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This is definitely my favorite part of the Grand Magic Games
arc! Let’s dive in!

Episode 16 of Fairy Tail 2nd series is called ‘Natsu vs. Rogue’.
After Future Rogue kills Future Lucy Natsu steps up to fight him.
Looks like he’s about to own…but Natsu even in Lightning Flame
Dragon Mode gets his ass handed to him by Future Rogue in White
Shadow Dragon Mode. Luckily he got his butt saved by Ultear and
Merudy. Crocus evacuated while Toma E. Fiore, Fiore’s king, asks
all the guilds that participated to help in defeating the dragons
that remain after the Eclipse Cannon fires. As the Eclipse Gate
opens, Lucy moves to close the gate, dooming all of humanity to
the wrath of the oncoming dragons.

Episode 17 of Fairy Tail 2nd series is called ‘For Me, Too’. Lucy
explains to Hisui, so sexy princess! Ah Suzuko Mimori-sama, that
does Eclipse Cannon doesn’t exist. The gate only connects the
past and present. However because of the day and the red moon,
the gate’s connected to 400 years in the past where the dragons
ruled the world. The Gate is opened and dragons start coming
through until Lucy and Yukino seal the gate once again with the
12 Golden Keys. However seven dragons made it through and start
rampaging all over Crocus. The guilds fight the dragons only to
find their magic doesn’t work on the dragons. After Future Rogue
takes to the skies with Motherglare, Natsu returns to fight him
once again.

Episode 18 of Fairy Tail 2nd series is called ‘Seven Dragons’.
Some of the guilds’ strongest wizards fight against the dragons
to no avail. Translation: they’re getting their butts kicked. But
wait we have Sting and Present day Rogue! They’ve killed dragons
before. Wrong! They lied and now they’re just as screwed as they
are. Future Rogue explains his plan overthrow Acnologia and
become the new Dragon King. Natsu realizes something and smacks
down Motherglare to the ground with his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic.
Natsu calls out to all the Dragon Slayers and tells them that
this was what their magic meant for. We end to see that cogwheel
is finally turning in. It’s time for the Dragon Slayers to go
hunting! The episode ends with the seventh and final Dragon
Slayer, Cobra of Oracion Seis, arriving to help.

And here we go! I’ll make sure to have up the review for Episode
19 soon.


1.For Episode 16, it gets a good review of 8/10 for good plot and
excellent art. It misses 9 or 10 because they leave us on a
2. For Episode 17, it gets 8. For the great part with Yukino and
Lucy opening the twelve gates to reseal the Eclispe Gate. As well
as all the good fights there even though the guilds don’t do crap
to the dragons.
3.For Episode 18, it gets an epic rating of 9 for Natsu’s
declaration to the other Dragon Slayers. It misses out on that
last point because it was kinda a slow getting to the action.

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