Kurumi’s back…that’s all the needs to be said.

Now then let’s our date begin(I haven’t been using my opening lately. How is it? I think it sounds better in Japanese)

Now we start the episode with the announcement of who won the Tenou Festival stage portion.

And while that’s happening Origami’s fighting AST.

Who’s going to win?

Damn…well it’s what you expect. Do you want me to go over again how the odds were blatantly stacked in Miku’s favor?

Smug arrogance never looked so hot.

After the opening Miku talks to Shiori about the reason she lost is because she depended too much on her friends.


Yeah you won. Don’t brag.


Oh looks like we spoke too soon. Turns out Miku won the stage portion but her school lost in the booths and because of Shiori(Shido)’s awesome performance they were able to win the entire thing but lose the stage portion. So Miku lost! Ha now you’re going to get sealed, Ms. Cuteness.

Aww someone’s a sore loser. Well pucker up Miku…

Shiori says that the reason they won is because the students of Raizen banded together and covered each other. You know what the beautiful Miku Izayoi says to this?

Sore loser…well everyone’s screwed.


And with only a few notes on the organ she’s got the entire audience under her spell.


Apparently she’s not the “Keep my word” type.

Now this would be kinda hot if I didn’t know Shiori was Shido.


Yeah I’m thinking that she’s about to get a nasty suprise.

Her shocked face is hilarious!

And then she turns the entire arena into zombies.

Looks like he’s screwed. Wait what if he just hit her? She’s just a music type fighter so she should have good defense.


What can’t she control?!


Apparently there is no limit to being screwed in Date A Live.


Now he’s really screwed six ways to Sunday. So what’s up next…

Apparently death’s next on the list until…


Turns out that Tohka had her rhythm monitors in her ears so she couldn’t hear Miku’s Angel, Gabriel.

So I think it’s time to get the hell out of dodge. Time to call up to the Fraxinus.


Crap how far does Miku’s song reach?

Kotori prepares to fire the Fraxinus’s magic cannon but someone stops her.

We flash to the battle between Origami and DEM and it looks like Origami’s going to lose until…

It’s Mana! And it looks like she’s defecting to the Fraxinus!

Wow she may have only ten more years to live but she’ll be kicking ass until she dies!

We flash back inside the arena where Tohka fights against Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Miku.

Then it turns from bad to worst. Ellen comes in and attacks. Tohka manages to throw Shido out of the arena but this happens.


Things are really really bad right now.

No allies, functional zombies looking for him, but at least he’s wearing pants!

All kidding aside how are you going to get out of this Shido?

The answer is two words: Kurumi Tokisaki.


She’s back!!!

After we come back, Shido asks for Kurumi who accepts. So cute…

Next scene we get Tohka captured by Ellen.


Ellen talks about how they plan to capture Shido and how it’s futile for Tohka to try and escape in her sealed form.

To the next scene away!!!

We get with Shido and Kurumi sneaking into Miku’s house….


Or mansion. It’s really more of a mansion.

Once inside Kurumi does a little bit of teasing with the whole Shiori situation and comments on just how freaking large Miku’s boobs are.

Kurumi is really the sexiest girl in this anime.

Lucky bastard. Anyway while getting his face licked by Kurumi Shido finds some old CDs of Miku’s but they don’t have her name on them, it’s Tsukino Yomachi.

Kurumi uses the first bullet, Yod, to know what’s up with the CDs and the picture they found.

We flash to the final scene which is Shido and Kurumi surrounded by our loony townsfolk, ready to face her down and seal her.

And we end the episode with that.

Now that’s a good episode solely because it’s got Kurumi in it. She’s the reason why a lot of people come to this anime. I totally can’t wait until the next episode and see what Shido and Kurumi are going to do against Miku.

I can’t wait to see what happens in next week episode. Curse this one week wait but until then

Later Days

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Such a beautiful demoness
Such a beautiful demoness