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June 2014

Akuma no Riddle Speculation 1#

Hey everyone. What’s up? It’s me Deven again with another speculation, first one for Akuma no Riddle. I’m here to talk about something a guy should have to talk about unless it’s for his mother, girlfriend, or wife. Flowers, specifically the flowers that represent the girls of the Black Class.

Let’s go!

How the hell do you think they’ll give you serial killer’s insurance?!

Our crazy little serial killer was first to go after Haru so she’ll be the first one on this list.

These are mountain lillies which mean joy of life which really ironic because as we all know that Otoya’s a serial killer. So I guess her flower goes against her personality.

Ah the beauty of glasses and brains.
Ah the beauty of glasses and brains.

My cute little academic is second.

These are red spider lillies which have two meanings ‘looking forward to seeing you again’ and ‘sad memories’. We really get this a lot with Kouko because she really cared about her senpai Irina. Also to the fact that she was raised by a Christian orphanage so she must be a Christian so she would see Irina in heaven I guess. Sad memories also works since Kouko regrets her mistake with the car bomb that ended up killing Irina.

Pity she got out so early. I like her.
Pity she got out so early. I like her.

The better big sister is third and she’s really cool.

These are Verbena flowers which symbolize familial love. That fits perfectly with Haruki who loves her family so much that she became an assassin. You can guess that with the way she acts that if she wasn’t aiming to kill Haru then she’d be a pretty good person.

Every anime has one, the designated loli at fourth and her princely lover at fifth.

These are white and red roses which symbolize love for the red roses and purity for the white roses. You can see it in their relationship even without the yuri. Chitaru loved and respected her master so much that she joined the Black class to track down the girl that killed her daughter. Hitsugi has in her personality which is very innocent and kind minus the whole Angel’s Trumpet thing.

Nothing...that's what she's got.
Nothing…that’s what she’s got.

She didn’t get much but here she is as number six.

These are thistles which symbolic of revenge. Now in the anime we can’t see this but in the manga we can see this through Shiena’s conversation with Otoya about how she hates bullying. So she could have been bullied while she was little so she could have become an assassin to kill the people that bullied her.

Now there’s still Suzu Shuto left but her flower hasn’t been revealed.

Now let’s talk.

Why flowers?

Well to figure out this question you’ll have to do some figuring and have to read the manga. Currently we’re on episode 9 but we passed the manga a long time ago, roughly around the middle of the Haruki episode. However the anime directors haven’t been improvising. Instead they’ve been using the character sketches and plot notes given to them by the mangaka herself. So they’ve been following the general idea that the manga was going to take barring some creative changes that your typical anime would take.

Anyway now that’s explained all I can guess is that even in the manga the girls aren’t around long, granted they’re around longer than in the anime, so we aren’t seeing much of their personalities much so that’s why the mangaka and the anime directors use the flowers: to show unseen parts of the girls’ personality as well as reenforce them.

Well that’s all for this speculation.

Until the next one,

Later Days

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Akuma no Riddle Episode 9: When Two Gates Lead to Hell, You Make A Third Gate That Leads To Heaven

Now then let’s see what beautiful demonesses can do.

So we start the episode off with a flashback from Tokaku with her grandma holding her.


So let me get the right. Tokaku’s mother didn’t name her! She had the baby! She sired the baby! You don’t have the right!

So go to the next scene and we’ve got Tokaku’s mom telling her sister she wanted something better for Tokaku, for not to be an assassin.

Yeah…you failed.

Tokaku’s aunt, Mako, promises to take care of her.

Then we flash to Mako and young Tokaku at that shrine thing.


She tells her that if she ever feels like killing someone she should remember the shrine. Why? Because ___ is watching her. Who?

We go back to Tokaku vs. Isuke where Isuke explains she and Banba made a deal. Banba will keep Haru busy while she deals with Tokaku.

After the opening we flash to Haru with Banba with Banba swinging around that massive sledgehammer. Looks like Haru’s dead…



Seriously she hit her with a phone. Poor performance Banba-chan, just poor.


Maybe she won’t find her…


Yep she found her and busted down the door too.

Then Banba start smashing up everything trying to get to Haru. You know puzzles me. Banba is a 15 year old unmuscled girl. One the Black Class is for Second years which are `16 so why does something happen with that?

Second and the real reason for this little part, how the hell is she lifting that massive sledgehammer! The hammer part looks like it’s the size of her freaking head.

Anyway we get some small flashback by Banba.

Now you wouldn’t be able to figure out just from the flashback so I’m going to give the full story here. See Banba’s original personality is Mahiru, of course you all know that. She was trapped in either a basement or a mental institution(it’s really hard to see) and she was molested and then her rapist took pictures of it. Mahiru snapped, Shi’nya was created, and they killed him. There’s something else that happened with that but I’ll leave it for later in the review.

Looks like she’s going to be a smear on the floor here…


Once again not bad.

We switch over again to Isuke vs. Tokaku.

Isuke tries to taunt Tokaku into making a mistake but Tokaku keeps her focus but


Of all the times man!

Tokaku lunches forward but Isuke grabs her and puts her in a sleeper hold. Looks like she’s out of the game but

Sure as hell didn’t explain that.

Tokaku goes for a killing move but of course we get the shrine again.


Then Tokaku runs away to look for Haru.

We head back over to Haru who looks like she’s hiding in a broom closet. Bad move, girl. That’s the number one place you don’t hide. Only one way out.


And she plays a kinda funny game with knocking on door.

Looks like Banba’s got her again.


Come on Banba! Get your head in the game.

Then Haru runs out of the bathroom and Banba decides to take a little break because she’s got time to burn and she’s starting to get tired. Who wouldn’t? She’s got that huge sledgehammer. I’d get tired just lugging that thing around.

We go to Tokaku looking for Haru and finding the advance notice that Banba left. Only to get attacked from behind by Isuke. They go at it for a bit with Tokaku, blocking all of Isuke’s attacks which is weird since Isuke’s shown that she’s more than capable of overpowering her.


You clever bitch. There’s a reason she went so late.

After the break we’ve got Haru finding Tokaku’s cell phone and Banba comes up from behind with her trademark hammer. Haru rolls to dodge and runs into the AV room.

I love this girl destroying everything. It’s kinda sexy.

Now Banba’s got her right where she wants her but…


See remember when I told you something else about Banba was going to come in this review. It turns out all those flashes from the pics while she was molested made Shi’nya(the other Banba) afraid of light. That’s why she only appears after the sun goes down and doesn’t like bright lights.

Isuke deals with Banba and tells Haru that Tokaku’s dead.

We go to a flashback with Tokaku running with her aunt Mako through a forest but her grandma stops them. Or rather grandma stops Mako.


She killed her daughter…what kind of mother does that! Even assassins have people they care about.

After that the flashback ends and we have Tokaku in a cloudy place with a woman behind her.


It turns out that the reason that Tokaku couldn’t kill is because her mother was protecting her from that life. Tokaku tells her mother is about time that she starts making her own decisions.


We go to Isuke with Haru.

Looks like someone’s been been busy. Isuke picks up Haru and looks like she’s about to throw her out the window but…


Ah our Yuri guardian!

We have the final battle between Isuke and Tokaku and it ends pretty quick. Isuke tries shooting Tokaku but she dodges and then goes for an arm bar and breaks her arms. Now the next part we don’t see but Isuke either dies or is knocked out.

Haru collapses into Tokaku’s arms, calling her name without honoriffics for the first time. Tokaku does the same and they walk off into the moonlight.

But that’s not the end of this episode.

Before I talk about Sumireko, look at Isuke. Her hands are tied. You don’t tie the hands of a corpse. That means that Isuke’s still alive!

Now to Sumireko. The art in this scene is good. Sumireko is wearing light colors and she’s surrounded by darkness which makes her stand out more and makes you assume that she’s good but that just isn’t the case. Something about how she says what she says makes me think that next episode is going to be just as good as this one.

Now normally that’d be the end of the episode but we’ve got one more thing.

First let me get my perverted part out of the way. For a little short girl, Nio’s got some good boobs….

Now to business. She’s got a freaking full body Tattoo! Normally that wouldn’t be anything worth commenting about but her final line of the episode scares the crap out of me.


Now this is only speculation but I think that Nio’s a part of the Kuzonoha clan, the opposite family to Tokaku’s and those tattoo’s mean that she’s the heiress. Think about like a conversation. Why bring something up if it doesn’t add to the conversation. It’s the same thing as an writer or in this case mangaka. You don’t just add stuff just to add stuff. Everything’s important. Look at Eiichiro Oda(I am not comparing Akuma no Riddle to One Piece. I don’t dig my own grave.) He introduces Haki in the first chapter of One Piece and it doesn’t come up until over 500 chapters later. Now that’s good foreshadowing.


Things aren’t over yet. With Nio of the Kuzonoha clan and Sumireko left, Tokaku and Haru have got their work cut for them.

I can’t wait to see what happens next. So until the next episode
Later days.

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Full Season Review: Love Live School Idol Project Season 1

Okay this may come out in the first seven days of June because of my schedule but it’s supposed to be for May.

Title Screen

Here we are! Full season review for Love Live School Idol Project.

Honoka Kosaka is a girl who loves her school, Otonokizaka Academy. When the school is planned to be closed down due to a lack of applicants, Honoka becomes determined to save it. Learning that school idols are popular, Honoka and her friends start up a school idol group called U’s (pronounced muse) in order to attract new students. Once they successfully prevent Otonokizaka Academy from closing, the girls from U’s aim for higher grounds and participate in “Love Live”, the ultimate school idol competition featuring the best groups in the country.

So we’ve got ourselves a good anime here. This isn’t going to be like my other reviews where I describe the action of each episode. Instead I’ll be talking about the anime and the characters as a whole.

It’s a pretty good anime with a few flaws that are below. There’s a lot of feels moments like in the third episode when Honoka, Kotori, and Umi open to a empty room and the episode where Eri realizes she wants to join Muse but she feels they’ll never accept her after everything she’s done. It’s a good anime if you really like J-Pop and idols.

The Highlights

  • Lots of beautiful girls
  • Good start and strong plot
  • Each girl has a unique personality and few of them crossover and have the same traits


  • Eri was kinda annoying at the beginning, constantly getting in the way of Muse but not really doing anything to say she wants to save the school.
  • The CGI in the idol scenes was a weird thing coming from normal animation but it’s not all that bad.

Let’s look at the girls.
Honoka Kousaka

Seiyuu:Emi Nitta

Honoka Kousaka is the main protagonist of Love Live!. She is 16 years old and a second year in high school. Honoka was born on August 3 and is a Leo. She has ginger hair, with some of it tied up in a side ponytail, and blue eyes. Her main color is orange. She is 157 centimeters tall, and her blood type is O. She is typically the center in most Muse songs. Her number in the group is one.

Kotori Minami

Seiyuu: Aya Uchida
Seiyuu: Aya Uchida

Minami Kotori is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is 16 years old and a second year in high school.Kotori was born on September 12 and is a Virgo. She has grayish-brown hair, normally styled in some way, and amber eyes. Her main color is gray. She is 159 centimeters tall, and her blood type is O. Her number in the group is two.

Umi Sonoda

Seiyuu: Suzuko Mimori
Seiyuu: Suzuko Mimori

Umi Sonoda is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is 16 years old and a second year in high school. Umi was born on March 15 and is a Pisces. She has long blue hair and brown eyes. Her main color is blue. She is 159 centimeters tall, and her blood type is A.
Her number in the group is three.

Maki Nishikino

Seiyuu:Eriko Hori
Seiyuu:Eriko Hori

Nishikino Maki is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is 15 years old and a first year in high school. Maki was born on April 19 and is an Aries. She has crimson hair and purple eyes. Her main color is red/red-pink. She is 161 centimeters tall, and her blood type is AB. Her number in the group is four.

Rin Hoshizora

Seiyuu:Riho Iida
Seiyuu:Riho Iida

Hoshizora Rin is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is 15 years old and a first year in high school. Rin was born on November 1 and is a Scorpio. She has short, orange hair and chartreuse eyes. Her main color is yellow. Rin is 155 centimeters tall, and her blood type is A. Her number in the group is five.

Hanayo Koizumi

Seiyuu:Yurika Kubo
Seiyuu:Yurika Kubo

Koizumi Hanayo is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is 15 years old and a first year in high school. Hanayo was born on January 17 and is a Capricorn. She has short brown hair, purple eyes and wears glasses when she isn’t performing. Her main color is green. Hanayo is 156 centimeters tall, and her blood type is B. Her number in the group is six.

Nico Yazawa

Seiyuu:Sora Tokui
Seiyuu:Sora Tokui

Yazawa Nico is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. Despite her looks, she is actually 17 years old and a third year in high school. Nico was born on July 22 and is a Cancer. She has black hair tied up in double ponytails and red eyes. Her main color is pink. Nico is 154 centimeters tall, and her blood type is A. Her number in the group is seven.

Nozomi Toujou

Seiyuu:Aina Kusuda
Seiyuu:Aina Kusuda

Toujou Nozomi is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is 17 years old and a third year in high school. Nozomi was born on June 9 and is a Gemini. She has purple hair tied in a double, low ponytail and turquoise eyes. Her theme color is purple. Nozomi is 159 centimeters tall, and her blood type is O. Her number in the group is eight.

Eri(Eli) Ayase

Seiyuu:Yoshino Nanjou
Seiyuu:Yoshino Nanjou

Ayase Eli is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is 17 years old and a third year in high school. Eli was born on October 21 and is a Libra. She has blonde hair that is tied up into a ponytail and blue eyes. Her main color is blue/light blue. She is 162 centimeters tall, and her blood type is B. Her number in the group is nine.

That’s the characters but what’s the most important thing in an idol anime, the songs!

Susume(Tomorrow) by Honoka Kousaka
Start:Dash!! by Honoka Kousaka, Kotori Minami, and Umi Sonoda
Korekara no Someday by Honoka Kousaka, Kotori Minami, Umi Sonoda, Maki Nishikino, Rin Hoshizora, Hanayo Koizumi,and Nico Yazawa.
Bokura no Live, Kimi to no Life by Muse(all members)
No Brand Girls by Muse
Start:Dash!! by Muse
Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru(Anime Ending) by Muse
Wonder Zone by Muse
Bokura wa Ima no Naka de(Anime Opening) by Muse

Check out all the songs in this video.(I’m lazy enough to find someone that chained all the songs together instead of linking to each video)

All Love Live Songs

So that’s it for the Love Live School Idol Project Season One Full Season Review. Until work through my list of anime I just have to review ie. my favorites I’ll be doing them in order of this post.

Wait! Before I end here, there’s something that needs to be done with an anime like this, you need to say your favorite. Now my friends have a love for Maki but she isn’t my favorite. I love her but she’s not my favorite. She’s about 3 or 4 on my list.

1. Nozomi Toujou(She’s so cute, her cards, and her boob grabbing is so funny and she’s got the best body out of all the girls)
2. Umi Sonoda(Not during her serious moments but when she sings, she’s got some sexy ‘come hither’ eyes.)
3. Maki Nishikino(Sometimes you need to love the tsundere and Maki is tsundere done right!)
4. Eri Ayase(Yes I call her Eri even though everyone else says Eli. I like her more once she’s warmed up to the group.)
5. Hanayo Koizumi(I definitely relate more with Hanayo more than all of them because I’m an awkward geek and she’s really cute without her glasses.)

Not that fond of Nico…that’s right I said it! And I’ll say it again!

The next anime that I’ll review will be Date A Live Season 1.

Until then
Later Days.

Make sure to put in suggestions for me to fix the Full Season and Series Reviews. I feel that something’s missing and I need your help to fix it. Thanks. 🙂

You can ask me as many questions as you want on and you can follow me on Twitter to know when my new reviews are coming out. You’ll also be update on what’s happening.

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