Hey everyone it’s Deven once again! I’m back to give you some good reviews. Unfortunately I’m seriously behind. So just like all the greats laziness is the mother of all inventions along with creativity. Thus was born the Super Mini Review. I’ll write maximum of two paragraphs and put most of the story telling on the pictures. So here it is, the first Super Mini Review!

Ah our Idol Demigoddess, Chihara Minori-sama!

Episode four of Rail Wars is called ‘I Think I Like It’. Now if you love yourself some hot fanservice on the beach with your girls in bikinis and tight one pieces, you’ll watch this episode until you die. Because that’s everything you’re getting here. The JNR Idol Noa Kashima is singing in(fill in the blank) and since she’s this years’ spokeswoman and she’s speaking about the JNR she gets protection.

Who does she get? Our heroes of course(it wouldn’t be much of an anime without them). During a practice session, flash paper is burnt as a threat to Noa. Oh I forgot to say that someone’s threatening our poor super cute idol. So what do our heroes do? They get in their bathing suits and watch the place for anything suspcious…that’s what the guys do. Nana, Aoi, and Koumi they just look sexy. That’s all they need to do.

The next day after Noa’s performance, Ah I love hearing Minori Chihara’s voice. I have so many of her songs on my iPod it’s unreal…, the criminal disguised as a member of the stage staff rushes the stage, trying to stab Noa but Naoto takes the blade instead.(He’s fine though) Thanks to Nana’s quick thinking they were able to play it off as a part of the act and everyone goes home happy. After the end of the episode it looks Noa Kashima is falling in love with Naoto. Add another to the harem. We’ve got Aoi, Koumi, Mari, and now Noa. Let’s try and rope Gonou and Nana into the mix.

Now it’s time for the pictures!

And that’s it the first of possibly many Super Mini Reviews. Now know this. I will not make every review a Super Mini review. I know you guys like my normal style of reviewing. These types of reviews will only be for when I’m falling behind. So if an anime’s more than a week late on the review it will be a Super Mini Review. That’s it!.

Until the next review and the next episode,
Later Days.

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