Hey everyone. It’s Deven again. This time I’m coming at you with another Meta Post but this one’s different. It’s going to be a sticky post that stays up for good. Now check it out and I hope you like it.

How To Be An Anime Blogger

Now I know what you’re saying and I’m hearing you. You’re probably saying that Deven you haven’t been an anime blogger that long, only two anime seasons. What makes you qualified to give advice about this?

Well I’ll tell you.

While it’s true that my anime blog, AnimeThief, has only been up since April but my other blog, Thief Fantasy and Other Mystical Happenings, celebrated its one year anniversary in April. So it’s not like I’m a noob, trying to run things. I’ve got experience and the stuff you do to get a normal blog off the ground apply to an anime blog.

So let’s get this started.


You’ve got to find your niche. Now anime blogging is a niche in and of itself but you need to go further. You need to find something you love and get in on it. Say you like Shonen manga and anime, then get good at all the big time Shonen manga and anime like Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. Know what magazines they appear in, what tropes and standards they have, and be an informed fan about it.

But it doesn’t have to be just one genre. Your niche can be Shoujo anime, harem anime, or even psychological anime. You can even go broad and make your niche a type of medium. The mediums for anything you want to run an anime blog for are typically anime, manga, J-Pop, light novels, and normal novels. You can make any of these your niche but you’ve got to be an informed fan.

For example, I’d like to consider myself an all-rounder personally. However looking at the anime I watch, my favorite anime, and what anime I choose to review shows me that my niche and specialty is light novels and their anime adaptions as well as romance and harem anime and manga.

Look at my finished reviews and the anime that I’m doing now. Other than Akuma no Riddle and Fairy Tail they’ve all been anime adapted light novels. Also if you knew me on Mangafox you’d know that I’m a huge Sekirei, Suzuka, and Fuuka fan. So that’s my niche and I’m sticking to it.

Niches are important in the anime blogging world mostly because the same tropes keep coming up in anime of the same type. Harem anime always have a tsundere. Shonen anime always have a random powerup come out of no where. It’s just stuff you can expect. And plus it’s always interesting to see what new spin a mangaka can put on a typical character.

2. Anime Specialist

This one kinda is the same as niche but it’s more specific. Find an anime or manga you absolutely love and become the most dedicated and most informed fan out there.

If you love Fairy Tail then be the most informed guy or girl about it and give the news about it. Make a lot of content on your blog about Fairy Tail. Post pictures of your favorite characters. Get involved with fan theory and heck even do some fan fiction. Do what you love.

The main reason is that specific anime have their fandoms. Once you put out a lot of content with something the fandom cares about out there turn you get a big turn out of views and more importantly you get loyal fans. Loyal fans that keep coming back and trust you for the news on their fandom. That’s how a blog, not just an anime blog, gets to be successful.

For example, my good friend Nick SkyCorps has his specialty, although I’m not sure he’d say it. His specialty is Love Live School Idol Project. No one I know loves Love Live more than he does and no one posts more Love Live pics on Twitter than him as far as I know. He’s got a big love for it and shows and go to him and his blog for the Love Live news. Heck when my Internet was weak and I couldn’t download the last episode of Love Live, his blog was the one that told me that the movie was in works. Now that’s a man dedicated to his anime and I respect him.

As for me, well I’m trying to be a specialist in Date A Live, Love Live School Idol Project, and Fuuka. For Date A Live I’ve got a few speculations up and a few more coming down soon but I still need to read the light novels Natsumi Chase, Natsumi Change, and Angel Tobiichi. Other than I’m good. I’m in on the fan theory and post a few pics now and again. Same for Love Live. As for Fuuka, there’s going to be a post explaining that soon.

3. Your Friends and Fellow Bloggers

Now this really critical. You need as an anime blogger to get on your social media and get some friends that share the same interests. Why? By working with other bloggers you expand each others viewership. Some of the posts I’ve reblogged from my man Skycorps have reached a whole new audience because of it. But that’s not all.

Friends are really helpful here. We help each other out and we talk. When my Internet was weak and I couldn’t post Skycorps gave me some of his Date A Live 2 to post until I could catch up. And I did the same for him. Plus it’s always good to have someone to talk about anime on Twitter or Skype.

And if you master all of this then you can be a great anime blogger. Now none of this is foolproof. You’ve got to be able to adapt. The rest is up to you. Good Luck on your blog and I hope to see it.

If this article helped you out, please leave a comment saying how it helped you along with a link to your blog. I love to know who I helped with these types of posts.