The title isn’t really the most important part of this episode but still in this arc here it is nearly impossible for Mari to be here! She’s in every arc!

So we open up with Naoto and Aoi doing some running training but Naoto collaspes on the ground. So uncool.

Aoi walks over to help him up.


Tsun moments are good but nothing he’s better than Dere Moments!

So of course Naoto trips and falls into her beautiful boobs! She kicks him off her and then we switch scenes to where Aoi’s bandaging Naoto’s twisted ankle.

Naoto comments that all he wanted to learn was some self defense moves but Aoi says that they wouldn’t work for him. What he needs is an indomitable spirit.


So she finishes tying up his ankle and we go over to them in the the K4 room.

Side Note: Why is their room look like a freaking storage closet?

So Aoi’s cleaning her gun, Iwaizumi’s cleaning something that looks like a cross between a nightstick and a taser, and Naoto’s on his phone.

So Naoto wonders how she can put her gun back together to which Aoi taps him in his bad ankle. Ouch.

Then she says that wrap is only a temporary fix and he should go to the doctor after work.


Ah she’s got the tea. Then Naoto says that she can do more than just break stuff. Then for some reason Aoi says that she knows how to do massages. Yay!!! Me first! Forget the harem lead for me!

Anyway Koumi comes over and gives Naoto his tea and then looks at the article he’s reading on his phone.


So Aoi says she’s not a fan of princes and basically describes every fairy tale ever created. Girl goes to ball, meet prince, and happily ever after.

She snarks that a girl doesn’t need to have a prince to get her a happy ever after.

Note: when I was writing this I was going to put happy ending but then I realized after she said she gives massages and saying she wants a happy ending would be just wrong…


That he is but instead of saying anything to counter Aoi says just nothing…she likes him!

Anyway after the opening we have the team at the Ueno Station getting ready to get on the Express Night Train to Sapporo.

Ah I love Sapporo especially during the winter during the Sapporo Festival. In a lot of my stories that go to Japan, they always go to Sapporo in the winter and go up Mt. Teine. In Thief King Chronicles, there’s Yuki Onna up there!

Anyway getting past my fanboyingness for Sapporo, turns out that the prince that was talked about in that article that Naoto was reading is going to be their mission for this episode. They just got to take him to Sapporo.
His name is Bernina and he’s the fifth in line to be King of some country I think is named Aleta or something.

Snapshot_7 Snapshot_8

Well crap. It’s another train lover. Doesn’t this anime have enough of them with Naoto?!

Anyway after Bernina hugs the train(I know. Just I know) he jumps into Koumi’s chest and gives her a hug and asks her some questions.

Lucky royal bastard…


So after a quick explantion of how the engine works, Bernina just goes on and on about how much he loves trains.


That…was kind of cute…wait a second! I’m not one of those types of guys! Not there’s anything wrong with that!
So after finding out that Naoto’s a train fan too, Naoto calls up Nana and explains the situation both to her and the audience.

You know what puzzles me. Why can they get a high level assignment like protecting royalty but they’re still stuck in what looks like a big broom closet as their main room. I think that they should get at least a normal office.

Anyway after that Nana hangs up and Naoto goes to Koumi and Bernina’s room. Bernina says that Haruka has been going on and on about him.


He called her by her first name! That’s a no-no in Japan unless you’re really close friends.

So after agreeing for Naoto to call the Prince by his first name and vice-versa. Naoto asks how does Bernina learned Japanese so well. He explains that Koumi taught him a few years ago.

Koumi gets all embarassed and we switch scenes to outside the Prince’s room. Naoto says that it’s really good for her to have a prince that’s her friend. She makes it clear that she and Bernina just were classmates while she studied in England. That’s all.

I can read between the lines here…too bad Naoto can’t. She wants to make it clear that they never dated.

Snapshot_13 Snapshot_14

Side Note: How rich is Haruka Koumi? She just casually says she studied abroad in England. Oh that’s how she knows English so well. Anyway and she became friends with a prince like it’s all casual and nothing. And when you see her grandpa in the flashback he’s all dressed up. Is she some type of super rich girl or something? Just something to think about.

So we switch scenes to Aoi walking. Normal right? Wrong!


I know what this! Rail Wars is getting back to its roots!

Anyway Naoto calls Aoi to ask where is she is? She says she chasing after some suspecious guy . Aw come on Aoi. Priorities! Get on the train!

So anyway Aoi doesn’t make it and the train leaves without her, leaving the team with only one hard hitter with Iwaizumi.

Let’s hope that it’s a easy ride so we don’t need Aoi that much.

Snapshot_16 Snapshot_17

So Naoto goes back to the room and explains that Aoi will be taking a different train. Then he goes over the plan and who’s going to take what rooms.

So after briefing Iwaizumi on his assignment Naoto goes over to Koumi and Bernina’s room.


They’ve clearly remembered their roots. Now for the real reason she had her skirt off.


Turns out she’s been taking lessons in self defense from Aoi and she’s ready to fight too! Alright Koumi! Maybe you won’t get left in the dust by Aoi after all!

However Naoto says she’ll just be the bait and for her to act like the real thing. Then he gives her a compliment saying she’s the most refined person he knows.



So all that needs to go is dealing with Bernina and Naoto goes over the plan with himself. Once he opens the door, he realizes that Bernina’s gone!

Not really…



So Naoto apologizes to the conductor and while Naoto’s apologizing Bernina runs off again and meets you guess it, Mari Sassho!


She’s everywhere! Every arc! Every place!

So while Mari’s busy talking to Naoto Bernina escapes but not before ruffling up her skirt so basically Naoto might have seen her panties. I don’t know. This isn’t the Crunchyroll version I don’t get all the good stuff…

So after chasing him around for a bit Naoto finally gets him back to the room.

So after a quick scene that Bernina wishes that he had a bit of Naoto’s life. Bernina asks to take a shower and makes him promise not to peek.


So cute. Noooo! I’m so confused! He’s so cute! But the confusion!

So after getting himself a coffee, Naoto tries to call Aoi but nothing then he checks the news. Turns out there was an accident involving the entire royal family of Aleta. The situation’s touch and go but if they don’t pull through Bernina will have to be the king.

So Naoto gets up to tell Bernina but before he can knock on the door we see this.


Thank you Arceus! I legit was confused for a moment. He’s a girl! Thank you now I can lust after her without being confused.

So after questioning did he enter the wrong room, Naoto has a little fantasy about Koumi.


Keep control…keep control…!
Okay I’m under control now.


Still drooling but under control.

Bernina calls out to Naoto and Naoto breaks down the door to realize that Bernina’s a girl.

Gee bro. I saw that when I saw the woman’s underwear over the prince’s clothes. And Koumi’s got huge boobs so her bra and panties would be a lot bigger than a girl that’s flat enough to pretend to be a boy.

Now this is something I enjoy in manga and anime. The length they go to cover the naughty bits. Look at Fairy Tail Chapter 355 to see a master at work. Then again that’s one of the most blatantly sexualized chapters in Fairy Tail. I’ll be doing a post about that soon.

Anyway after getting the Princess(can’t call her a Prince anymore) out of the shower Naoto apparently has to wipe her down so she doesn’t get a cold. Yeah because showering with warm/hot water and then leaving the shower always gets me sick…

I’m not going to post pics of that. I may like my harem and my occasionally ecchi but even I like it to have some subtext. There’s no subtext here. Naoto is rubbing down a naked girl. Nothing else.

Anyway after that Bernina explains that she passed out after she saw the news about her family on her phone. Also she’s got an iPhone! Lucky! I still have a flip phone.

So Bernina tells Naoto that only a few people know that’s she really a girl and not even Koumi knows. Question. How can she not know!? Maybe it’s just me but I tend to know my friend’s genders. Kinda part of the whole frienship package. Maybe Koumi got that half off special. You know rich royal friend but no idea that’s he’s really a girl.

Anyway Bernina makes him promise to keep it a secret and he does.

The later that night they go into the dining car where Mari serves them an late night cup of tea/coffee(They look the same in a tea cup)

Anyway when Mari gives Naoto his coffee this is what he sees.


Mari Sassho. Why hasn’t he started dating her yet?! She knows better him than all these other girls. That’s good wife material right there! And she’s creative enough to make that in a tea cup!

Of course things aren’t always easy so someone comes into the dining car with a taser. Three guess who’s they’re after.

And another guy shows up and it’s time for an escape with the Princess.

So they run away while Iwaizumi fights against the two guys and oh Mari hides.

However one of the guy manages to get pass Iwaizumi and starts using his taser to shock Naoto out of the way but he doesn’t fall!

Apparently Aoi did beat it into him.

Speaking of Aoi…


Knee meet face!

Now it’s time for the real fight! But unfortunately it has to wait until the next episode.

I’m giving Rail Wars Episode 10 a 10/10 for a good plot and good cliffhanger!

I can’t wait to see what’s up next but I have to wait until next week, so until then,
Later Days!

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