It’s only a day before it comes out but hey better late than never!

Tōko Fukami’s family runs a glass-working business in a small seaside town. She hangs out with her four best friends at a cafe called “Kazemichi.” During the summer break of their senior year in high school, they meet a transfer student named Kakeru Okikura, who claims that a voice from the future talks to him, and that it’s led him to Tōko. His arrival sets off a series of events that will make their final summer together one full of hope and heartache.

Now as a firm lover of a Shonen anime, I need it and love it. However just like if you get to eat steak and lobster for dinner everyday you’d get bored of it. That’s why I love some good old fashion Slice of Life. As to why I picked this one up…I like Slice of Life. I like the fact that all anime doesn’t need to be drag out battles or psychological thrillers. It can just be teenagers dealing with teen problems.

I also got in on this anime because of all the cool Seiyuu that are going to be in it!

They’ve got Saori Hayami! Hopefully she can wash some of that Mahouka taste out of my mouth. She’s good in the show but the show itself…

Now they’ve also got Rise Taneda. Now she’s been in stuff like Tokyo Ravens and High School of the Dead but all I know her from is Gokukuko no Brynhildr as the female lead Neko Kuroha.

Coming off the great success of Date A Live 2 is my man, Nobunaga Shimazaki. This anime just got more interesting!

Finally out of the characters I know is Ryota Osaka. I know him from OniAi as Akito Himenokoji and Gokukoku no Brynhildr as Ryota Murakami. I personally like him more as Akito. He does the straight man in a comedy a lot better than the genius in a sci fi.

All in all, I think that Glasslip has a lot of potential as this summer’s relaxing slice of life anime. It’s one of those anime where you sit back, crack open a soda, and relax as other people live their lives…wow that sounds like I don’t get out much. I do though!

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