So after some plot began last week, could that continue this week?

Here’s my review!

I’ll be honest here, I’m not really enjoying Glasslip all that much. P.A. Works has done a fantastic job making this anime one of the best animated this season, as they always do, but something isn’t going that well in their writing department. Maybe this stems back to Red Data Girl, but I just haven’t liked any P.A. Works anime after Tari Tari in the summer of 2012. True I never watched all of Nagi no Asukara as I dropped it after ep 1, but that’s still adding to what I’m saying. Had I liked ep 1 I’d have stayed with it thru the end.

That said, I really had hopes with Glasslip as the PV looked good, I read it was about glass blowing (which I no nothing about but it sounded cool) and the setting reminded me of Tari Tari (which I greatly enjoyed). All in all it was lining up to be something good, a bounce back anime that’d make me remember why I fell in love with P.A. Works.

So here we are though, 3 eps into their latest anime, and I’m disappointed and down right annoyed with things. It didn’t help that ep 1 was verging on a filler (let’s not forget Date A Live II ep 1) and from there it was already having to get up to pace in ep 2 and everything that follows. Had ep 1 focused more on starting the plot, as should most things especially a 13 ep anime, then I think we’d have something better here.

Another reason that I’m not really enjoying this anime is that I’m finding it hard to really get emotionally attracted to the characters. With anything I watch or read one thing that I always look for is if the characters are something I should be caring about as they go through said events. Do I get swept up in their lives and forget about everything else for the 24 minutes of the episode or the chapter of a book? Glasslip isn’t doing that and being a P.A. Works anime I was hoping they could give me that experience.

What kills this for me has to be David. This guy is just too edgy for his own good. I didn’t like him the moment he opened his mouth and I still don’t like him even after we find out more about him in ep 2. How he interacts with everyone is annoying to watch too; I mean why is he always so hostile when talking to everyone? Geez, can’t this guy just chill for a bit?

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 03 [720p][889BB18C].mkv_snapshot_12.25_[2014.07.20_12.55.51] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 03 [720p][889BB18C].mkv_snapshot_12.45_[2014.07.20_12.56.43]

As for the other characters, I’m not really liking how they’re all interacting with each other. Pretty much everyone likes someone else yet all this is just lost in their awkward moments where they try to express themselves but something happens that ends up stopping them from progressing. Yuki took a bold move in ep 2 by confessing to Touko, but her response wasn’t really what Yuki wanted, so their whole situation is awkward. Didn’t help that Yanagi oversaw that whole thing (I was surprised she actually mentioned that) so now it’s triply awkward between the three of them.

That brings me to the whole Sachi-Hiro dilemma now. It’s obvious that Hiro likes Sachi, but like I said last week I feel there is something terrible wrong with Sachi, psycho yandere killer maybe? Far fetched, but it’s a theory I’m working on. What I don’t really like with them is that Hiro just can’t get his shit together and say what he wants to. Goddamn man, come on! He almost had it in this ep, but no, he fucked that up too. You know, even if Hiro does confess to Sachi, I’m slightly worried as to how Sachi will react. If she’s as crazy as I fear her to be, her reaction might be a few things, or she could just snap and start killing. Honestly that might save the anime at this point.

I think lastly what I’m not liking about this anime is that we’re 3 eps in and there still aren’t some kinda basic questions answered. Yes I’ll keep mentioning this, but why do Yuki and Yanagi live together, what exactly is wrong with Sachi as in why does she have to go to the hospital for check ups, and in regards to visions, what did the vision of everyone on the train tracks mean? It seemed rather ominous as I interpret it as someone is going to be hit by a train at some point. What did you think after seeing that vision? So whatever the meaning really is, I’d like some clarification about these few things, the first two should start to be explained by this point, I mean they’re working with 13 eps here so there really isn’t time to sit back and leisurely explain things at a slow pace.

So pretty much this ep was them going hiking in the mountains, we see Touko and Yanagi getting wet in their bras and panties, David is still on my nerves and we’re left with questions as to what exactly will happen with Sachi in the near future. As brought out in the above paragraph there is something wrong with Sachi, that much is for sure, but they’re beating around the bush too much and haven’t said what exactly it is at this point. We know that at some point she’s going to end up in the hospital as that’s what Touko’s vision has told us, but as to why, when, or if there is anyways to stop it, we’re still left in the dark. Personally while seeing the future might be a cool thing, there are just some things we were never made to do, and I think Touko will find out really quickly why it’s not as fun as she thinks. Just because you can see the future, it’s not some instant guarantee that you can change it.

Sometimes you just lose.

Here are some screen shots from the ep.

[Kaylith] Glasslip - 03 [720p][889BB18C].mkv_snapshot_07.51_[2014.07.20_12.45.17] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 03 [720p][889BB18C].mkv_snapshot_08.35_[2014.07.20_12.48.25] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 03 [720p][889BB18C].mkv_snapshot_08.37_[2014.07.20_12.48.32] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 03 [720p][889BB18C].mkv_snapshot_10.17_[2014.07.20_12.50.41] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 03 [720p][889BB18C].mkv_snapshot_10.54_[2014.07.20_12.52.00] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 03 [720p][889BB18C].mkv_snapshot_12.49_[2014.07.20_12.56.56] [Kaylith] Glasslip - 03 [720p][889BB18C].mkv_snapshot_18.57_[2014.07.20_13.48.28]


So that brings an end to ep 3 of Glasslip. If you’ve made it this far, what are your thoughts on P.A. Works latest anime? Love it? Hate it? Got any good theories, because I’d love to hear ’em!

Sorry for the delay with this review, I was just being lazy this week; I’ll try to get ep 4 out sooner. Up next I’ll have the Rail Wars ep 3 review and I think Justin will have some reviews up soon too. Not many bonus pics for Glasslip, so enjoy this one that I found after searching Pixiv for a bit.

I’ll cya in the next post!

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