Today’s August 3rd. That means today is a good. Why? Because it’s the birthday of the first member of Muse, Honoka Kousaka!

Honoka is definitely one of my favorite girls in Muse mostly because of her awesome energy and personality. It’s the type of thing that makes you want to get out of your seat and dance!

Honoka doesn’t go through much growth during season 1. Unless you count the last few episodes where she realizes the consequences of her actions for overtraining herself and getting angry at Kotori for leaving and not telling anyone.

However she get a big boost in my eyes when she succeeds Eri as the Student Council President. That forces her to grow up and be a better leader not just to Muse but to the school as a whole.

So I’ll follow what I’ve done the last few times and celebrate Honoka’s birthday with a lot of super awesome pics! Why? Because Honoka’s cuteness and happiness can’t be kept by one person!

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And that’s it. Happy Birthday Honoka-chan! Make sure to check out my full season review of Love Live School Idol Project.

And shout out to all the Honoka Kousaka fans out there! I think you’ll be seeing one of these again next month and it’s going to be for those that love girls with high voices and a love for fashion!

Also since today is Honoka’s birthday, if you have it, please log in to Love Live School Idol Festival and claim your 5 Love Gems. Trust me, they go a long way especially in the beginning when you don’t know how to play and still learning the game.

Also another shout-out to my man, Nick Corps who got me into Love Live!

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