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Another question even more important than “Do Fairies Have Tails?” What Happens When A Fairy Dies?

So we open with Lucy explaining how they’ll be able to save the world. Turns out if the Eclispe Gate is destroyed in their time, Future Rogue won’t have a way to go back in time. So it basically activates a paradox that sets everything straight.

But we’re all missing the big question? How are they going to destroy the gate?


How stupid am I? This is freaking Fairy Tail! They excel at property damage!

Then you can cue Natsu fighting Future Rogue on top of Motherglare. After getting one more bite out of Atlas Flame’s Hellfire, Natsu gets a Fire Dragon’s Sword Horn and rams Future Rogue and Motherglare through the Eclipse Gate, saving the world.

As the dragons and Future Rogue disappear, Zirconis tries to attack one more time but Hisui apologizes to him for pulling him out of his natural time and calls him the Jade Dragon. He apparently likes the name since it’s the name that he uses when he speaks with Wendy after his spirit was brought back with Milky Way. So that distracts him long enough for him to disapear.

Atlas Flame promises to never forget Natsu as he disappears. Future Rogue explains why he went bad. All the stress of Acnologia rulling the world and finally Frosh dying, just pushed him over the edge.

‘Hi I’m Future Rogue. One of the most powerful Dragon Slayers in the Fairy Tail manga/anime. I went back in time, manipulated a princess, possessed my younger self, killed a girl, and released seven dragons to take over the world. Why? All because my kitty died?’

Hahahahahaha it hurts! It’s never hurted this much to laugh. Hahahahaha

Anyway as the episode ends all the normal guildmembers are patting each other on the back while the Dragon Slayers are seriously depressed.

Because even though they all fought their hardest, not one Dragon Slayer was able to kill a dragon. And with Acnologia being a very real threat(check the most recent chapter to see just how much), the Dragon Slayers need some serious training if they want to get rid of him.

As the episode ends, Future Lucy’s body fades away and her soul ascends to the Golden Grasslands where all the members of Fairy Tail are there to greet her as they head out on their next journey.

So I ask you. What happens when fairies die? They meet all their fallen friends and the story goes on.


I’m giving Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 23 a 9/10 for beautiful art work, good fight scenes and that ending! NaLu for the win! That gives me an idea for a Fairy Tail Speculation! Time to talk Shipping!

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