Today’s June 9th. Today’s the best day ever! Why? Because it’s the birthday of the eighth member of Muse’s member Nozomi Toujou!

Nozomi is my absolute favorite character in Love Live School Idol Project, although if you get follow me on Twitter then you can see.

So I’ll follow my friend Nick Corps’s example and celebrate the day by posting a lot of Nozomi pics. Why? Solely because she’s so cute and kinda sexy with the best body out of all the girls. I can’t be a true lover of Love Live if I don’t have a post of my favorite girl.

Let’s have some pics!

I Love some Eri x Nozomi. So cute.
Happy Birthday never looked so cute
This came off of the Love Live School Idol Festival app. Go buy and you can spend time with all the Love Live girls as much as you want.
2014-05-29-652191 (1)
Nozomi’s clothes definitely inspire a lot of my drawings. She’s got good style.
Nozomi and Eri make a way cuter yuri couple than Umi x Eri. Just saying.

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And that’s it. Happy Birthday Nozomi-chan! Make sure to check out my full season review of Love Live and check out the new episodes of Love Live Season 2.

And shout out to all the Nozomi Toujou fans out there. I think you’ll be seeing one of these again in July. Not my favorite girl but she’s cute when she smiles. Nico Nico Ni!

Also another shout-out to my man, Nick Corps who got me into Love Live and reminded me that Nozomi’s birthday was today!

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