Need to do a double just to catch up with Fairy Tail. Positive side, I just marathoned Rio:Rainbow Gate and OniAi.

Noooooo! Don’t kill off Ultear! Ah Miyuki Sawashiro! I guess it’s okay since I see her as Sinon in Sword Art Online II

Episode 21 of Fairy Tail 2nd Series is called ‘Sin and Sacrifice’. Millianna, Erza’s friend with the cat theme and the stripper/dominatrix theme, confronts Jellal for trapping them in the Tower of Heaven or Tower of Paradise depends on what translation you started with. Then again you could call Jellal Gerard if you have one of those weird translators at the beginning. Also he killed that dude that was Kagura’s brother…Simon I think. Anyway before Jellal tries to take responsibility for his actions but Ultear explains how she manipulated Jellal for her purposes. She tells Millianna to get into the battle and they’d settle their score if they were still alive. Then we see a sight of Kagura resheathing Archenemy as she hears this. Maybe she’s letting her grudge go?

After this Ultear has a flashback where she was about to kill Rogue but then Sting arrives to help our Shadow Dragon Slayer. This makes Rogue remember that even he falls to the darkness he’ll be purified by the light.

This makes Ultear see that she was wrong and she truly hasn’t changed from the person she used to be if she wanted to kill an innocent person so easily.

We get some boring filler about the guild’s fighting the mini dragons but you don’t care about that. You care about the good stuff.

So we go to Gray, Juvia, and Merudy where they’re fighting off some mini dragons. They dodge the first few but when another wave comes up Gray pushes Juvia out of the way, saving her life but dying in the process.

Episode 22 of Fairy Tail 2nd Series is called ‘Time of Life’. Many wizards are killed by the dragons such as Bacchus of Cuatro Cerberus, Droy, Macao, and Wakaba of Fairy Tail as well as some members fighting the full sized such as Lucy, Gajeel, Laxus, and Wendy. As Ultear sits in the courtyard, she remembers her time as a member of Grimoire Heart where she learned of the spell, Last Ages. It’s a spell which in exchange for one’s entire life they can turn back time.

Ultear uses this spell but is only able to turn back time one minute. Now I know this is rather dark but in the original manga this part was tragically funny. One because Ultear’s reaction. Now here in the anime, you’ve got the sad music, Miyuki Sawashiro’s low sensual serious voice, and you see all the pain that Ultear’s going through. I mean in the manga you see that’s her skin’s burned up but her you actually see it.

Anyway Ultear dies thinking she was unable to save anyone. However she was able to save so many of the wizards fighting against the dragons including Gray as well as giving all the wizards a fighting chance against the dragons.

After basically running for two episodes(I assume those huge boobs slowed her down) Lucy finally reaches the palace and explains that if the Eclispe Gate is destroyed in their time it will send the dragons and Future Rogue back to their own times saving the world.

And here we go for the scores. Two good episodes in my opinion.

1.For Episode 21, it gets a 7/10 for good art and a big twist at the Grey death. However it loses out for all those fillers with the guild wizards. Have some filler with the actual dragons.
2.For Episode 22, it gets a 8/10 solely for Ultear’s sacrifice as well as some greatly done art.

And with that I’m finally caught up with my reviews. Finally! I’m going to drop a really important post soon. Probably right after this one. Make sure to keep your eyes open for it!