Hey everyone. Once again it’s me Deven. I’m coming at you with something super important.

First let me give some backstory.

Now granted it feels like I’ve been anime blogging for forever in reality it’s only been about six months or two anime seasons. Barely a drop in the large ocean of anime.

During my first season, Spring 2014, I took up seven anime to review and by the end I only had three left, Date A Live II, Akuma no Riddle, and Fairy Tail 2nd Series.

I really regret dropping some of them like Isshuukan Friends and Love Live School Idol Project II. Some not so much like Mahouka…anyway. I do regret not being able to do as much anime as I want but three anime is my limit.

See here’s the stuff I do basically everyday. I wake up at 5, breakfast, writing a bit for each of my three novels(Thief King Chronicles, Soul Saver Series, and my newest one Fairy Freedom, originally called Effy Hearts), do some critiques on Scribophile, do some tasks for my neighbors and my mother, go to work at 2 until six, post some posts at the library where I work now, walk home from six-thirty to seven, eat dinner, do some more posts to get posted tomorrow, do some more critiques, wash dishes, do some light reading to keep the mind sharp, play a bit of Love Live School Idol Festival, and go to bed around eleven or twelve.

So you see that my day is kinda busy. I also forgot to add Twitter in there which isn’t hard but it has a tendancy to pull you in and keep you for an hour or so.

So I don’t really have the time to review six or seven anime. But I want to do.

So that’s why I’m doing this! Calling out to all anime bloggers, current and future. I’m holding what basically amounts to casting call for two spots as writers on AnimeThief as reviewers alongside me.

You’ll basically be doing the same thing that I do, weekly reviews. That’s the only thing that you really have to do. No need to do Speculations or Monthly Full Season/Series Reviews unless you want to.

That being said you have complete creative freedom to post whatever you want about anime or the anime industry.

So how to do you get in?

It’s simple. If you’re already an anime blogger and want to get in on here then just send me a link to your blog or one of your best posts via email at devenluca9@gmail.com. You can do this regardless whether you use WordPress as your platform or not. However if chosen you’ll need to make a WordPress account.

If you want to use this as a chance to make into the world of anime blogging then using whatever anime you want, write a review of the first episode of it and email it to me at devenluca9@gmail.com. Make sure to tell me what anime you’re reviewing. You can make it as obscure as possible. I love watching new anime but no Hentai!

So to make sure that you got it. If you’re already an anime blogger send a link to my email. If you’re new to anime blogging send me a review of anime to my email.

Also regardless of which type you are send me a list of no more than three anime that you would like to review this Autumn Anime Season 2014.

However they cannot be Fairy Tail 2nd Series, Fate Stay/Night:Unlimited Blade Works, or Shirobako as those will be the anime I’ll be reviewing.

Now as I learned from my old blog, putting people on a deadline with something they read by choice doesn’t really work. So I’m not going to really do that here. I just want your entries at least five days before the first anime on your list premieres.

So for example if your anime comes out on the 14th then I need your stuff by the 9th. That’s all I ask.

If chosen, I’ll email you and we can begin working together.

Also just know if chosen, I recommend having a Twitter in order to connect with the folks of AniTwitter. You don’t need an Ask.fm like me but it’s always nice to be able to connect with the fans.

I hope I get a lot of answers. When I’ve got my picks, I’ll make a big announcement on the blog and the three of us will get going on this Autumn Anime Season!

So until the new guys come around,
Later Days