassed and she loses.

The next day test scores are given out for exams and guess who got the highest score…the only person that actually tried.

This is a Red Spider Lily.
This is a Red Spider Lily.

This is a Red Spider Lily, a flower common to China and Japan during the summer. It’s a flower that often means death in the Japanese and Chinese culture. It’s a flower that makes sense to represent an assassin but it also has another meaning, rebirth.


I think that Kouko wasn’t meant to be an assassin. She was meant to be an academic or a student. Kouko’s failure here was the death of Kouko the failure assassin and her rebirth as Kouko the normal student.

This was a great episode and I really felt for Kouko.

I can’t wait until next episode. Until the next episode

Later Days

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