If you’ve read the manga, you know what Ultear’s about to do. It makes me sad. She’s such an awesome character voiced by an awesome Seiyuu. At least I can see her as Sinon in Sword Art Online II. It’s not the same though. Ultear’s so sexy. Sinon’s got just not on Ultear’s level.

So we open with watching Atlas Flame just wreck everything while the Thunder Legion and Laxus prepare to go at him. Unfortunately they didn’t even leave a scratch. Luckly Natsu just drops down from the freaking sky and starts eating Atlas. Just chomping down on the freaking fire dragon!

So Natsu tells Laxus he’s got this and to go to the palace to back up Wendy against Zirconis. So Laxus heads over to the palace while Natsu plays functional piggyback with a freaking flaming dragon! After a few minutes of being unable to knock Natsu Atlas asks how does he know Igneel. To which Natsu responds that he’s his dad. This breaks Future Rogue’s control over Atlas and they fly over to Future Rogue and Motherglare and get into a heavy and powerful battle in the skies.

Meanwhile Rogue’s fighting his dragon it tells him that this attack is led by his future self. Turns out our beautiful sexy Ultear’s watching. She has a flashback after Natsu’s first battle with Future Rogue in which she suggests that they kill present day Rogue to insure that Future Rogue never shows up. However Natsu says that somewhere along the line Future Rogue made the wrong decision but present day Rogue has done nothing wrong. Killing him would make them just as evil as Future Rogue.

After the flashback is over, Ultear looks over all the destruction that both Future Rogue and the dragons have wrecked over Crocus. She plots to kill to save the future. With that the episode ends.

I think this was a pretty good episode especially the part at the end where Ultear’s staring murder at Rogue.

I’ll give this episode 8/10 for all that filler with the guilds fighting Motherglare’s hatchlings. It was good stuff but you could have had stuff with the Dragon Slayers fighting the dragons.

So I can’t wait to see what happens next with the anime. I love Ultear and I can’t wait to see how they animate what’s she going to do. So until next time,
Later Days