Let’s finish our filler villians up and get back to the real thing.

Once we’re back in the action we get Wendy still caught in the flower and she’s all covered in drool. Now if you say like that it doesn’t sound bad but…well look here.

Maybe it’s me but this looks really creepy, Wendy a loli all covered in white fluids. Just a bit creepy. Just so you know Mashima does some weird stuff like this occassionally. Look at Song of the Fairies if you want to know more. That’s a lot of fanservice in that.


Now to get into some of the good part of the episode.

Mirajane Strauss!

She frees Wendy and starts going in on the Executioners.

Now that's a good cat!
Now that’s a good cat!

Looks like we’ve got a fight but…

Yep they got ’em again.

But wait…


And he does what Fairy Tail wizard does best. He destroys the flower but the shockwaves send everyone into different places. Translation: Mashima used Natsu as a living plot device to scatter the group to make one on one fights.

Looks like Wendy vs. Cosmos.

She knows Wendy’s one weakness! I’ve always thought that this was hilarious.

Mira is so awesome
Mira is so awesome

Mira will own her. The only thing is how long it takes. You can clearly see that Mira’s my favorite Fairy Tail girl right after Juvia.

Be awesome!
Be awesome!

Please follow through Natsu. You have Lightning Flame Dragon Mode and you just owned Sting and Rogue. Don’t lose to this guy.


He’s a cat with a massive sword. How can’t this fight not be awesome!


Something’s off about this guy…

I knew he was weird.

Anyway…let’s go to some side plot.

Milliana is so cute but look…

Evil never looked so sexy
Evil never looked so sexy

Yep she’s about to get her.

Other than that’s the episode other than some hilarious stuff between Mavis and Asuka.

She founded Fairy Tail and probably created the Three Great Fairy Magics...and she gets owned by a six year old
She founded Fairy Tail and probably created the Three Great Fairy Magics…and she gets owned by a six year old

The first master of Fairy Tail, the person who probably created of Fairy Glitter, Fairy Law, and Fairy Sphere, and the Fairy Tactactian, is getting talked about by a six year old.


That’s all for this review. Personally I can’t wait for Garou Knights to be done so we can get to the Grand Magic Games fights.

So until the next episode

Later Days

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