Isshuukan Friends Episode 4
Bad Lesson

So here we are again and oh Hase.

We start off with Hase explaining that when it rains they usually eat lunch on the stairs near the roof instead of the roof.

And once they get back in class some of the kids comment that Kaori is hanging out with Shogo so they must be friends. When they turn to ask him, he does what Shogo does, shrug and says yeah.

After school Hase gets all annoyed about Shogo being the first one to be Kaori’s public friend. Shogo once again shrugs it off, saying if he wants to be her friend publically then say something to her…

That’s not what he meant…

Kaori gets angry at Hase and leave school early.


I’m not knocking Kaori Fujimiya because she’s one of my favorite heroines of this Spring Anime. Kuroha Neko’s pretty close.(I’ll be getting those up soon.) But if I just left school because I got mad at someone I’d be killed by my mom.

Moving on…

We get a few scenes of Kaori walking home when she stops she ends up at the river that Hase was talking about while they ate.


When she gets hit by a biker and her backpack goes flying into the grass. She grabs all of her stuff but she forgets one critical thing…


Kaori come back you forgot your diary…

There’s a dark sense of humor in this seeing that she forgets a lot.

Let’s keep going.


Kaori gets home and heads up her bedroom and she talks about how frienship is hard. She goes to grab her backpack to write in her diary when this happens.


Oh Kaori…

We flash to Tuesday and Kaori still hasn’t returned to school and Hase’s all depressed and stuff.

Kaori returns and gives him this…


So then Hase gets more depressed and talks with Shogo in the bathroom. He gets all depressed about Kaori not remembering him and thinks that she threw away her diary so she wouldn’t have to remember him again.

Finally he gets it! So he goes to find Kaori’s diary.

Shogo goes to talk with Kaori during lunch and she comes to the conclusion that’s she forgotten something really important to her.

Skip a scene and we have Hase looking around the riverside that Kaori was sitting at looking for the diary when Kaori herself shows up.


It takes a bit of time but finally he’s got it!!!


Now this was a good episode but the thing that gets me is this…

Now I completely agree with that but it doesn’t go with what happened. Now if Kaori and Hase fought then made up that would be a good heartfelt episode. But Hase didn’t make up with her in time so she just forgot about the fight so there wasn’t any making up.

Other than it was a good episode. I’m looking forward to this new girl that they’re introducing next episode.

I can’t wait until next episode so until then
Later Days

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