Too cute to be stopped. That is what Aoi Sakurai and Manami Numakura are in their simplest and most pure form

Episode five of Rail Wars is called “Quit Staring”. Now this is episode is a lot different from the ones before it in that it’s an episode focused on Aoi and Naoto.

So Aoi takes Naoto to the gun range which as you all know is kinda of an interesting place for a well endowed woman like Aoi. Why? Because her boobs jiggle with the recoil! Then they go to the paintball range and Naoto ends up getting a lucky shot on Aoi…between the legs and pays for it bad. By bad I mean she just shoots him in the face with a paintball…ouch.

After that we get some information that the bomber that tried to blow the Tokyo Station(before his bomb got stopped by a few teenagers and got owned by Gonou) had an accomplice and now they need to keep their eyes out for him.

And what happens next? Aoi and Naoto run right into him. They follow him onto a train fairly far north but end up loosing him in the dark. Then they’re ordered back to Tokyo but since they’re no more trains leaving they stay the night at the station. Now this is interesting because Aoi got wet earlier in the episode so she takes off her clothes to dry and Naoto gives her his shirt. So we get a good look of her long sensual legs….drool

That’s highly unprofessional of me….Aw when did I care about being professional here. Anyway, because he stayed the night with Aoi, Naoto misses a trip he was going to have with Mari Sassho. In the morning they see the accomplice try and board a train. They chase after him but he leaves a bomb on the tracks. It goes off and blows the tracks while he gets away. However thanks to Naoto’s quick thinking the on coming train which ironically has Mari on it is saved from a derailment. After they get back, Aoi insists that Naoto have more training at the gun range and Koumi gets angry at this for some reason. Maybe she wants him for her self.

And that’s the Mini Review. Hopefully the sixth and seventh episode reviews will be out as fast as possible.

Edit: I’m writing this on August 14, 2014 and I just checked where I get my anime from and they just put up Rail Wars Episode 7. So it’s been a week so Episode 6 is now going to be a Mini Review. Sorry guys I really want to do it the normal way but this is the only way I’ll be able to catch up. Even with Glasslip not on the roster(Thank God), I’m still a little bit behind. But rest assured that I’ll be back to the normal version of reviews soon.

I’m really liking this episode because of the good fanservice and you really get a good view of Aoi. You start to see that she’s falling for Naoto.

For Episode 5, it gets a good review of 8/10 for good plot and well done art and fanservice. You also get some good stuff about Aoi’s character which is always good.

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