Now just a mere few days after my Love Live Speculation and Love Live Season 2 Full Season Review, I feel the need to drill even more Love Live into your heads.

So here’s my Love Live School Idol Festival Review and Guide!


First the Guide.

(Note: As I write this (September 2, 2014) I don’t know if I’ll be able to put any pictures in this other standard promo pics that come with app. Getting anything else would mean restarting my app…no way in hell.)

First part.

When you first get the app, you’ll go through the tutorial with Honoka, Umi, and Kotori on the basics on how to play. Since they teach you how to play I don’t really need to reexplain it. Do I?

Anyway after that, you need to go to your fridge and pick up a sandwich and soda because then the game will take a download. Now later I figured out what the game was downloading. At this first download the game’s downloading all the normal songs and all their versions.

screen568x568 (1)

Depending on your internet speed, it could take about 30 minutes or if you have a bad connection like me it could take up two hours.

After the game’s fully downloaded with all the songs, you’ll go through first parts of the story mode and learn about honor student recrutiting, normal recruiting, center position, and what I call Muse Abilities, and Leader abilities.

Now the game explains it their way but I’ll explain it in basic terms because that’s the way I wish they explained to me.

First off!

Love Gems:

Love Gems are like freaking gold. They are the be all and end all of the game. If you have a good few love gems you can really do anything. You can boost your LP, increase the amount of members you have, go Honor Student Scouting(more later) and even continue a song after you’ve run out of stamina.

However all these things are things you should never do! Why because unless you pay for them Love Gems are a bit hard to come by at the beginning of the game except for the first week where they give you three love gems each day for logining in.

There’s only so many ways to get Love Gems and they are:
-Getting a full bond on an Idolized Card
-Finishing any card’s side story
-Finishing any live 100 times on Hard Mode
-Achieving an Album bonus

Now there are some other ways that just don’t come up during the tutorial. For example, you can get a Love Gem after an update. I guess the Devs get sad because they make us wait and stuff. Also you automatically get five Love Gems on a member of Muse’s birthday. You can go on the Love Live Wiki to find out when each member’s birthday is. As of this writing(September 7, 2014), Kotori Minami’s birthday is next on September 12th.

screen568x568 (2)

Normal Recruiting:

Normal Recruiting to put simply is like the tutorial of a Pokemon game when you’re a long time player. It’s something you have to get through to get to the good stuff.

The Normal Cards are nearly worthless in the later parts of the game. What saves them from being totally useless is the fact that they can be easily idolized and get bond points so to get a love gem after finishing their side story.

Oh I forgot about Idolization and Bond Points.

Idolization is the act of fusing two of the same card together during Special Practice. This makes a more powerful card. It makes Normals somewhat more useable and Muse cards even more powerful.

However what clinches the game is Bond points. Bond points come around as you play Lives. Depending on how big of a combo you get during a Live(A combo is getting Great or Perfect in a series without getting a Good, Bad, or Miss).

Note:According to what I’ve heard, the 15 LP Hard Songs if you get a Perfect Combo{Do not miss one note} can net you a guaranteed 50 bond points.

screen568x568 (3)

Honor Student Recruiting:

Honor Student Recruiting is basically getting members of Muse’s cards for your team. These are the cards that you want the most because face it, the other cards suck. However to do an Honor Student Recruiting you must have at least 5 Love Gems. If you cash in the gems at this point, you can recruit one member of Muse.

However there are multiple types of cards. They are Cool, Pure, and Smile. And those cards come in Normal, Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare. Members of Muse are guaranteed to be Rare and above.

Now you can be impatient at the beginning like me and just cash in the second you get 5 love gems but it’s the worst play you can make. Why? Because of two things. One if you cash in 50 love gems instead of getting 10 Muse cards you get 11, one free. Second, the game runs a few promos a month where if you cash in 50 love gems you have a higher chance of getting Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards. So waiting pays off.

screen568x568 (4)

Muse Abilities:

Muse Abilities is what makes Muse cards so much more useful than the Normal cards. Now I haven’t gotten any cards better than Rare for Muse so my info is only partial.

Pure Muse cards at least at the Rare level boost your stamina(you lose stamina if you miss notes in a song) after getting certain length combo. Really helpful if you’re a beginner.

Smile Muse cards boost your numerical scores. Not really super useful ability.

Cool Muse cards boost your numerical scores. Same thing.

However I’ve heard of cards that can boost stamina by two and three points, turn your goods into greats and greats into perfects.

Leader Abilities:

Leader Abilities are something only a member of Muse can have and they are some of the best parts of their cards.

See your rank in a song is based on how high your specific number in pure, smile, or cool. What I mean is if your cool number is high while you’re playing a cool song then you’ll get a higher number.

And members of Muse have abilities as their leader abilities that can boost your numbers.

So far I’ve only seen Cool, Smile, and Pure Power and Cool, Smile, Pure Heart. Power boosts your stat slightly while Heart boosts it a bit more than that.

However leader abilities are the hardest to level up. Because you must feed a Muse card that has the same ability at the same level to guarantee that the ability will rise.

So now that you know all the stuff that the game didn’t tell you. Here’s the real stuff.

So you start playing the game and you’re trying to hold the phone/tablet(I recommend a tablet. They have bigger buttons to hit than a phone) there’s a few ways to hold it.

You can go handheld video game style using your thumbs. It’s very natural but unless you have fast reflexes or know the song well you’ll get outpaced by level 18 or so.

You can go one hand while the other hand supports your device but unless you quick reflexes and can stretch your fingers far then you’ll fail.

The best way to hold it is not at all. Put your device if you have a tablet on the holder or on a tablet flat and use both hands. If you can get the timing down for the double hits then you’ll be fine.

I think that’s it…

Oh wait! Events!

Every month the games runs two events, one in the beginning of the month around the first week until end of the second. And the other at the end of the third week to the beginning of the next month.

As long as I’ve been playing I’ve seen three events, the Weary Princess(Eli Event), My First Tune(Hanayo Event), and Can You Shine?(Nozomi Event)

BuMJjvyCcAA8NOa BvarRBxIEAE4xwn 640px-Can_I_Really_Shine_Event

In events, you can get a guaranteed Ultra Rare card if you hit the event point mininum.

SR_129_Eri_Event SR_136_Hanayo_Event SR_150_Nozomi_Event

However when you’re first starting out it’s impossible to get so you’re better off using the event for its second use, leveling up.

During an event you get some type of event marker. During the Weary Princess event, they were diamonds. During the My First Tune, they were leaves, and during the Can You Shine event, they were seal spirit tags. While you’re playing the normal songs, the various event markers will appear and you’ll get them.

Once you have either 15(easy), 30(Normal), or 45(hard), you can play the event song for a higher amount of event points. There’s no real point to getting your hopes up for getting the Event card at the early stages of the game because scores and levels are calulated by how high the level of your cards are, their rarity, and if they’re idolized or not.

So at the beginning of the game, unless you’re a lucky genius with blinding reflexes you won’t have a lot of Muse cards until around level 20 if you follow this advice.

However that’s not important at this point. The point is leveling up because with your event markers you can push out that extra song to get you over the top. For example, you can do 3 songs with your LP amount but you need 5 to level up. However you have 30 event markers so you can push out those extra 2 songs.

Add to the fact there are a lot of extra things on the way to getting the Event Card like extra friend points, love gems, and exclusive normal cards.

So in short Events are your best friend no matter what level you’re at.

And this is the best part! The Love Live Doujin about Love Live School Idol Festival!

So turns out there’s a doujin about the Love Live game and all the members of Muse are playing. Eli and Nico are addicted. Kotori has nothing but Honoka cards and Umi takes it too seriously.

Maki’s a badass at the game but then again what do you expect she wrote the songs all of them!

I’ll leave a link below for you to download it yourselves.

01 - JqXn13N

Now for the review part, let’s just say that before my internet blew out, I was like Eli playing the game! I’d play until I dropped then my LP returned then I’d play until I dropped again.

It’s highly addicted and you can even hear Muse songs that you’ve never heard before. One bad part is while you’re grinding you’ll hear a lot of the same songs over and over again. So you can either turn off the sound to keep the love of the song or keep it on and learn to hate it. I can’t listen to Bokura no Life, Kimi no Live anymore.

Despite that little part and the difficulties of getting a good team together, it’s still an awesome game.

I give Love Live School Idol Festival an 11 out of 10. Yeah that’s right I did it! I gave it an 11 on a ten point scale!

So that’s all for this little guide/review I hope you like it and it helps you out a bit.

Until next time,

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