Date A Live 2 Episode 9: When Despair Comes To The Center Stage, The Birth of Inverse Tohka

Keep going, Shido! Go as far as you can to save Tohka!

We open up with Kurumi vs. the DEM Wizards.


We get Origami’s immediate superior Ryouko looking down on the carnage that Kurumi’s bringing to the table before going to the next scene.

Shido’s exhausted and panting as he walks through the DEM Building, trying to find Tohka.

Snapshot_2 Snapshot_3

Can Shido go any further?

Now normally I don’t talk about the opening but the words said before the song starts are really important to the episode.

Sorry this is about to get speculative

And remember the opening for episode 10 last season.

Spirits are not human. Likewise, humans are not Spirits. But nevertheless… why is that? Shido Itsuka is confounded.

Now Spirits and humans aren’t the same. They may be similar but that’s nowhere near being the same thing. They’re from two different realms of power and those Spirit powers are taking a toll on Shido’s body right now, from a physical standpoint and a medical and spiritual standpoint.

Medically of course with Kotori’s healing power it might be subject to the Hayflick Limit, which is the limit of how many times cells can divide before dying. Healing is healing, no matter where it comes from. Everytime Shido uses Kotori’s healing power he forces cells to divide rapidly to put him back to normal and the bigger the injury the more cells divide.

So basically Shido’s cutting his life down by years during this battle and add to the fact all the physical stress that his body is taking using Sandelphon. I wouldn’t be shocked if he dropped from sheer exhaustion but he won’t drop. He’ll keep fighting to save Tohka. No matter the cost.

Let’s get back to the review.

After the opening we get Shido on the floor pressed down by a Territory before we get this.


It’s Miku! She came to help!

So now she’s got the DEM Wizards under her control then Yoshino, Kaguya, and Yuzuru fly up and ask what should they do? To which Miku tells them to basically up Kurumi against the Bandersnatch and Wizards outside.

As Shido and Miku walk, Shido asks why did Miku come? Was it for the promise he made her and the promise he made to Tohka. She says no but look at her face.


Mouth says no, face says yes. That’s human emotion for ya!

We head over to the battle between Mana and Jessica and Jessica’s just about lost her mind.

Mana speculates that she’s taken in a massive amount of magical power in a short amount of time. Looks like she’s going to be tough to beat.


Sneaky Ellen!

As if things weren’t already tough on every battlefield. Now it’s Mana vs. the most powerful Wizard in the World and one Wizard with the most powerful tech in the game!

She can’t go any further…




Origami coming in down just in the nick of time!

We head back to Shido and Miku. After a little yuri seduction, they get Tohka’s location but of course those Wizards are going to get in their way.

After dealing with the Wizards Miku goes in on Shido, questioning his reasons for going to save Tohka. She says that he’s too old to think he’s a superhero that can save everyone. She even offers to enslave a bunch of girls to him if he gives up on Tohka. Now remember what I said. Shido’s struggling just to move and he’s shortening his life every time he heals. I’d give up at this point but what does he do?


Then Miku just gets childish, saying that Shido must be lying. She calls men her slaves, girls her dolls. Shido asks how could she hate people so much even when she’s human.

After that Miku gets even angrier as Shido asks what happened her. After saying he’s very persistent, Miku tells her story. She was an idol under the name Tsukino Yoimachi. She was at the top of the world then a TV manager took an interest in her and her manager told her to be nice to him. That type of nice. She refused and then the scandals came and her name was tossed through the mud and all her fans abandoned her. Finally she lost her voice forever and even comtemplated suicide before Phantom turned her into a Spirit.

The sad part about Miku’s story is that it is very much a reality for idols in Japan. Someone takes interest in you. If you accept then your career goes on but if you refuse it all goes away.

After that Miku explains that it was because those men she lost her dream, her passion. That’s why men are pigs in her eyes. But Shido doesn’t believe it for a second. There have to be a lot of fans that stuck with her after the scandals still loved her music.


Shido says that Miku’s created an image of humans and she can’t move forward thinking like that.

Someone’s hit the mark and Shido promises to seal Miku’s powers. She gets shocked that he’ll seal her voice since that means she won’t be able to sing again. Shido says that no matter what he’ll always listen to her and be a fan.

As they walk through the floors they keep arguing or rather Miku is talking in an annoyed tone and Shido’s just listening. It’s clear that Miku’s starting to fall for Shido.

Once we reach the 18th floor we flash to Origami vs. Ellen. Turns out that she stole a piece of unregistered equipment to get around the restrictions she had.

Nice. Don’t play the game, play the man or this case the woman. Take her off guard with a distraction and hit her! That’s Origami!


Well she gave it her best shot. Full points for effort. Ellen thought so. Something Ellen said got me.


So does that mean that no one in DEM thinks for themselves? Wescott’s doing all the thinking.That explains why all these Wizards are going to so far to stop the Spirits even this mission to take Tohka when she’s clearly not a threat while sealed shows that few people in DEM are thinking for themselves. I think max Origami, Ryouko and the now defected Mana have ignored orders.
Anyway looks like Ellen’s about to kill Origami. Well it’s been nice knowing you sweetie.


Just in time guys!


Okay I’ve never seen anyone cut Ellen during this entire anime and according to her it’s the only the second time anyone’s done it. Origami might be one of the most powerful Wizards in the world.


You got lucky, Origami.

We flash to Shido and Miku where they enter the room where Tohka is only to find Wescott. A threat, some strong words there, and he releases Tohka.

Man that was easy but puts down some type of glass to separate them.

Okay that was your move but he’s got freaking Sandelphon. It’s only going to take a second for him to cut through that glass.

Now I didn’t expect that.


Miku do something! Don’t just sit there and stare in shock! (She does just stare in shock for the rest of the episode)

Question. How the hell did she get in without Miku(who’s standing right at the door) not noticing?

Anyway Shido lays on the ground as Wescott gives the order for Ellen to kill Shido.

She can’t cut through glass…


There’s nothing we can do…


What’s happening? On the Fraxinus Kotori gets a report that Tohka’s levels have gone into the negative that means…


This is bad. Inverse Tohka!!!

The episode ends with the darkness that Tohka creates along with Wescott annoucing for mankind to prepare for the coming of the Demon King.

This is definitely an awesome episode. We’ve got good set up for the final episode of the season and we learned a lot about Miku. We’ve got awesome fights with Mana and Jessica and Kurumi vs. the DEM Wizards. More importantly we’ve got Inverse Tohka about to be born!

I can’t wait until next week but I have to so until next week
Later Days.

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