Love Live School Idol Project Speculation #1

(Honoka Kosaka is a girl who loves her school, Otonokizaka Academy. When the school is planned to be closed down due to a lack of applicants, Honoka becomes determined to save it. Learning that school idols are popular, Honoka and her friends start up a school idol group called µ’s (pronounced Muse) in order to attract new students. Once they successfully prevent Otonokizaka Academy from closing, the girls from µ’s aim for higher grounds and participate in “Love Live”, the ultimate school idol competition featuring the best groups in the country.

Hey everyone. It’s Deven coming to you with my first Love Live Speculation. Now being hopeful this post will be up before Love Live’s second season ends. So since I didn’t review it during the Spring season, I feel the need to say something about it in some way. So that’s why I’m having this speculation:

Muse vs. A-RISE

Now before I get started. No bashing. I love Muse a lot and love A-RISE too. However I’ve got to talk about both groups good parts and bad parts and when you talk about something’s bad parts on the internet someone gets flamed.

Now that’s over let’s go!

First thing we’ll talk about is their schools.

The girls from Muse are from Otonokizaka Academy.


Now Otonokizaka Academy is a school in near the Akibara district of Tokyo. It’s mostly an open grounds school with the area taken up mostly up by the actual school building, the gym, and their famous alpaca stables.

UTX High School is a school near Akibara district of Tokyo. Unlike Otonokizaka it has a lot less open grounds. Then again that’s not really a bad thing because their school is a freaking skyscraper with a cafe and open garden on the roof.

Now not saying anything bad about either school but when you compare Otonokizaka to UTX, they look poor.
Now this shows that A-RISE has a lot of money to work with from their school and it shows.


Now that’s money!


It’s well done but yeah…

So that’s a point to A-RISE.

Let’s move on to clothes.

Now like I said it looks like A-RISE has the backing of their school with their lives and even their clothes.

Snapshot_3 Snapshot_6

They all look very well made and very professional and they kinda look like their school uniforms. Very formal and suit-like.

On other hand, Muse does not have the school backing them but that doesn’t mean that their costumes are bad. In fact is it’s the opposite.

Kotori really has a talent for design and it shows! Each song has a unique themed costume and it fits each girl’s personality and unique style.

The clear variety of costumes that Muse has as opposed to A-RISE is good because there’s nothing more boring than wearing the same thing again and again just with different colors like A-RISE.

So looks like Muse gets a point on the board.

Score’s tied.

Let’s go on to Music. Granted Muse has had over the course of both seasons of the anime about 12 songs, six times as many as A-RISE has. But we can still get a good grip on the groups.

Muse’s music is awesome and great J-Pop. It’s very upbeat and happy. It’s the stuff that energizes you. I’ve listened to No Brand Girls and it’s really brought me up.

As for their dance moves, it pays to have a 1/4 Russian ballerina as your Choreographer. All the moves flow together perfectly and keep in pace with the song. I also love the fact that the girls’ moves are so upbeat and quick.


I just really love the ‘Fly High’ jump in Snow Halation. In short Muse makes you be happy and energetic.

A-Rise’s music is still as interesting but it’s more club music. Private Wars is catchy and easy to dance to and the same for Shocking Party.

Let’s go on to Presence. I guess presence can be how they present themselves and how the act as a group.

When it comes down to it for A-RISE it’s very formal in all their appearances and shows. For example we don’t see at all during the first season and the only time we see them in the second season is during their lives and when Muse and A-RISE talk in UTX’s cafe. It’s a very professional form of working. Don’t let the public see you too much, that way your appearances mean more to them.

As for them as a group it’s definitely very formal. They don’t seem to be friends. I’m not saying that they don’t like each other but they don’t seem to show the same warmth and sisterly bond that Muse has.

On other side of the city, there’s Muse. They are definitely very relaxed in how they go. They aren’t afraid to get out there with the crowds and interact with the people. For example, during the Halloween episode when Muse and A-RISE were doing a live together Muse sent Honoka, Rin, and Nico. A-RISE…they sent a TV with a promo. It’s kinda ironic since Tsubasa said they wanted to change up their image but they didn’t do anything but send a TV! 😛

Now I don’t know whether it’s because we see them more but Muse definitely is closer to each other. They hang out before, during, and after practice. They spend their days off as a group and as they disbanded the group after the third years graduated. Something I personally think that A-RISE wouldn’t do.

So that’s to Muse.

Now to go to my final one, Crowd Control. Now unfortunatly this is something that A-Rise has in spades. Tsubasa, the leader and center of A-RISE, is a well trained speaker and knows how to keep A-RISE in the minds of people. Think about it. That screen on the side of the school must play Private Wars and later in the 2nd season Shocking Party every so often. That’s free publicity and reaching an audience of people that would have never noticed them because probably thousands of people walk pass that screen everyday. Tsubasa also has a good command over words when she acts as the spokeswoman for A-RISE.

Now for Muse…yeah if you saw the first episode of the 2nd season as well as the last one you can see that Honoka can’t really speak all that well in front of people. She’s flubbed a good few speeches like her introduction speech as the Student Council President as well as the Meet and Greet for the Final Preliminary. But she’s not an idiot. She did the Open House speech well. However public speaking is not something she can beat Tsubasa in.

So it goes to A-RISE.

So in conclusion the two groups after all that have 3 for A-RISE and 3 for Muse! It’s a tie!

Now to get more real life on you. In my opinion A-RISE represents the people that are trained for years on years to become idols. They do it for the money and the fame and the excitement but also for the fun of it. By no means they’re bad people. However Muse represents the people that love it for the sport, love it for the singing and the dancing. And that’s important too.

So in the real end there is no winner. You need to figure out which one you like the best. Personally I like both. Shocking Party is one of the reasons I’ll be getting the next album as well as Snow Halation and a lot of other Muse songs.

So that’s our end. Until the next Love Live speculation, which I’m hoping to do a colloboration with one of my fellow anime bloggers for,
Later Days.

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