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May 2014

Let’s Look: Fairy Tail Series 2 Episode 6: Oh the Suffering and all that stuff

Let’s finish our filler villians up and get back to the real thing.

Once we’re back in the action we get Wendy still caught in the flower and she’s all covered in drool. Now if you say like that it doesn’t sound bad but…well look here.

Maybe it’s me but this looks really creepy, Wendy a loli all covered in white fluids. Just a bit creepy. Just so you know Mashima does some weird stuff like this occassionally. Look at Song of the Fairies if you want to know more. That’s a lot of fanservice in that.


Now to get into some of the good part of the episode.

Mirajane Strauss!

She frees Wendy and starts going in on the Executioners.

Now that's a good cat!
Now that’s a good cat!

Looks like we’ve got a fight but…

Yep they got ’em again.

But wait…


And he does what Fairy Tail wizard does best. He destroys the flower but the shockwaves send everyone into different places. Translation: Mashima used Natsu as a living plot device to scatter the group to make one on one fights.

Looks like Wendy vs. Cosmos.

She knows Wendy’s one weakness! I’ve always thought that this was hilarious.

Mira is so awesome
Mira is so awesome

Mira will own her. The only thing is how long it takes. You can clearly see that Mira’s my favorite Fairy Tail girl right after Juvia.

Be awesome!
Be awesome!

Please follow through Natsu. You have Lightning Flame Dragon Mode and you just owned Sting and Rogue. Don’t lose to this guy.


He’s a cat with a massive sword. How can’t this fight not be awesome!


Something’s off about this guy…

I knew he was weird.

Anyway…let’s go to some side plot.

Milliana is so cute but look…

Evil never looked so sexy
Evil never looked so sexy

Yep she’s about to get her.

Other than that’s the episode other than some hilarious stuff between Mavis and Asuka.

She founded Fairy Tail and probably created the Three Great Fairy Magics...and she gets owned by a six year old
She founded Fairy Tail and probably created the Three Great Fairy Magics…and she gets owned by a six year old

The first master of Fairy Tail, the person who probably created of Fairy Glitter, Fairy Law, and Fairy Sphere, and the Fairy Tactactian, is getting talked about by a six year old.


That’s all for this review. Personally I can’t wait for Garou Knights to be done so we can get to the Grand Magic Games fights.

So until the next episode

Later Days

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Let’s Look: Date A Live 2 Episode 5: Chihara Minori!


Ah my goddess, Chihara Minori! I love her so.
Side note: I use the long style of reviewing for Date A Live because I’m really into it.

Anyway we jump into the episode with Origami being taken off suspension! Yay now she can try(and fail) to kill Spirits.

Then we get this lady.

Turns out that DEM is adding in a new group that that doesn’t have to obey the usual rules of AST. Looks like DEM is making their move.

We get the opening and then we get this…

Yeah…you just got screwed bro. Now back in high school I was fairly organized and smart so people often picked me to lead stuff. It took a lot out of me just to listen to have the stuff that people mess up. Chairpersons for stuff will go crazy before the event’s even over. Trust me I know.

Anyway back to the story.

After school Shido’s basically shelpping for the cultural festival that’s shared by ten schools all around the city. That must be tiring. Then the spatial quake alarm goes off and you know what that means. A Spirit’s around and Shido’s got to put the moves on them. Fraxinus teleports him up and takes him to the scene.

Now this is the Spirit Diva. Wow she can sing. Makes sense being voiced by Chihara Minori. Ah my goddess of voice acting!


Shido starts talking to Diva(I’ll say her name later) and the levels just drop like a stone. And this happens…

Now that's a loud voice
Now that’s a loud voice

Looks like she’s a music type of fighter.

Wow someone just going in on him. What’s up? She just hates him for no reason.

Welcome back AST. Oh girls why are you are you even trying? You always get owned. Seriously have they ever gotten a win over a Spirit.

Tohka owned Origami. Yoshino got away from AST everytime. Mana thought she kept owning Kurumi but the second the real Kurumi came out she learned her place. Kotori nearly killed Origami with Megiddo. Finally Kaguya and Yuzuru shot an entire ship out of the sky with one shot! AST has no chance.

Anyway we see Diva just running circles around AST but let’s look at what she’s doing while she’s wrecking AST.

Sounds suspect…

Anyway Shido’s pulled back up to the Fraxinus where Kotori explains that the Spirit Diva is the idol Miku Izayoi.

Now let me stop for a minute. Now this is funny or rather ironic on a few levels.

1. First her name. Miku ya know like the vocaloid. So that’s some type of reference to her I guess.
2. Second her voice actress, Chihara Minori. In addition to being a voice actress she’s also a J-Pop singer…you could even call her an idol…
3. Third is kinda of a reference to Aya Hirano. I’ll have to talk about some of the stuff that happens in a later episode so I won’t so let’s just say that Miku and Aya have scandals in common…

Anyway Kotori tells Shido that Miku’s a lesbian so of course a guy isn’t going to get anywhere but a girl would.

I feel for the dude right here and all during this episode.

Anyway Shido meets up with Miku at the cultural festival that both of their schools share. They start talking and he gets some traction here. To the point where he actually gets a date with her.

Miku gets really attracted to Shiori and she was so attracted that she wants to use her Spirit powers to control her…him…I’m confused.

Turns out that Miku caused the spatial quake not on accident like nearly every Spirit in the world but on purpose just so she can sing the stadium.

She makes a bet with Shido if he can beat her on the stage part of the Cultural Festival then she’ll let him seal her powers but she wins she gets him(or this case her) and all the Spirits he’s sealed. Can’t afford lose this one but come on, Miku. He’s facing an idol in a sing off!

Anyway to some side plot with the AST, it looks like they’re making their move against Tohka at the Cultural Festival. Looks like along with things with Miku things are getting interesting.

This was definitely a set up episode and since we’re at episode 5 we’ve only got five more episode so this is probably going to be the last arc. Looks like we’ve got action and awesomeness from here on out. I can’t wait to see what kind of stuff we get out of this.

So until the next episode where we hear the awesome voice of Chihara Minori again.

Later Days

Here’s some cute pics of Miku in her sexy school uniform!

Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 4: I Get How She Feels

Being an academic myself I really understand how she feels.

Let’s see who wants to kill Haru now.

I legit didn’t expect a girl that came in on the second day to be a good and interesting character.

Kouko is way different that Otoya in the last episode. One thing is that she’s actually sane! She’s also a very smart girl. She isn’t just all good looks.

And I’m so freaking happy! She’s got an actual past and a pretty good one at that. She was raised in a orphanage, I want say it was a Catholic one, where she was raised to be an assassin but she was teased because she wasn’t very good at it. But one person never teased her or made her feel back, her senpai Irina.

Her ineptitude got her senpai, Irina, killed. So she just killed the one person that cared about her. Sad…

Now time for some sub-plot! Why? Only because it helps the main plot.

It’s exam time at Myojo and out of the Black Class there’s only one person taking it seriously and studying.

The one person should looking around for killers is studying. Great prioriting
The one person should looking around for killers is studying. Great prioriting

And the rest of the girls…

It’s like they don’t even care…oh wait they don’t. At least someone’s remembering their roles.

Anyway Kouko cashes in her assassination notice and her first try sucks. She tries to blow Haru up with a bomb rigged to the mini fridge but the door doesn’t close all the way!

The other one is better so Tokaku sees through it. A bomb in the juice that’s a creative one.

So later studying in the library Nio comes up and tells Haru and Tokaku about the Seven Wonders of Myojo Academy, one of which is a mysterious secret room in the library with a secret book which if you check it out then you’ll have eternal happiness.

Of course Haru doesn’t see this as the blatantly obvious trap and ends up getting caught in Kouko’s trap, a massive firery explosion…that doesn’t kill anyone but full points for effort.

Kouko goes hand to hand with Tokaku but even I can see that she’s hopelessly outclassed and she loses.

The next day test scores are given out for exams and guess who got the highest score…the only person that actually tried.

This is a Red Spider Lily.
This is a Red Spider Lily.

This is a Red Spider Lily, a flower common to China and Japan during the summer. It’s a flower that often means death in the Japanese and Chinese culture. It’s a flower that makes sense to represent an assassin but it also has another meaning, rebirth.


I think that Kouko wasn’t meant to be an assassin. She was meant to be an academic or a student. Kouko’s failure here was the death of Kouko the failure assassin and her rebirth as Kouko the normal student.

This was a great episode and I really felt for Kouko.

I can’t wait until next episode. Until the next episode

Later Days

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Let’s Look: Fairy Tail Second Series Episode 5: No More Knights!

Okay Time for Fairy Tail.
Side Note: Remember that even though the Fairy Tail episodes 1-4 reviews aren’t up, please act as they are up.
Okay we only got two major plot points in this episode. I’ll talk about the one that comes up first.
We’re sitting around with Sting in some part of the city during the competition and he has a flashback about what happened after he blew a hole through Jiemma.
Turns out Minerva warped Lector away at the last second before Jiemma blew him up. She kicks Jiemma out of the guild and says by his rules that Sting is in line to be guild master because he owned the current master.
Call me crazy but I thought that Minerva would be the next guild master seeing as she’s the guild’s ace and one of their smartest members but whatever.
Never forget that Minerva is an evil bitch. It can’t get more obvious than this.
Minerva is a complete bitch
Minerva is a complete bitch
So it’s go big or home time for Sting. Losing ain’t an option! Lucky that Natsu isn’t there or he’d get wrecked…again.
So let’s go to the other half of the  episode(the part in the first part of the episode doesn’t really matter because all they were doing was reminding us that Gray just owned Rufus.)
The Garou Knights.
The Boring Knights
The Boring Knights
Now personally I don’t really like them. I think that they’re just filler bosses so things won’t be boring while Natsu and the others are saving Lucy and to have some action and tension to add alongside the Finals of the Grand Magic Games.
Anyway, the Rescue team runs into the Garou Knights who seems to be some weird combination of guys and they start a fight with Fairy Tail.
Now what I don’t get is Natsu and Wendy are having trouble with these guys.
Natsu just yesterday wrecked Sting and Rogue in Dragon Force by himself!
Natsu, the fire dragon slayer, is getting owned by fire...
Natsu, the fire dragon slayer, is getting owned by fire…
Wendy only a few days ago fought a God Slayer with a type advantage to a standstill. It’s like for us Pokemon fans seeing Ampharos beat Thunderus-Incarnate with a Electric type attack.(I’ve had this happen to me. It’s so easy to forget it gets Mold Breaker and switch your Thunderus only to get OHKO’ed)
This is the girl who fought a God Slayer to a standstill
This is the girl who fought a God Slayer to a standstill
Anyway they should not be losing. I’m not really happy about it. I’m just waiting until they get back to the Grand Magic Games fights.
I know that things are going to get interesting…as soon as we get pass these jokers.
That’s all for this review. I can’t wait until we get passed these fights.
So until the next episode
Later Days


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First Look: Date A Live II Ep 1- The Date Continues

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_00.03_[2014.04.12_18.02.55]

After a long wait the highly anticipated Date A Live is finally back for it’s second season!

How did the season opener go?

Here’s my review!

Tohka is back! Origami is back! Kotori is back! Yoshino is back! Kurumi is back! They’re all back for another season of Date A Live. Wow it’s finally here! Yep it’s been a while since we’ve last seen them all but after all that time… I was actually disappointed by this ep. Yeah, strange I know, but watching it a second time was… ugh, painful actually. Honestly this felt nothing like a season opener should be like, this could’ve rather been an OVA or just another random filler ep! But there were a few key points to bring out, points that should likely set the stage for this season.

So first up we’ve got Origami, who after the events in ep 12, has been suspended for 2 months; not as long a suspension considering what took place in that ep, but anyways she’s off duty for sometime. Overall she never missed a beat from season 1. She’s still the same calm person with that icy voice. I’d forgotten about her lack of emotion she (doesn’t) display, but that’s nothing to get upset about. I don’t mind her, she’s pretty good. Kotori is still the same commanding officer as she was in the first season; sitting in her seat issuing orders, not much new with her. Yoshino, well honestly she didn’t do/say much in this ep, but she’s pretty much the same too. And of course Tohka. I love Tohka and to me she’s the best girl, but… I didn’t like her in this ep. Another disappointment here as I was really looking forward to seeing her once again, but honestly she came across as very anxious and actually downright annoying. Her jumping to conclusions was cute for the first few minutes, but after she just didn’t like that one die, it became just some running joke that needed to stop running and just, well, stop.

I’m letdown by all this, I was expecting something new and exciting to happen, I wanted something big to happen, something that made me go “wow this season is gonna be sick!” but no, I didn’t get any of that from this ep. The only really exciting part came at the ending scene before the credits, where we have Kurumi standing on the roof top looking badass like she always does. You know I’m starting to like her more than Tohka. Then the next exciting part came during the preview for ep 2, where we see the two Yamai girls. Oh and one more thing: are they seriously having the beach ep next time? Normally I’m down for beach ep, I mean who doesn’t like to see their favorite anime girl in a bikini? But honestly having it in ep 2? What is this, some ecchi series where we gotta cram all the bouncing boobs and nosebleed shots into the series as soon as possible? Goddamn it where’s the lead up? Where’s the anticipation? Season 1 had us wait till the last 2 eps before letting us feast our eyes on the swimsuit clad body of our favorite girl, now it’s just “oh throw that shit in the second ep, they’ll like that” fuck man, really?

So all in all this ep was a lack luster experience and one that really took the wind out of my sails. I wanted something else, but this filler ep wasn’t anything to make me excited about this season at all. Oh and before I was pissed that it’s only gonna be 10 eps, now I’m actually okay with that, seeing how if it continues on this path, 10 eps will be about all I can handle.


Rant over. Screen caps of the ep, I’ll cya at the end.

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_01.09_[2014.04.12_18.06.16] [FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_01.17_[2014.04.12_18.06.34]

Eh...? What?
Eh…? What?

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_02.23_[2014.04.12_18.08.57] [FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_02.25_[2014.04.12_18.09.09] [FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_02.29_[2014.04.12_18.09.22]

Finally something interesting happens in the form of this guy.
Finally something interesting happens in the form of this guy.

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_02.41_[2014.04.12_18.09.55]
Oh great…
[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_04.38_[2014.04.12_18.12.38]
For you Origami
[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_04.42_[2014.04.12_18.12.50]
For you Origami
[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_03.24_[2014.04.12_18.10.59] [FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_03.32_[2014.04.12_18.11.14]

For you Origami fans
For you Origami fans

[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_04.42_[2014.04.12_18.12.50]

Panty shot because it was among the only few good parts of this ep
Panty shot because it was among the only few good parts of this ep
[FFF] DATE A LIVE II - 01 [0F1FB331].mkv_snapshot_15.20_[2014.04.12_18.26.50]
Oh? Sounds like a hint
Looks kinda Epic
Looks kinda Epic

So there you have it, a quick run through of ep 1. The more you watch ep 1, the more you don’t like it; I really, really hope this gets better as it continues because I’m having a hard time liking what was among my favorites of last year. The interesting events that happened near the end are probably the most screen shot worthy out of everything here.

Alright then, that’s all I’ve got time for this week; I’ll cya next week for more Date A Live II. Screens from the preview.

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Double Let’s Look: Isshuukan Friends Episodes 2 & 3- The Diary and Friends of Friends

Since this is the first(and seeing how far I am behind, not the last) let’s make this one a double review! Isshuukan Friends! Episodes 2 and 3. Let’s go to all those feels!

Okay here we go. Let’s take a dive into the second episode!

We start off where we ended at episode 1. Yuuki asking to be Kaori’s friend again.


Only for him to get this


Yuuki just gets all those sad feels. Same on my side. But his loveably cynical best friend Shogo reminds him to get back out there and reminds that Kaori Fuijmiya isn’t as cold as people think.

Renewed by this, he goes to the usual spot(It’s not in Twilight Town! I think that’s what I’ll call the roof since half the scenes take place there) where he sees Kaori eating alone again.

He keeps trying to tell her that he ate with her all last week and even became friends with him. She doesn’t know who he is other than a classmate until it clicks. She doesn’t remember what happened during all her lunch periods last week.

So they must have become friends! That’s why she doesn’t remember him! Yay for amnesia!

Our two returns to eating lunch until Yuuki gets the idea for Kaori to start writing a diary so she can remember. It’s a good idea but that’s where things go wrong in my opnion. I’ll share at the end of the post(Yay, I’m writing in order of the episode!)

After a few scenes of Kaori writing some stuff that’s happened that week, on Thursday she gets a flyer for the same Crepe stand that she got in the first episode.

They both decide to go on Sunday but…

Should have checked the bottom of the flyer. They’re closed on the first and third Sunday.

But no fear, Yuuki remembers something that she said last week about never going to Kaoroke so they hit up the nearest kaoroke place and have a great time.

After the ride home, Kaori sets up this sign for herself.

And leaves her diary on the desk after writing in all the stuff she did that day.

The next day we see at lunch that didn’t work. These what her memories look like.

What she wrote is like she’s reading the writings of a stranger and talking to Yuuki is like talking to a person for the first time. That’s the point I wanted to make. It doesn’t really matter how much what she writes if she can’t connect to the feelings when she wrote it. She’s a new person every week. The only thing the diary can do is remind her that Yuuki is her friend. The relationship itself must be rebuilt each and every week.

Good thing that Yuuki realizes this and we end the episode with that.

Okay everyone here’s part two of this double review. Friends of Friends

Wait a second. Before we dive, I just want to say that this anime’s opening is awesome and I can’t wait for the full version to come out. It’s some good music to listen to while writing.

Okay now let’s do the dive.

We open with Kaori making a whole bunch of fried eggs but for who?

Of course it’s for Yuuki…

Turns out she made the eggs just to know how it feels to eat with friends and talk about how good it is. She seems really happy that Hase likes the eggs with 18 grams of sugar in it.

You know watching(albeit late) this anime makes me see how much we don’t cherish our friends and the times we have with them. We laugh, we talk, we eat together, and play together but we don’t cherish it. We don’t see it as anymore than hanging out with friends. We think that they’ll always be there tomorrow. But Kaori she’s getting all these experiences for the first time and cherishing every one of them. This is how you should treat your friends.

Anyway to the next major scene, Hase and Shogo are watching Kaori leave school when Hase asks him if he likes Kaori. He answers with he doesn’t really like her or dislike her. He also says something that we should all follow in some ways.

Which is really true. You can have friends that aren’t friends with your friends which is subtly telling Hase just because he’s not friends with Kaori doesn’t mean that he should stop being friends with her.

Next day…he doesn’t get it. He asks Kaori if she wants to try to make friends with Shogo too.

And with Shogo’s some what low and kinda negative attitude it goes about as well as it expected.

He’s also more blunt than Hase, asking the tough questions. How long as it been happening? Is she faking? Why is Hase doing all the talking for her?

You can’t deny that he’s got a point. What if everything Kaori’s doing is just an act? I’m guessing it’s not but who knows? Then again Shogo’s supposed to the foil to Hase, the cynic to Hase’s idealist.

Moving on to the next scene, Kaori’s asking Hase why he hasn’t made up with Shogo after fighting about her. He tells her not to worry. They’ll make up…eventually. We’re guys. We don’t make up. We just let it go and forget about it.

After that, it’s a scene with just Shogo and Kaori in the classroom. She tries to go up and talk to him but she gets interrupted by another classmate. She leaves without saying anything and goes down to her locker, ready to leave. However she left her diary. She tries to go back into the class to get it but there’s people in there and she’s afraid so she goes to the roof until they’re all gone.

When she goes back to get it she hears some of her classmates talking about how she’s changing, starting to smile especially when she reads her diary. They think she’s weird.

Shogo to the rescue…in his own way though. He just goes in, picks up the diary, and comments that people that talk about others’ backs are weird too. He tells her that if she doesn’t want people to misunderstand her then she should tell people what she means.

I guess it also means something with why he asked Hase why was he talking for her. He isn’t going to understand if she doesn’t talk for herself. That’s what makes real relationship with people.

That’s important stuff there but the kicker and the most important is the stuff that happens that Monday.


This important number
This important number

Remember the eggs with the 18 grams of sugar. She remembered it with all the feelings that come with it. It’s a great first step to keep all of her memories about her friends.

And as a bonus Shogo starts eating with them on the roof!

There we are starting of a new chapter in this friendship.(or lack there of. Kaori only remembered Shogo because she doesn’t consider him a friend but hey he can get there.)

So that’s the end of the review.
I just can’t wait for the next episode. It’s really an anime that draws you in.

Until the next episode
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Isshuukan Friends Episode 1-Don’t Stop Trying

I may be late to it but the feels are here, twenty four hours a day! Let’s go for friends!

Now looking at what we’ve got here, we’ve got the ‘feels’ anime of the Spring anime season. Now being a firm lover of Shounen manga/anime, it’s good to change it up a bit everyone once in a while. That’s why I started watching and reading Suzuka when I was about 14. (It was really good. I’m not fond of A Town Where You Live but I’m currently loving Fuuka.)

For those of you that don’t know Isshuukan Friends is originally a manga written by Matcha Hazuki. If you’re jumping into the series and have no idea what you’re looking at like me, I’m willing to give a quick overview.

High schooler Yūki Hase notices that his classmate Kaori Fujimiya is always alone and seemingly has no friends. After approaching her and becoming acquainted, Kaori reveals that she loses every memory of her friends each Monday. Despite learning this, Yūki endeavors to become her new friend every week.

Okay let’s do a dive.

Like I said this is the ‘feels’ anime of the season. It’s definitely an anime you want to check out if you want have the heartstrings tugged at.

Anyway. Kaori Fujimiya, our fairly smart female protagonist, as seen below, has the memory that the title comes from. She only can keep memories for one week before they reset on Monday.

However it’s not’s exactly true. She forgets the things that make her happy and her friends or at least the people that consider her a friend. It’s kinda hard to be friends with someone that only remembers you for a week. Only her memories of her family remain.

Although if you have a mom this cute looking, I’d want to remember. 🙂


Enter our male protagonist, Yuuki Hase, who as you can see might(read: does) have a crush on our resident amnesiac. He keeps trying to reach out to her and be her friend…

in all the wrong ways.

This anime definitely reminds me of that Adam Sandler movie with Drew Barrymore, Fifty First Dates. Although this inspires more emotion out of you. Barrymore’s character didn’t know or notice that she was losing memories but Kaori does which makes it all the more heart-wrenching to watch. Can you imagine making friends with someone, having a strong connection with them, and then they just forget you? It hurts.

Anyway Hase notices that Kaori doesn’t eat with the rest of the class in the classroom and goes up to the roof(does every high school in Japan keep the door to the roof unlocked?) to eat with her.

It’s clear that it hurts Kaori that Yuuki keeps trying to be her friend so much. So much that she says that they aren’t going to try to become friends. On the surface it seems cold but once you get the revelation at the episode you see that it’s a way for Kaori to possibly keep her memories of all the good times she has with Yuuki.

Like playing concentration.

Or talking about the Crepe shop they both want to go to.

But’s all for naught because Kaori tells him on Friday that she’ll lose all her memories of the fun times they had on Monday.

However despite that after speaking with his other friend Shogo, Yuuki is determined to keep trying to be friends with Kaori.

And the episode ends with this line.

It’s like I said. It’s heart-breaking for me to see Yuuki just stand there and act like he’s never talked to her before and ask her does she want to be friends again even though they did just that last week.

This is definitely the ‘feels’ anime of the Spring.

It has awesome characters and they develop really well and quite quickly. You really feel happy when you see the normally frowning Kaori(see below) smiling.



See how much better that is.

All in all I loved this anime and can’t wait to review the next episode(which will probably be right after writing this one since they’re all going up on the same day.)

Until then Later Days.

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Let’s Look: Akuma no Riddle Episode 3-Quit Making It Easier, Haru-chan

Here we are episode 3. High quality episode but that Haru. You’d better not lose your good looks because that brain…

We’ve got our first one cashing in her “I want to kill you Haru” coupon. It’s the cute but crazy, Otoya Takechi.

She was one of the girls in the last episode that I thought was going to be pretty bland, seeing as they came in late and didn’t get any characterization during the second episode. I’m happy to be proven wrong here.

Otaya was nicknamed the ‘Jack the Ripper of the 21th Century’ and her reason for wanting to Haru is so she can get Serial Killer Insurance(their term, not mine.) so she can keep killing people without fear of going to jail. Which I personally think is nigh impossible. I don’t care how many people give money to your school and how much influence you’ve got you can’t cover of this crazy(abileit highly attractive) girl’s serial killer rampages.

Please sweet Lord. Own this girl Tokaku!

Moving on…

Something else that happened earlier in the episode(more of the beginning but then again I’d don’t like to review in order. Now if I hadn’t told ya that she was psycho you’d believe the following was legit) Otoya tries to make friends with Haru and she actually believes her. Oh god. Tokaku’s got her work cut out for her.

It seems really dumb and airheaded of Haru to try to make friends with any of these girls for one reason:they are trying to kill her!

Another part of this that makes me think these girls might win just because of Haru’s airheaded is that Tokaku was looking for her most of the episode. She’s just trying to killed ain’t she?

Anway let’s move on again.

What I really like about this episode is the character of Otoya. I just that she was going to be a flat character with some flat motivation but she surprised me. What was even bigger surprise that that she gets off killing.

Of course our awesome and smart protagonist Tokaku manages to find Haru and Otoya and a great battle insues. Leading to, you guessed, Otoya’s loss and she gets kicked out by my girl Nio! I’m starting to see that Nio knows way more that she lets on and she’s certainly stronger than she looks.

Especially in this scene

I can’t wait for Nio’s turn!


This is a great episode that really had me at the edge of my seat but also with some facepalms for Haru. I hope she learns her lesson.

So who’s going to be next to cash in? I know it’s not going to be Nio. She seems like the type to wait until the moment’s right.

So until the next episode

Later Days.

Here’s awesome moments and cute pics from this episode.


You can ask me as many questions on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

First Look: Date A Live II Episode 2: So Much Fanservice

Here we go. My first official review for Date A Live 2. Let’s hope that it’s a good show.

Let’s have a thrilling date.(I think I’ll use this opening for Date A Live. How’s it working?

So in an awesome action packed anime like Date A Live was last season we should start with some epically awesome fight like when Kotori fought Kurumi in episode 10…

or when Tohka fought Origami in episode 1…


We start off with an argument with Origami and Tohka over who’s going to share a room with Shido.

It’s good stuff. Typical Date A Live Tohka/Origami stuff but personally I wouldn’t have started with it but hey what are going to do?

Oh and we’ve also got this lady.

Hot but evil
Hot but evil

She’s supposed to be with the travel agency that set up and changed the school trip destination but according to Kotori the travel agency’s connected to DEM so there’s reason to be suspicious….

Mainly because they’re watching Tohka for any Spirit activity.

Okay they land on Arubi Island

And you know what the first thing that Tohka and Shido do…

They leave the flipping group! Come on guys. Keep with the group. I don’t know what they teach at their high school but in mine we don’t leave the group. But hey at least there’s practicing the Buddy system. Right?

Now I’ve got a legit question about the black haired one with the glasses.(I think she’s Mai.) All she says is “Gross” or “That’s Lame” depending on the translator. So does she only record that line once or does she record it for each episode?

Moving on…

The weather changes really quick and then…

We get the Yamai twins! Hot twins lucky day for Shido.

But they keep arguing and arguing about who’s strong enough to be the real Yamai. Gosh it reminds me of my family…

One thing that gets me though is how fast these girls stop fighting and basically say let’s fight over the guy that was just standing there. Come on. I know you need to advance the plot but serious…very Deus Ex Machina.

Then we get a description of why they’re fighting:So they can figure out who is the dominant personality so they’re can be only one Yamai. To do this they’ve done nearly every anime competition out there.

Then after that we, well…

Go mixed bathing.

Yeah the rest of the episode is a fair bit of fanservice. Not to offend my friend, Nick SkyCorps, but I personally have no problem with fanservice as long as it isn’t too much too fast. Luckily they didn’t reach my fanservice limit in this episode.

Moving on…

Let’s thank Tohka Yatogami for breaking up the fanservice of the Yamai twins.

Then she knocks him into the ocean…accidentally. I’m grateful for her getting him out but it was kind of a standard harem way to get him out.

Yep that arrow is our protagonist falling into the ocean. We're screwed
Yep that arrow is our protagonist falling into the ocean. We’re screwed

The episode ends with Ellen setting up for some group to come to the island and try to capture Tohka. I hope Shido can turn things around.

That’s all for this review.
I personally like the first part of the episode but when you have at least 1/4 episode of fanservice. I almost reached my fanservice limit for one episode.

I’m definitely curious about the next episode.
Until the next episode
Later Days

You can ask me as many questions on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

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