Now me and my man Skycorps have been hyping this anime up. Let’s see if it’s as good as we say it is.

Note: Reviews will be coming up as soon as possible. I’m working now so I don’t have as much time as I used to but once I get my tablet I’ll be able to go faster with reviews.

So it’s time to get the hype train rolling!

We start off with our main character riding into Tokyo on what? Well it is an anime about trains. He’s got to come in on a train.

After a quick explanation of how the trains work, running from Hokkaido,one of the most northern prefectures in Japan, to Kagoshima prefecture in Kyushu, one of the most southern prefectures in Japan. You need to take a plane just to get there from Tokyo!

Anyway after explaining that the entire rail system is controlled by the government

I’m taking this moment to say that in real life this isn’t true. Japan’s rail system is actually privatized but of course that’s the point of this anime: What if Japan’s rail ways weren’t privatized?

So after Naoto gets off the train he sees a kid with his balloon in the tree.

Aw. That’s sad. You know what this reminds me of that Spiderman game, I think it was Spiderman 2 where you had to do those ‘save the kid’s balloon’ missions. Those sucked.

Anyway so how are you going to get the balloon back, Naoto?

Good you can be a jumping platform for a sexy redhead with big boobs. We’ll see that this is Aoi Sakurai later and she’s voiced by Manami Nukamura. She’s got a really cute voice in this anime as well as in Akuma no Riddle.

Anyway we after Aoi-chan’s daring balloon rescue we see this.

Darn it! No pansu! Anyway Aoi calls Naoto a pervert(she uses the work Chikan which is a guy or a girl mostly a guy though that gropes or flashes himself at woman on a train. I think that she should have used a different word like hentai or ecchi or something but hey that’s their choice)

Anyway then we see the opening which is a really good song by Minori Chihara, coming off her awesome role in Date A Live 2 as Miku Izayoi. The woman is an awesome singer and voice actress. She’s apparently got a role in this anime too but her character hasn’t been announced yet. So if you’re a Minori Chihara fan then you’ve got to stick around.

Haha that kept me laughing through the opening. Let’s keep going.

So once Naoto enters the school and gets into the class we get a proper introduction of all the main cast.

She’s so cute and she’s voiced by Maaya Uchida, coming off her good role as Kaguya Yamai in Date A Live 2 as well as doing a badass job singing the Opening song to Akuma no Riddle.

Now the teacher comes in and this is where it gets a bit weird for me. Now when I first watched this I watched it after Fairy Tail Episode 13. So I’m sitting around watching and then I heard my lovely Juvia-chan’s voice!

It’s kinda weird to hear Mai Nakahara in a serious role when most of the time I see her voicing Juvia.

After introducing Captain Gonou, Naoto explains how things work at the school. They’re being trained to be a part of the public safety crew.

After that little bit of explanation Capt. Gonou says she ain’t going to baby them. After that she explains as the rail company they are charged with protecting and insuring the safety of their customers. They need to be smart and watchful. Wow she sounds serious…

I need some Juvia-chan after that!

This pic comes from Law67. Click the Picture to go to the original at full size.
This pic comes from Law67. Click the Picture to go to the original at full size.

Okay now that’s out of my system. They start the training.

Hmm…good question. It’s a problem that a lot of women on trains deal with in Japan.

However good old Naoto doesn’t have an idea what to do.

I like this girl already! Nice boobs, cute face, redhead, tsundere, voiced by Manami Numakura. Have her voiced by Pile and have her sing a few songs and she could be Maki from Love Live!

Anyway Gonou says that she agrees and wishes that it was like that but it’s not allowed. Someone’s triggerhappy and it’s not the hot lady with the blue hair.

After that we see this.

Wow she’s smart! Naoto compliments her test scores and Haruka blushes.

Oh goody! Shipping wars have already begun! I’m good with Naoto x Haruka but I’m for Naoto x Aoi. It’s always good for the main character to get with the tsundere.

Okay after that Aoi comes over and snarks Naoto about flirting with Haruka, saying that he’s always checking out her chest. You can’t really blame him.
See you can’t really blame him. Her boobs are so big they can bounce while she’s sitting down.

After that Iwaizumi asks her about a question on one of their tests.

I didn’t say anything when he was there earlier in the episode but here’s my chance. He’s voiced by Satoshi Hino and I don’t really know him from much other than Naruto as Sai. I’ve got some high hopes for him though.

After Koumi explains how she deduced the answer, everyone says that they want to study together with her!


After that we move to the track where I guess they’re practicing stamina and speed.


Looks like he’s tearing up the track! Looks like Aoi’s no slacker too since she’s right behind him.

Now this next one just defies logic.

Now I’m not the most well versed guy in women’s anatomy but do boobs do that?

Anyway we move on to our foursome(not in that way. I like to say that I can have a blog that kids can read) at the gun range.

Naoto can’t shoot the broad side of a barn, Iwaizumi got good form but he’s the same, Koumi got knocked her onto her very nice rear by the recoil. Can’t anyone shoot in this anime?

Now that’s sexy! Add gun slinger to that list!

After that we go to through a explantion of Naoto saying that the final test is coming.

Looks like the objective is to get up to 100 km/h on a coal train which of course since I’m an American means nothing to me. Wait a second.

Oh it means 62 miles per hour rounded down. Oh everyone in the world why can’t you use empirical measures instead of the metric system.

So the teams are Naoto and Iwaizumi and the other Aoi and Koumi.

Snapshot_28 Snapshot_30
Sounds kinda bad, don’t you think. It should be more even by having a girl and boy team. The girls might get outpaced by the boys.

Not saying anything bad about women or anything. Normally I wouldn’t comment on it but there’s a lot of internet personalities that people bitch at for not being political correct and sensitive to people. I don’t want to be one of them. Personally I think it’s a load of crap. I didn’t start this blog to be snarked at that I’m not appealing to everyone. I started this blog to talk anime with people like me…

Wow that’s off track. Back to the show.

So after a explanation again by Naoto about a coal train can get up to 100 km/h, we find out that they aren’t getting anymore speed after they got up to 80 km/h. Turns out it’s combustion efficency. They’ve got to spread out the coal to all sides of the burner instead of just in the middle.

So after changing it up and throwing it to both sides, they manage to get up to 100km/h. So after that Gonou says that they pass and they were actually the only group to get up to the required speed. Good job!

So they go to the Tokyo Station for the final training where they get this old dude that whines about they need to do what he says or he’ll have to send reports up to the main office. Fool! This is a shonen-esque anime born from a shonen-esque light novel. Protagonists don’t listen to the rules!!!

So after that the old dude says that someone’s been hearing a dog in one of the trains and Naoto and Koumi volunteer to go.

Nice looking train.
Snapshot_34Naoto asks why Koumi decided to join the National Rail Ways but then they hear the dog. Looks like it’s in the ceiling. That means someone’s got to go and look.

Looks like someone’s going to get a look at some panties. Oh Naoto. You and your perverted ways.

Anyway Koumi says that her reason for joining up is because someone that she admired was a part of it. Now if you’re just looking at the subs that’s all you get. However if you’ve been studying Japanese like I do you’ll see that she uses the word Akogare which is one thing. One a word they mostly used in love stories so it’s not someone she’s just looked up to and respected .

So Koumi likes someone…that’s nice but look at this.

I’m not a pervert…

Anyway Naoto explains that his case is similar and Koumi gets surprised and falls off the ladder. Now this is shonen so there’s only a few ways she can fall on him.

Snapshot_36 Snapshot_37

Hmm they chose one of the classics. Always a good choice.

Anyway Koumi thanks Naoto and says that he saved her again.

They find the dog and bring it to the lost and found.

Aw he’s so cute!

After that all that needs to be done is the paperwork. So how much is a dog worth?

Apparently one hot girl with big boobs.

So after that Aoi and Iwaizumi come in and catch up with them as Naoto and Koumi come out.

Then some purse snatchers come and steal this lady’s purse and our group gives chase.

Wow it looks really interesting.


Looks like they’re going to get away since the next train heading to that stop leaves Tokyo at 1:20 so they’d never make it in time.

So Naoto, Aoi, Koumi, and Iwaizumi jump onto Doctor Yellow and manage to beat them there! Now that’s a fast train.

Yeah bro that ain’t going to work…

This is what you need to do!

Snapshot_59 Snapshot_63
Now that’s some good action.

Don’t worry Koumi-chan helped too.

Looks like she’ll really need to use that medical kit now.

So after that they return to the old dude’s office where he chews them out for going off the reservation. He’s going to report them…looks like their futures on the trains is over…

Looks like they still got on the team!

And with that the episode ends.

Now some thoughts about the ending done by ZAQ. I’m guessing she learned English or is from somewhere that speaks English because her spoken English is really good during the song. Most of the time when Japanese people say English words they use the Katakana way of saying it. This sounds like she was actually using English.

Anyway that’s it for the episode. I think starting this review I’ll take a leaf out of my friend Skycorps book and give each episode a score out of ten. So the first episode of Rail Wars in my opinion gets 7/10.

We had good characters, some not over the top fanservice, a badass in Aoi Sakurai, and the premise of the anime was explained well.

However there were some faults. Those Ear protector headphones disappearing and reappearing is definitely one of them. Check it out during that scene if you don’t believe me.

So that’s it for this review. Until the next review,
Later Days!

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44663703_mHere’s a sexy pic of Aoi Sakurai done by Kazenokaze and here’s a link to the full size.