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August 2014

Fairy Tail Episode 20 Super Mini Review Version: Ah One of My Goddesses, Miyuki Sawashiro! And Some Stuff About Dragons Killing Folks…

If you’ve read the manga, you know what Ultear’s about to do. It makes me sad. She’s such an awesome character voiced by an awesome Seiyuu. At least I can see her as Sinon in Sword Art Online II. It’s not the same though. Ultear’s so sexy. Sinon’s got just not on Ultear’s level.

So we open with watching Atlas Flame just wreck everything while the Thunder Legion and Laxus prepare to go at him. Unfortunately they didn’t even leave a scratch. Luckly Natsu just drops down from the freaking sky and starts eating Atlas. Just chomping down on the freaking fire dragon!

So Natsu tells Laxus he’s got this and to go to the palace to back up Wendy against Zirconis. So Laxus heads over to the palace while Natsu plays functional piggyback with a freaking flaming dragon! After a few minutes of being unable to knock Natsu Atlas asks how does he know Igneel. To which Natsu responds that he’s his dad. This breaks Future Rogue’s control over Atlas and they fly over to Future Rogue and Motherglare and get into a heavy and powerful battle in the skies.

Meanwhile Rogue’s fighting his dragon it tells him that this attack is led by his future self. Turns out our beautiful sexy Ultear’s watching. She has a flashback after Natsu’s first battle with Future Rogue in which she suggests that they kill present day Rogue to insure that Future Rogue never shows up. However Natsu says that somewhere along the line Future Rogue made the wrong decision but present day Rogue has done nothing wrong. Killing him would make them just as evil as Future Rogue.

After the flashback is over, Ultear looks over all the destruction that both Future Rogue and the dragons have wrecked over Crocus. She plots to kill to save the future. With that the episode ends.

I think this was a pretty good episode especially the part at the end where Ultear’s staring murder at Rogue.

I’ll give this episode 8/10 for all that filler with the guilds fighting Motherglare’s hatchlings. It was good stuff but you could have had stuff with the Dragon Slayers fighting the dragons.

So I can’t wait to see what happens next with the anime. I love Ultear and I can’t wait to see how they animate what’s she going to do. So until next time,
Later Days

Rail Wars Episode 9 Super Mini Review Version: Save Those That Need To Be Saved; Now with 100% more plot!

Side Note:There’s not really a super massive amount of stuff to work with here even though it’s really good. So I’ll do a Super Mini Review on it

It’s a race against time for the team! Will they get to Tokogawa in time? Or will they derail before they even get there?

So we open back at the Tokyo Office with Gonou and Nana..

Ah my beloved Mai Nakahara. I love it when she uses her mature voice. It makes her sound like Sayaka Oohara.

Gonou questions Naoto and the gang are even going to be okay. However Nana’s not worried because she believes in Naoto and the team.

After the opening, we return to K4 in the ATP car. Everyone’s about to fall on Naoto but looks like most of the squad missed Naoto. Of course Aoi’s boobs land right on Naoto’s head. I believe it’s called Mickey Mouse ears when a girl does that.

So they head into the next few tunnels, still going fast, until Koumi comes up with an idea to slow them down with using the break and Iwaizumi pedaling to force them to slow down. However it only works so well and they nearly tip over until Naoto and Aoi lean the train back over onto the tracks. However around the last stretch there’s some curve that’s just too much for one person.

So the only thing to do is for the entire team to lean the train. Once they get close to the station, Iwaizumi puts too much on the brake and that forces the team to have to jump the APT onto the platform.

Things go well. Organ delivered. Everyone’s safe. The entire team passes their training. Yep, today’s a good day!

This was an awesome episode. It had some good music, some good action, and a continuation of a good plot. One thing I had trouble with during this little mini arc is the fact that they just glossed over the harem fight and Noa just appear to be a source of trouble.

Despite that I’ll give Rail Wars Episode 9 a 9/10. It’s really good episode and it’s got a lot going for it.

Looks like the next episode has to do with some type of princely character. Those are always a bit interesting.

So until the next review,
Later Days

Love Live School Idol Project Season 2 Full Review

Welcome back to Otonokizaka Academy! Now it’s time for full season review for Love Live School Idol Project Season 2!


Honoka Kosaka is a girl who loves her school, Otonokizaka Academy. When the school is planned to be closed down due to a lack of applicants, Honoka becomes determined to save it. Learning that school idols are popular, Honoka and her friends start up a school idol group called U’s (pronounced muse) in order to attract new students. Once they successfully prevent Otonokizaka Academy from closing, the girls from U’s aim for higher grounds and participate in “Love Live”, the ultimate school idol competition featuring the best groups in the country.

So welcome back to Full Season Reviews. Of course I have to start strong and there’s no stronger than Love Live.

My Opinion
What’s not to love? Nothing! Love Live Season 2 is the very epitome of what a second season/sequel should do. Continue the series and build on what happened last time. All the songs are well written with really good animation. Even better the characters are very well fleshed out. They truly are well done characters. You’ll definitely love this season as well as the last one if you’re a fan of J-Pop and idol anime like Idolmaster.

Speaking of Idolmaster, I’ll be doing a Love Live School Idol Project vs Idolmaster post some time within the next few months. Just to keep your mind on Love Live even though it’s over.

The Highlights

  • the filler. It really expands on a lot of the characters that didn’t get a full characterization last season.
  •  the songs have deeper meaning than ever like Snow Halation.
  •  most of the Muse girls become more rounded as people as we learn their backstories
  • The Finale Arc(Every episode after Episode 10)

The Downsides

  • The constant switching between CGI and normal animation is still weird
  • There was no Maki, Umi, Hanayo, or Kotori backstory episode. While they are full characters they can always go further. For example, Hanayo’s mother used to be an idol when she was young. That’s one of the reasons she’s so into idols. There could have been a filler about that.
  • Snow Halation was shortened. The version we got was awesome but since the song was at the end of the episode i was expecting them to use the extra time to put the entire song in there. Especially the Fly High jump. I love the Fly High jump!

Now when I looked over the first Full Season Review I noticed I just talked about the characters and not the episodes. So I’ll be doing that here. Don’t worry it’s not going to be something super long.

Episode 1
Episode 1: Love Live Once Again!
So this episode it’s explained that Love Live will happen again this year near the end of March. All the others want to participate but Honoks doesn’t. After a talk with Yuhiko, Honoks realizes this is the last chance for the third years(and Muse as a group of 9)
to win it. After a quick race with Nico to determine if they’ll go it’s decided that Muse will participate in the Love Live again.

Episode 2
Episode 2: Aim for Victory
Due to a new rule with the Love Live Muse cannot use any songs they have already used before. So what are nine cute girls to do? Training Camp! Specifically Maki’s mountain villa. However our three creatives of Kotori, Umi, and Maki get a major dose of creativity block. They lost their muse…get it? Anyway the entire group splits into threes and managed to get together the brand new song, Door of Dreams.
Few things that gets me in this episode is why didn’t Maki work with Umi? Lyrics work with the composition. By working together they can give each other ideas. Also if Kotori’s drawings are so simple then why are her clothes so detailed and beautiful?

Episode 2


Episode 3
Episode 3: Door of Dreams
After their return from training the cute girls of Muse need to pick where they’ll perform for the preliminaries. They can choose anywhere in the area they live, one of the preliminary arenas, or they can stream it on the Internet. After looking all around the city for a spot to hold the Live, they meet up with A-Rise and they offer their school’s roof so they can both perform. After A-Rise takes the stage, all the girls feel like they’re outclassed but Honoka pumps them up and they sing Door of Dreams.

Some times I wish A-Rise had their own show. They only have two songs, Private Wars and Shocking Party. It would totally be good. It’d be the same as now just with A-Rise as the main characters.

Episode 3

Episode 4
Episode 4: No. 1 Idol in the Universe
So this is the technical end of more official material. Some would call it filler but filler isn’t really liked. This isn’t filler! It is awesomeness! So during this episode we get a lot of Nico’s backstory and shows how she was as a first year trying to start her own idol group. So she lied to her younger siblings saying that she was a super successful school idol. She eventually manages to tell them that’s she not a solo idol but still keep their view of her intact. I love this episode because it makes Nico more human.

Episode 4

Episode 5
Episode 5: A New Me
Honoka, Umi, and Kotori head out on the second year class trip to Okinawa. Since the new leaders of the student council are gone, Eri and Nozomi take up the slack leaving Muse without a leader. So through a few texts Honoka appoints Rin the leader. She doesn’t do so well on the first day, trying to imitate Eri and Umi but eventually she settles into it. However they’ve got a live at a fashion show they need to do and someone’s got to wear the wedding dress! Rin-chan! Turns out she doesn’t want to wear it because of her issues with dresses and her belief that she isn’t cute. Those boys teased her so bad that she can’t believe that she’d look good in a skirt. But after some good talking with friends Rin takes the center in the song and wears the dress. Note that Rin starts wearing dresses and skirts all the time.

Episode 5 Episode 6
Episode 6: Happy Halloween
It’s time for Halloween! In Love Live that is. By the time this gets up it might be though. So A-Rise and Muse have been invited to be a part of Akihabara’s Halloween Festival. They guess this is going to be an awesome opportunity to show off before the final preliminary. However A-Rise decides to change up their look for the Halloween Live and that makes the girls wonder if they should do the same. We go from imitating each other, school club dress up, and even go hardcore and dress up like KISS. Also those pictures of Muse dressed up like KISS made it on Twitter and even got retweeted by Gene(Add last name). Anyway Honoka realizes that they’re good already and don’t need to change their image because they’ve got a variety of members. So they perform in the Halloween parade, debuting Dancing Stars on Me. This was a hilarious episode mostly with the cosplay and the acting like each other part.

Episode 6 Episode 7
Episode 7: We Have To Do Something
So turns out Honoka and Hanayo have gained weight and need to work it off before the final preliminaries. Now I get Honoka to a certain extent because she does pack on the sweets and junk food and she lives right over a Japanese candy shop! Hanayo I don’t get. She’s very cute but she’s a baby face with a young girl voice. Plus her body type is more similar to Eli and Nozomi rather than the others like Umi and Maki. So are Nozomi and Eli fat? No! They are very well curved. That’s what Hanayo is! Anyway Umi puts them both on a exercise and diet regenment and it works…until they find this awesome rice buffet on their run and pig out there. Umi catches them and puts them on a harder diet and they manage to lose the extra weight.

Episode 7 Episode 8

Episode 8: My Wish
So we come up on the Preliminary Finals for the Love Live and Nozomi suggests that they write and perform a love song. However the group struggles with it because none of them have any experience with dating or love. Come on! Look at all these girls! They are all a combination of hot and cute and not one of them has had a boyfriend? Granted you can give them a little break since they go to an all girl’s school. Anyway they try to get into the mood of a love song by making confession videos and watching romance movies. After that Maki(Ah Maki and Pile-sama!) follows Nozomi and Eli home. She learns the reason why Nozomi wants to make a song together. Because she never had friends before Eli and she had a big hand in the creation of Muse that allowed the girls to be connected and share the same feelings. Once Eli and Maki hear that they call the others over and they get inspired while the snow’s falling, leading to the writing of Snow Halation.

Episode 8 Episode 9
Episode 9: Melody of the Heart
I love this episode! So the day of the Final Preliminary is here. but Unfortunately Honoka, Kotori, and Umi have their duties as members of the Student Council to deal with for the school’s open house so they’ll be a bit late. The others get moving to the stage. After the address we find out that the second years get snowed into the school. Despite the massive snowdrift that just appear Honoka, Umi, and Kotori are determined to reach to get to the stage. They get about two feet before the snow stops and they find out their schoolmates cleared the snow all the way to the stage and gave them some snowboots. They manage to get to the stage just in time and they perform one of the best songs that Muse has, Snow Halation!

Episode 9 Episode 10
Episode 10: µ’s
They won! On their way to the shrine that Nozomi volunteers at, the girls meet A-Rise who congratulate them. It’s okay A-Rise. Better luck next year…wait a second they won this year! Anyway the girls arrive at the shrine where Eli and Nico are helping out Nozomi. After the girls wonder about needing a catchphrase for the official Love Live website, Honoka gets approached by A-Rise’s leader Tsubasa who questions how A-Rise lost to Muse. I’ve got an idea. You did the same song twice! They did Shocking Party twice! Now the first preliminary was some time during September and the finals took place in December before Christmas so they had the time to write a new song but they didn’t! The next day the girls get together at Honoka’s house to make Mochi for all their supporters. Note: Umi’s favorite food is the Kousaka family’s mochi. After going to the shrine once again and seeing people’s emas(equalavent to New Year’s wishes) and they come up with their catchphrase, ‘The story we all realize’

Episode 10 Episode 11
Episode 11: That Which We Decided
After Yukiho and Alisa pass the Otonokizaka entrance exams, Yuhiko asks Honoka what will happen to Muse after the third years graduate. With the girls divided on the issue, Eli says that the decision should rest with the juniors. Later Muse uses their day off to go all around the city to see things that each member wants to do. At the end of the day they go to the beach where the younger members decide that they’ll disband Muse after the Love Live.

Episode 11 Episode 12
Episode 12: Last Live
After getting their drawing for the Love Live it’s decided that Muse will be the final performers for the event. After finishing their final practice together, the girls find it hard to seperate so they have a sleepover at the school. The next day at the Love Live, Muse debuts Kira-Kira Sensation and it’s so good that they give an encore with Bokura wa Ima no Naka de!

Episode 13
Episode 13: Come True! Everyone’s Dreams
Aww. It’s the last episode. After Muse wins the Love Live, Graduation Days comes around for Otonokizaka. We get to see Nico’s really hot mom and we find Hononak seeing Eli rembembering her time as the student council president. As the opening ceremony begins for the new students all the students sing a special song for the leaving third years. Awww… After the ceremony, Nico appoints Hanayo as the new president of the Idol Research Club who in turn appoints Maki as the vice-president. Once that happens all the girls go on a reminiscing tour around the school. Once they arrive on the roof where everything started Honoka paints the Muse symbol on the floor in water before they leave. However before get a chance to part ways, Hanayo gets some big news on her phone, prompting everyone to rush back to the club room. Instead of some boring old credits(granted the song is catchy) we have Muse performing Oh Love and Peace to end out the season.

Episode 13

What’s the big news?


Someone catch me! I’m about to faint! A Love Live movie! I have to see this even if I have to go to Japan to get it!

As for my top five favorite songs this season they are:
1.Snow Halation by Muse(It’s generally considered to be one of Muse’s best songs for a reason)
2.Shocking Party by A-Rise(If there was an anime about A-Rise and how they got to the top. I’d watch it.)
3.Bokura no Ima no Naka de(The song that started it all last season. Enough said)
4.Kira Kira Sensation(It’s so super happy and good I can’t help myself)
5. Oh Love and Peace(This is one of my favorite songs from Muse)

Now for the scores!

I’m giving Love Live School Idol Project a 10/10 because that’s the only logical score it could have!

So with that it’s end of this month’s Full Season Review. Sorry it’s so late. That being said never again! Never again will I do Full Season Reviews like this. It took me a month to finish this entire post! That’s right I started on the first and it took me this long to finish! I’ll look at things in a more general and arc based style from now in Full Season Reviews.

Now for what’s up on the next Full Season Review, I still don’t have much on internet. So I have to work with what I got on my computer.

For September, I’ll Full Season Review Rio: Rainbow Gate, an anime from the Winter Season 2011.


As for October since I just got into it I’ll be reviewing the first season of Sword Art Online! Yay! So you on here got that to look forward to.


So until the next Full Season Review,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Rail Wars! Episode 8: Action! Adventure! Ah Rail Wars Lives Up To Full Potential!

What is this thing? It looks like a legitimate plot! But Rail Wars always cut plot in favor of ass and huge boobs. Let’s see how things go!

So we start off the episode with Noa saying that it’s okay for Naoto to want to be a driver. Aw she supports him. However it would make a bigger impact if we weren’t seeing this while she was talking.


I’m not complaining…just saying. Side note, nice rear.

Then Noa saying she understands going out in her best clothes and when she wasn’t playing the main role. Hmm…and then the anime shows the scene with Aoi and Koumi thinking Naoto’s a bastard for bringing three girls to the same place.

So it really was a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding that almost got him killed but one nonetheless.

After Noa finishes her explanation of how she saw the events, Aoi blushes and says for her not to get the wrong idea.

Then Noa sits down with Naoto and grabs his arm.


Lucky dude.

But apparently Koumi’s got some problems with this.


Oh something’s about to go down!


Oh! She just got shut down but Noa! Also on a meta example, Minori Chihara just owned Maaya Uchida! Oh! Someone get Maaya some cream for that bruised pride!

So after some soft mutterings about much of a power keg this is Iwaizumi and Mari come in! Just in the freaking nick of time. I think something might have started off.

So Mari brings some coffee to drink and offers some to Noa.


See! Even she can see it and she just met her for the first time!

So after she accept it Noa says she’s got to leave for a rehersal. What! It’s only 3:51 minutes in the show and already Noa’s gone and the three girl harem conflict’s gone! What the hell!

You bring Minori Chihara in just for almost 4 minutes and then just kick her out! Well it doesn’t matter she still got paid for the full episode even if she’s only in the first few minutes.

Note:This seems to be as good a time as any. I planned on having a post about Seiyuu get paid but I don’t have the source material anymore. So I’ll just go from memory. Seiyuu are paid very differently from Voice Actors in America. While Voice Actors are paid by the hour, Seiyuu are paid by the episode. So while Voice Actors, who often do 3 and 4 hour sessions, can make more in one day. They make less over the course of one season because they record multiple episodes at once. Seiyuu however get a certain amount of money for each episode they’re in, regardless of how long their recording session was. So it adds up quicker. Also Seiyuu pay is based on a combination of popularity and experience. Minori Chihara would make a lot more than someone that just came out of the gate. However someone like Kana Hanazawa who’s currently the most popular female Seiyuu makes more than she does. Goes to show how popularity can change things.

Anyway Naoto gets a call and finds out there’s been a landslide and it’s blocked off the tracks so they’ve been called in to help with getting the people off the current train and back to the station.


Ready! Roll out!

Now that’s some good teamwork.

So after they get everyone off the train, they head back to the training building where we get this.

Snapshot_13 Snapshot_14

Oh looks like something interesting beginning.

Turns out this is Oito from the Japan Organs Transit System. She’s charged with transporting an organ to Maebashi Hospital for surgery. However she got stopped on the National Highway and with things on the train she can’t get anywhere with them either.

So everyone’s wondering what to do and Koumi coming up with crazy ideas like running it all the way there, Naoto comes up with an idea.

Snapshot_15 Snapshot_16

That plan, using a rail way that was built during the Meiji Restoration Era, is very clever but insanely risky. Do you know when the Meijji Era started? In the late 1800s and it lasted until around the early 1920s! That track was one of the first ones ever freaking built and you want to use it. Can I have your stuff after you don’t make it back?

But hey it’s their only option right now. So there’s no other choice.


So this little pedal powered thing is supposed to get them all the way to the hospital and through a dangerous and old tunnel? Hmm…makes for interesting plot though I wouldn’t want to be on it.

So the little dude explains what the drasine can and do and gives Naoto the manuel.


I’ve seen telephone books smaller than that and I live in a big city! However when you need something read quickly in this anime who do you call? Haruka Koumi!


Something about a woman reading just warms me up. Mostly because the girls in my area avoid books like the plague. I can’t wait to go to college this winter.

So after getting the drasine pushed out to the track, they get the organ and all they need to do is get to the station and the person in charge handles it from there. So they get the okay from Narita to disregard all the traffic signals and just as Koumi finishes reading man she reads fast! they get going with Naoto as the driver!

See man! If you had been a driver then you wouldn’t been doing something as fulfilling as racing the clock to save someone.’s life. Sure it’s not safe and filled with danger and scary hot girls but you’re helping people and it’s that what being a person is all about? Helping people.

So Naoto’s driving while Iwaizumi is on pedaling and Aoi and Koumi are on support duty.


However before we can even get started with everything we need a little push and who else to get things started is Aoi Sakurai!


With some pushing on Sakurai’s side and some pedalling on Iwaizumi’s side, they managed to get moving.


It doesn’t look at that dramatic but trust me it is…

So after a bit they reach the first tunnel…


Now remember all that useless stuff they said about the Usui Pass last episode? Now it’s all coming up. Usui Pass is an uphill tunnel and to get to the training center our team had to go uphill. However the Maebashi Hospital is downhill so now it’s going to be a dangerous roller coaster ride from here on out.

So after a tunnel or two Koumi explains that it will be roughly smooth sailing until they reach the Kumanotaira Signal Station because the tunnel’s been recently built and maintained. However after the half way point we get into the tunnels that were made during the Meiji era.

One tunnel down…sixteen to go!

So they hit a hard right and of course someone’s boobs have to fl y into someone’s face.


Now that feels like home right there.

So now with that hard right, the little car is starting to tilt, meaning a derailment might happen. What are you going to do Naoto?


So Naoto says that they need to lose some speed and so Koumi tells Aoi to use the D equipment to slow them down. However it takes time to work and that’s time they don’t have since they go through another tunnel and start to tilt again.

What to do?

Get Aoi!


Clever. Using her own body weight as a counterweight, she was able to put the car back on the track. Clever.

So we go through a few turns with Aoi and Iwaizumi basically leaning off the train to balance back on the tracks. It’s a lot of screaming and a lot awesome music. Can’t wait for the soundtrack so I can get that.

So they pull into the Kumanotaira Station and pass it by to see this.


They believe in these kids. Make sure to not let them down!


From here on out one mistake equals a derailment. So of course something happens.


Now that’s a good ending. We’ve got a great episode and everything’s going good. I’m really liking how things are going now.

I give Rail Wars Episode 8 a 9/10. It misses out on 10/10 because they just smoothed over the harem problems with all types of ease. I just can’t accept that it’d be that easy.

I’m really hyped for the next episode so until then,
Later Days!

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Let’s Look: Rail Wars Episode 7: Harem Hijinks and Super Tsundere Nation!

It took me a second but I’m back and with the original format. I know what I’m doing! I’m getting back to my roots and apparently so is the Squad 4!

So apparently after only seven episodes and about two or three months at the job, our semi-competent group is sent to the Karuizawa Training Instiute.

Note: How I can tell is because Naoto, Iwaizumi, Aoi, and Koumi stopped wearing their jackets. This is the equivalent of a Japanese high school switching to their summer uniforms around July. Add to the fact you can guess they started around April or March when school starts in Japan

Now they’re taking the Railway Public Safety Crew Advanced Education and Training this time around. Personally I like Karuizawa. It’s…refreshing. Yeah that’s a Ouran Host Club reference. I only watched the Funimation Dub recently.

So after hearing this, what does Aoi do?

Snapshot_1 Snapshot_2

That looked like some WWE type stuff. Are you sure she doesn’t lift?

Then this happens…

Snapshot_3 Snapshot_4

Then as if he wasn’t being held down by a hot woman with some unreal strength, Naoto pops up and he’s ready to go!

Then Iwaizumi ask if the food’s going to be good. He reminds me of this kid I took care during my last job. All that was on this kid’s mind was breakfast and lunch. He would have been thinking about dinner if I didn’t stay until two.


That’s all you need for the eternally hungry…

So Nana asks if Koumi wants to go…

Now that’s what we call the Freudian Slip. You mean to say one thing but you say what you mean instead. It’s typically for accidentally saying something sexual.

Getting passed that…

After the opening which is once again done by the beautiful Minori Chihara, we have the group on a train

What else? This is an anime about trains!

Note: Minori Chihara in the near future will have an art book of pictures to celebrate 10 years as a voice actress. Normally I don’t care about art books. I’m not even really serious about the SquareBeFair movement. Not because I don’t care. It just means more time and I put enough on my plate without having to lobby to the Japanese for a game I can’t play until I get a PS3. That being said this is definitely something I have to get in some way or fashion.

They’re going through the Usui Pass which is said to be one of the steepest rails in Japan. So of course Naoto is practically orgasming here.

Let’s look at everyone else.


Iwaizumi’s eating. That’s new…Koumi’s making sure that Naoto doesn’t fall off the train to his highly possible death. And what’s Aoi doing? Trying not to watch the idiots. See that’s why we love her and she’s voiced by Manami Numukura. That doesn’t hurt her hotness either.


As they walk in Iwaizumi says he’s hungry, nooooo! Dude you just ate about ten minutes ago max! You can’t be hungry!

So they met their trainer, Tetsuya Narita.


Looks like a big fella.

So after that we go to the training which starts off with some running which Koumi fails at. Looks like all that logic she tried to use in episode 6 why she should be a good runner bombed.

We flash over to after the training and the whole group’s sitting around in the dining hall until someone arrives to take their order.


Mari Sassho?

I know I’m known to be that guy that points out the fanservice but did Mari’s boobs get bigger? Just asking…

Anyway after Mari says how weird of an coincindence meeting them here is, Koumi immediately…immediately doesn’t really cover it. The girl scoots over to Naoto like Mari was trying to take her man! Come on Koumi. Mari’s got the lead without trying!

So with Mari and Koumi all up on him, Aoi says this.


Hmmm…what’s your response Naoto?


Oh!He just reversed it! So Aoi spills some hot tea on him for just the implication that she might be interested in him. Yeah Aoi. You’re not interested at all. The fact that Naoto had his hands all on your butt in episode 5 was nothing but pure friendship right? Or when you collasped inbetween Naoto’s legs after disarming the bomb? That was just all in good fun right?

Anyway they order lunch which Iwaizumi orders three servings of curry just for himself. The explanation is that he burns a lot of
calories with all the running he does so he needs to replace them but come on! 3 servings of curry!


They sure do look good!

So once they start eating, Aoi notices that Naoto has sliced pickled vegetables on the side instead of leeks like the rest of them. Naoto comments that he doesn’t like leeks so Mari switched them out for something he’d like.


Yep she does and she’s in the lead without even knowing. That’s the best type of lead!

So next we go over to the gun range and of course this is the part that Aoi excels at.


Now look at her sheet. There’s all head shots! That’s inherently wrong for any type of law enforcement. You’re only supposed to kill the criminal when they’re threating the public safety. The proper way to deal with a criminal is something in the chest or in the arm.


This guy can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a gun…


If that’s what it was truly frightening but since it isn’t he sucks at shooting.

So Narita calls over our trigger happy attractive redhead Aoi to help Naoto out. While she helps him, she talks about how they’ll be in the public safety crew together for a long time. Naoto starts to say something but then Aoi does this.


Now that was strangely sexy. Now why can she be completely at ease and even possibly score some points at a gun range but put her at a lunch table and she’s screwed. I think there’s a Rail Wars Speculation that must be done on Aoi Sakurai! Expect it before the anime ends!

Anyway we flash over to the end of the day the group’s getting to the bath. Of course they’re only one bath so it’s guys first then girls.

So Iwaizumi leaves to go dinner leaving Naoto with Koumi and Aoi. Aoi says that Naoto can learn from Iwaizumi about having a lot of energy to burn and she offers to let him join her on the training tomorrow. See she’s so at ease right now.

Now here’s the part where it all goes to pieces.


Both girls get suprised and Aoi asks why did he even come to the training if he didn’t even want to be a member of the public safety crew. Naoto says the reason he came is because so he could drive the EF63 train.

Aoi gets mad because he could have just said that and told them before hand. Naoto says that he didn’t want to make her sad because she looked so happy while she was helping him.


Aoi blushes and storms off with Naoto trying to figure out what’s wrong.

We slid over to Naoto in the bath alone and says to himself it isn’t so bad that he wants to be a driver. He has a flashback to when he was a kid, taking pictures of trains in a blizzard in what looks like a mountain. He falls down and collapses.

We get out of the flashback and turns out Naoto fell asleep in the bath. Now I’ve watched Suzuka a few times and the number one thing you do not do is fall asleep in the bath. It makes you light headed.

Koumi pulls Naoto out of the bath but tragically she’s not naked. For someone that sleeps naked she sure isn’t proving it.

Anyway she calls out for Aoi to come and help Naoto. Naoto gets confused and thinks that Koumi is Aoi and explains the reason why he wants to become a train driver.

I’m going to get to that but first this


Great character, great body, and a nearly perfect balance on the tsundere scale. She’s like Rail Wars version of Maki Nishikino but with bigger boobs.

Moving on the reason that Naoto wants to be a driver is because he was saved by a driver that noticed him pass out in the middle of a blizzard taking pictures of trains…why were you taking pictures of trains in the middle of a blizzard? Idiot.

So after that he passes out and Koumi notices that Aoi’s left.

So the next they start off with some stretches and we see this.

It has nothing to do with the plot. I just wanted you all to see it and apparently the animators did too. We get it! They are sexy as hell! Don’t shove it down our throats.

So we go through a long explanation of how the Usui pass works…


Then we get to the most interesting part. The train driving part!

Of course Naoto takes the driver’s seat and the head car while Aoi takes the rear one.

Oooh this one might be difficult.

So they get moving and once they start heading downhill it’s all going to hell. Aoi takes up too much speed and makes the train go insanely fast downhill.

So with the speed that Aoi’s adding on along with the speed of going downhill, it brings up a choice. Either break and crush the cars in between forcing a derailment, killing everyone on the train. Or not break and hit a train in front killing everyone on both trains…

What are you going to do Naoto?


He chose to derail their train and save the people in front. However turns out it was a similator so no one was really in danger. However the viewers didn’t know that so it looks like Aoi just almost killed them all because she was jealous and angry. Pretty bad Aoi. You lose some points with me.

So after that we go to the dining hall where Naoto is talking with Mari wondering if he’s cut out for being a part of the Public Safety crew.


Cute pose.

So they go to Mari’s room to talk while playing some Old Maid. Question? Why is Old Maid always the game they play in anime? The only time I’ve seen another card game played is in Rio:Rainbow Gate and they had an excuse of being set in a casino.

So Mari says that he looks good in his uniform all blushing and stuff.


She tells him to believe in himself and be confident in himself. Once they leave Koumi comes around and tells him that the training for tomorrow is cancelled because they aren’t ready for it yet.

So they decide to take a day off and spend it in the city of Karuizawa.

So Naoto goes back to his room and sees a note from Aoi saying that’s sorry. Then Naoto sends her a email asking does she want to go with them to the city.


So they come to the station and we get this out of Koumi.


So cute.

Of course Iwaizumi is only thinking of food and Mari asks somewhat annoyed shouldn’t Naoto being saying something about her clothes. He immediately compliments her. He’s so whipped.

So after that Naoto gets a call from Nana to pick someone up at the chapel.

Snapshot_33 Snapshot_34

So Naoto explains what’s up and Koumi offers to go with him but he says that it’s okay. While going to the chapel, he gets an email from Aoi saying that’s she’s arrived.

Once he gets to the chapel, we and our lucky protagonist gets this.

Snapshot_35 Snapshot_36

If I could drool a river I would. That’s what makes a woman! Elegance and beauty! Now I live near Chicago and when I go out for a walk or go to work, there’s not enough female elegance to fill an egg cup.

Of course things have to go wrong. They’re legally bound to.

Snapshot_37 Snapshot_38

Well ain’t this one bad situation.

Two hot girls and things are getting hairy. At least it can’t get worse…


Minori Chihara! …I mean Noa Kashima! Well yay and all bad. Now it’s three hot girls fighting over this guy. Things are about to get hairy but we’ve got to wait until the next episode.

I’m giving Rail Wars Episode 7 a 8/10. There’s some weak parts to it but hey after Episode 6 my standards were kinda low. It has an awesome ending setting up for a total harem hijinks moment.

I can’t wait to see what happens but unfortunately I have to wait so until the next episode,
Later Days.

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Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 19 Super Mini Review Version: The Legends of Flying Naked People Are True…According to Hiro Mashima.

Now I love some Lucy and Natsu shipping as much as the next guy but come on! She was thrown naked right at him. There’s not even any subtext anymore. Hiro, just just stop right there.

Episode Nineteen of Fairy Tail 2nd Series is called “Zirconis’ Magic”

So the dragon that Future Rogue is riding on, Motherglare, lays a lot of eggs. Those eggs hatch into mini dragon and start fighting against the guild members.

Then we switch over to Wendy and Mirajane vs. Zirconis who turns out to be the living version of the dragon that Wendy summoned back in the first episode. He doesn’t remember them because he hasn’t died yet.

So Zirconis starts off the battle by using his magic to strip all the palace soldiers of their clothes. Then when Lucy speaks up, it’s her turn…now I love some fanservice but come on! How many times has Lucy been stripped naked?

Zirconis tries to eat her but he gets hit by Wendy’s Sky Dragon’s Roar and throws Lucy away into the city. She ends up whacking right into Natsu while he’s fighting Future Rogue. They fly around the air for a second before landing in a bell.

Get it? It might be a wedding bell.

Now this is kinda bad on the fanservice part. There was no subtext. No clever allusions. Mashima threw Lucy naked right at Natsu…that’s not even it.

The anime cut some scenes out. Namely before Virgo comes and gives Lucy some clothes, Natsu tries to cover Lucy’s boobs with…well his hands and that earns him a massive slap.

Then Lucy tells Natsu about the types of dragons they’re dealing with, mentioning there is a fire dragon among them. This gives Natsu an idea and he runs off with Happy before Lucy gets dressed with Virgo again.

However it isn’t all bad since Lucy manages to find her future self’s journal which will no doubt give some info.

And that ends the episode. I think I’ll give this episode a 7/10. It was a bit fanservey because the stripping of Lucy once again but it did have some good points. Like the stuff about finding Future Lucy’s diary.


Date A Live Speculation #3

Spirits. Mysterious girls appearing from another world. To fight against their pure strength with weapons, or to address them with love. Now mankind must choose.


Inner Writer: Hey Deven you haven’t done a Speculation in awhile. What’s up?

Me: Life! I don’t have time.

Inner Writer: Come on! Do a Date A Live Speculation. You can do it about the Astral Dresses. Come on you know you want to.

Me: Fine.

Warning: Religion will be talked about during this post. It’s part of the series and I won’t get on a soapbox and talk about that type of stuff. We’re here to have fun and love our fandom. That’s it.

Hey everyone. It’s Deven once again and I’m coming at you with another Date A Live Speculation Post. I feel like I’ve been slacking on the Date A Live stuff especially after the How To Be An Anime Blogger Post where I said I want to be the expert on Date A Live. So I’m coming back to you with something awesome. Astral Dresses!

Astral Dresses or Spirit Armor is the Spirit’s clothing created by their power. Spirits can change it into whatever shape, color, style, or appearance they want. They seem to be very durable, sustaining both the AST attacks as well as DEM’s Realizer’s attacks.

Now in Japanese the kanji used in light novel to spell Astral Dress means God’s Authority while the other half means Spirit’s Rainment. So Astral Dress is basically Spiritual Rainment of God’s Authority.

Also all of the Astral Dresses used are divine names of God representing each Sephirah in the Kabbalah Tree. See this tree keeps coming up. Remember that tree in the 2nd season opening, I think that might be it.  I can’t be sure but just guessing.

She’s the first girl so she goes first!

250px-Chara1_0Tohka’s Astral Dress is called Adonai Melek which translated from Hebrew is ‘God is King’ This dress definitely works with Tohka’s theme of being a knightly princess.

Hop, hop, hop! Bunny girl Yoshino’s next!

250px-YoshinooYoshino’s Astral Dress is known as El which means simply God in Hebrew. However the names of The Divine One and Almighty One can be inferred from this name. I can’t say anything about this one without getting smited it so I’ll move on. . .

Ah my beloved Kurumi!
250px-Chara4_0Kurumi’s Astral Dress is called Elohim which like Yoshino’s simply means God. Also like Yoshino I can’t say anything without offending someone. Granted I somewhat enjoy offending people. I won’t do it with religion though.

Our Little Commander!
250px-Kotori2Kotori’s ‘s Astral Dress is known as Elohim Gibor which means God of Battles. This is one I can talk about. You can see this while Kotori fights against Kurumi as her Spirit Powers take over. She really starts to enjoy it and that fits in with a lot of war gods over a large amount of mythologies.

Twins with the same clothes name!

The Yamai Twins share an Astral Dress name which is called Elohim Tzabaoth which means God of Hosts.  Now if you don’t know Host in this context means multiple powerful people. In the case of these names, it means Angels. Now the Yamai twins are two people which is multiple people and they’re powerful. I’d probably rank them as a unit stronger than Yoshino and Natsumi but weaker than Miku and Kotori.

Note: Just so you know what I think of the rankings in the Spirit Power here’s what I think.

5.Kaguya and Yuzuru

Relax. I’ll have a post . . .soon about why I think this. Back to the post.

She’s cute. She can sing and most important she’s voiced by Minori Chihara! You all know I had to say that right. I love Minori Chihara!

250px-Miku_spirit_verMiku’s ‘s Astral Dress is known as Shaddai El Chai which means Almighty Living God. I guess you can swing it as Miku was dead not only to herself but others when she lost her voice and became a Spirit. However she returned when Shido showed that he cared for her. As for the Almighty part, she ain’t all Almighty but she’s pretty darn strong.

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble. I need a cute witch on the double!

251px-Sqsd1551297538_n Natsumi’s Astral Dress is called YHVH Tzabaoth which means Lord of the Hosts.  Not only can I not think of one but it has a holy name unto God in it. I can’t touch it.

Note: I use YHVH because I don’t want to offend the Jews. They don’t speak this name aloud and I don’t think they even write it.

She may look like an angel but definitely a fallen.

300px-MetatronOrigami’s Astral Dress is simply called Ehyeh Ašer Ehyeh or otherwise known as I Am that I Am. Now this is something I can work with. Unfortunately I’ll give you spoilers for Volume 10 but hey nothing you weren’t going to see in the anime or the movie. So in the tenth volume after becoming a Spirit Origami swears to kill all Spirits and then commit suicide. When Tohka confronts her with the fact that she is a Spirit too, she says that she will reject all Spirits including herself.  Whether human or a Spirit, Origami accepted who she was and never fought it.  She is who she is regardless of what others think.

That’s it for now. I know it wasn’t a lot because of all the religious hang ups but once I do my Speculation on the Spirit’s Angels(which will come out some time in the future.) I’ll be more free to do as I want.

Until the next Speculation
Later days

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Fate Stay/Night News!!!

Fate-VGF-BannerOkay everyone. Time for a new post and this one is about the upcoming fall season and one of the anime I’ll be reviewing, Fate Stay/Night!

Now for those of you that don’t know Fate Stay/Night. Here’s a little blurb about the plot then I’ll chime in at the end.

Raised by a mysterious sorcerer after the horrific death of his parents, Shiro Emiya has only just begun to help others using the small tidbits of magic that he’s learned. However, when he’s suddenly caught in a battle between two more powerful Magus, Shiro finds himself performing a spell above his expected ability, summoning the beautiful spirit warrior Saber to protect him! But safety is only momentary as Shiro and Saber now find themselves thrust into in a secret world of dark magic and deadly challenges: a no-holds barred duel to the death known as the Holy Grail War! At stake: a prize of unimaginable power. But can the inexperienced Shiro and Saber survive long enough to even enter the contest? First they’ll have to withstand waves of treachery and assassination, even as Shiro scrambles to learn everything he’ll need to know to stay alive as seven teams of Magus and Spirit Servants face off in mortal combat!

Now for the extra stuff, Fate Stay Night originally started off as well…an adult Visual Novel. However it was later adapted into an anime with all the sex scenes cut out of course.

Now what makes the Visual Novel so good is that it’s basically one of the best and one of the most easily viewed Visual Novels because it’s been translated completely. It’s one of the few Visual Novels that has been.

It’s considered to be the best not just for its anime but for its original visual novel. The visual novel itself was praised by multiple people as being one of the best examples of branching storylines and interactive storytelling. The complexity and depth of the novel, the characters, and story is compared to a traditional novel. Now that’s badass. It is still one of the best visual novels in the world. Why? You’ll see down below.

Now to talk about the novel itself. Fate/Stay Night has three main girls and three main routes that focus on those girls.

The first route is called Fate and it focuses on Saber. It’s like I said the first route you get and it must be completed to obtain access to the next route.


The second route is called Unlimited Blade Works and it focuses on Rin Tohsaka. It’s the second route and like the Fate route it must be completed to get to the third and final route.


The third and final route is called Heaven’s Feel and it focus on Sakura Matou. It’s the third and final route.

The Routes go in the order I just mentioned and there is no deviating. For example, you can’t go and play Unlimited Blade Works first then go to Fate. It has to be Fate, then Unlimited Blade Works, and finally Heaven’s Feel. However each story has multiple ends so there is no lost of freedom.

Now why am I making this post? Because there’s a crap ton of news that came out recently…last month. I planned on having this post out soon but hey life.

Anyway the first piece of news is that the Fate Stay/Night anime will return and it will be adapting the Unlimited Blade Works route. So all those nice little scenes are going to be in the standards of today’s anime! Yay!

Next up for all of you that had a fondness for Heaven’s Feel. It’s going to be getting a Movie!

Finally Type-Moon will be making a game for Android and IOS coming out this winter so you can stick with it for as long as you want.

Now notice I don’t really have much an opinion on it. It’s mostly because I haven’t watched the original anime or played the game yet.

Before October comes around I intend to watch the original anime and try to play through the game. I can probably only guarantee the anime though. I’ll only watch the Japanese though. The English used just about every voice actor they’ve got because they kept changing the cast with every anime or game.

That being said for the Fall Season 2014 Fate Stay/Night unlimited Blade Works will be reviewed! I know it has a big and long history with it and I’ll try to do it some justice.

So until Fate Stay/Night,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Rail Wars! Episode 6 Super Mini Review Version:Do You Understand The Meaning Of Keeping Your Clothes On Koumi?

Wow this is a lot of Fanservice. It almost makes me say it’s too much and that’s saying something.

So after the events of Episode 5 and all the random stuff that happened, Naoto, Aoi, Koumi, and Iwaizumi are put on home stay for a week. So Naoto hangs out his room with Mari and she goes on about how he saved her and how cool he is. She’s technically right since even though Aoi fired the shot Naoto was the one that thought of the idea.

So after Mari leaves Naoto checks out the mail and finds a death note…not really the best word for me to use. It’s not Light Yagami’s Death Note. It’s more of a threat note.

So he calls Aoi for some help but she doesn’t answer. Side note. She’s apparently out of the house too. These guys don’t listen…
So Naoto calls and goes to meet up with Koumi but while heading to meet with her Aoi sees them and follows. After seeing the letter, Koumi guesses it must be from an accomplice of the accomplice of the bomber. Try saying that five times fast.

So they try to call Aoi to warn her and she picks up but the wind carries her phone out of hand and it breaks. Koumi and Naoto just jump to conclusions and assume that the guy got Aoi. Seriously…have you seen this girl in action?

Anyway they run away again, guessing that the accomplice is after them now. Aoi spots them again as she walks out the cell phone shop and she shoots at them. Why? Because Aoi’s a jealous tsundere in her tsun mode. She misses and hits sometype of toy and Koumi and Naoto think it’s some type of sniper fire.

They run and jump a fence, landing in some cat food/catnip. Which of course draws cats. Now this is where things get stupid. They think they’re assasin cats…so they think the cats are tracking them. How? Because when Koumi took off her jacket the cats jumped right on it. Did you ever think that you fell in cat food?

The little cat chase continues with Koumi getting more and more stripped down. Nothing I mind of course but come on! Where’s the plot! They end up hiding in the Transportation Museum and it turns out someone is breaking into the museum!

….why? What could possibly be in there that anyone would want to steal? Anyway Nana and Gonou get the call that the place has been broken into and they head over with Aoi who was already tracking Koumi and Naoto.

They fight the thieves and they win. But before the end, Koumi asks if Naoto remembers something that happened over eight years ago. Turns out that Naoto pulled Koumi out of a closet she was trapped in when she was little and that’s why she cares about him. Turns out too that he’s the person that inspired her to join JNR.

So the episode ends with everyone figuring out that the note was an advertisement for life insurance.

Now that was just a suckish episode. It had no plot and the fanservice meant nothing to the episode. I’m giving this episode 2/10 because of bad plot, pointless fanservice, and just nearly useless to the anime itself. The only good thing was that we learned why Koumi likes Naoto.

So I personally can’t wait for the next episode. Apparently Iwaizumi is actually going to show up. That’s always interesting.

Until the next review,
Later days.

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