Now I love some Lucy and Natsu shipping as much as the next guy but come on! She was thrown naked right at him. There’s not even any subtext anymore. Hiro, just just stop right there.

Episode Nineteen of Fairy Tail 2nd Series is called “Zirconis’ Magic”

So the dragon that Future Rogue is riding on, Motherglare, lays a lot of eggs. Those eggs hatch into mini dragon and start fighting against the guild members.

Then we switch over to Wendy and Mirajane vs. Zirconis who turns out to be the living version of the dragon that Wendy summoned back in the first episode. He doesn’t remember them because he hasn’t died yet.

So Zirconis starts off the battle by using his magic to strip all the palace soldiers of their clothes. Then when Lucy speaks up, it’s her turn…now I love some fanservice but come on! How many times has Lucy been stripped naked?

Zirconis tries to eat her but he gets hit by Wendy’s Sky Dragon’s Roar and throws Lucy away into the city. She ends up whacking right into Natsu while he’s fighting Future Rogue. They fly around the air for a second before landing in a bell.

Get it? It might be a wedding bell.

Now this is kinda bad on the fanservice part. There was no subtext. No clever allusions. Mashima threw Lucy naked right at Natsu…that’s not even it.

The anime cut some scenes out. Namely before Virgo comes and gives Lucy some clothes, Natsu tries to cover Lucy’s boobs with…well his hands and that earns him a massive slap.

Then Lucy tells Natsu about the types of dragons they’re dealing with, mentioning there is a fire dragon among them. This gives Natsu an idea and he runs off with Happy before Lucy gets dressed with Virgo again.

However it isn’t all bad since Lucy manages to find her future self’s journal which will no doubt give some info.

And that ends the episode. I think I’ll give this episode a 7/10. It was a bit fanservey because the stripping of Lucy once again but it did have some good points. Like the stuff about finding Future Lucy’s diary.