Spirits. Mysterious girls appearing from another world. To fight against their pure strength with weapons, or to address them with love. Now mankind must choose.


Hey everyone. It’s me Deven and this is my first speculation post. Now speculation posts will be taking some of the information from an anime, manga, or a light novel and then make some guesses on what will happen in the future.

The first one I’m going to do is the Spirits and the possible identity of Phantom.

First all of the Spirits correspond to branches of the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Each of those branches have a number and those numbers correspond to each one of the Spirits.


Kurumi is 3
Yoshino is 4
Kotori is 5
Kaguya and Yuzuru are 8
Miku is 9
Tokha is 10

Now there are two Spirits that haven’t been introduced in the anime yet but they also have numbers too so at this point you can stop since they’re going to be spoilers.

Origami is 1
Natsumi is 7.

That’s right! During the 10th Light Novel Origami becomes a Spirit. The story is this.

She meets Phantom during the present timeline and she is given what is called Sephira Crystal which turns into a Spirit. After this Origami goes to meet with Kurumi asking to be sent back in time in order to kill Phantom who she believes to be the Spirit that killed her parents.

Kurumi sends her back in order to test the 12th bullet, Yud Bet. Once she gets sent back she gets into a battle with Phantom. She gets in a good shot on Phantom and gets rid of the fuzzy voice and sight effect that Phantom usually has around it. Turns out Phantom’s a woman with long hair but Origami couldn’t get a good look at her so there is no further description of her.

Okay now that the backstory’s taken care of let’s look at the Kaballah tree.

Now like I said each branch has a number but it also has a meaning which is a Sephria(yes exactly like the crystal) which also corresponds to them. Let’s take a look.

Tokha’s name has one of the kanji for ten in it, showing that she represents the Tenth Sephira Kingdom. You can see Kingdom in her codename Princess.It’s also seen as in her Astral Dress which looks like a combination of princess’s dress and a knight’s armor and weapon. Also the fact that her sword, Sandalphon comes out of a throne.

Next up is Yoshino.
Yoshino’s name has the four character in her name, showing that she represents the Fourth Sephira Kindnesss. You can’t see it in her codename but you can see it in her personality, which is very non-aggressive and unwillingly to hurt others.

My favorite girl!
Kurumi’s name has the three character in her name, showing that she represents the Third Sephira Understanding. We haven’t gotten much information that would make her understanding unless you connect Understanding with Knowledge. If that’s the case then Kurumi’s quick thinking, her ability to hide in the human world, use of her powers were able to let her walk around the human world easily without getting caught.

Our little commander!
Koroti’s name has the five character in her name, showing that she represents the Fifth Sephira, Power and Judgement. You can see it in her codename Efreet, which is a type of Infernal Jinn, well known for killing and general destruction. It also fits with her personality while she’s in her Spirit Form, being so aggressive and destructive she nearly killed Kurumi and Origami while she was fighting.

Cute Twins.
The twins last name Yamai has the eight character in their name, showing that they represent the Eighth Sephira, Majesty and Splendor. You can see it more in how they speak. Kaguya speaks with a very old Japanese style using Ware as her pronoun. I think that Yuzuru speaks a bit more modern but robotically polite.

Miku’s name has the nine character in her name, showing that she represents the Ninth Sephira, Foundation…yeah I have no idea how that works.

Natsumi’s name has seven characer in her name, showing that she represents the Seventh Sephira, Victory and Eternity. This shows through how she tests Shido to see if he’s worthy of her. It’s through games so she likes to win.

Origami’s name has one character in her name, showing that she represents the First Sephira, Crown. It’s shown through her rank in the AST as a Master Seargant, a field commander and her intellect.

Okay now that we’ve gotten past that. Let’s talk about Phantom.

Now my guess is that is someone we’ve already met.


It makes a lot of sense because first Reine’s name has the kanji for zero in it which works with the Kaballah Tree because it refers to the three mysterious forces above and said to be origin of the tree which works since Phantom gave the Sephira Crystal to three current Spirits.

Also look at her voice actress, Aya Endo. During the visual novel game, Date A Live:Rinne Utopia. During the game Aya Endo also voiced Phantom as well as it was commented during the game that their speaking patterns are similar.

Now if you look at animes like Fairy Tail, anime directors like to do stuff like this. It shows relationships between characters before the relationship is even shown. For example Angel of Oracion Seis and Yukino Aguria of Sabertooth are both voiced Fuyuka Oura. It’s later shown that they’re sisters. They do this again with Poluchuka and Grandeeny.

One more thing is that Reine says herself she hasnt’ gotten a good night of sleep for thirty years which the exactly length of time from the first spacequake and the beginning of the series.

Now most of this stuff is a bit unconnected but when you put it together it makes a lot of sense that Reine might be Phantom.

That’s it for now. Make sure to pass this a lot. The more people making guesses and speculating the more fun a fandom is.


Until the next Speculation
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