Hey everyone. Once again it’s me Deven. I’m coming at you with something super important.

So something happened with bringing new people onto the blog as writers…no one’s emailing!

And to add to that, I’m getting a crap ton of spam!

Now normally I’d be kindhearted and think that it’s part of having an email address. However I’m going to be smart and say ‘You put your email out on the internet and you’re shocked that you’ve gotten spammed? Idiot!’

A cousin of mine I talked the idea with thinks that I should just stop the thing cold and never ask again. I disagree. I don’t believe in punishing the group for the things that the few did.

So I’ll be changing how you enter. No sending a link to your blog if you’re already a blogger and no making a review if you’re looking to break into the biz.

If you’re interested, leave a comment in the comments section. If you don’t want to do that, you can either open message at my Twitter or follow me and private message me.

And since I’m a firm impatient type of person and long for instant gratification, I will put a time limit on it since what you need to is simple. You have a month from the day this is posted. So you have until October 7th.

However there’s stimpulations this time. There have to be at least three entrants by 21th of September or I scrap the whole thing and start over during the Winter Season.

If you’re insulted by this, sorry. I got some really bad spam out of this and I don’t like being treated this way after all I did was ask for some help to make this blog a bit better.

So it’s up to you, now more than ever, if they’re any new writers on AnimeThief this upcoming Autumn Season.

Until next time,
Later Days

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