Today’s September 12th. That means today is a good day! Why? Because it’s the birthday of second member of Muse, Kotori Minami!

Kotori is one of my fav members of Muse because she’s just so cute and her voice(voiced by Aya Uchida) is high and funny. Her indecisiveness and her happiness is something that really works for Muse. You also love her because she makes all of Muse’s costumes for all the lives.

Kotori’s personality doesn’t really change much unlike Honoka who has to be more responsible because of her duties as the Student Council President. Question. What is Kotori’s role in the Student Council? Honoka’s the president and Umi’s the vice-president. So what is she?

Anyway, I’ll follow Nick Corps‘s example and put a video that works with Kotori here. He did Wonder Zone so I’ll do Wonderful Rush! Check it out and enjoy!

Now let’s check out those pics!

And that’s it. Happy Birthday Kotori-chan! Make sure to check out my full season review of Love Live School Idol Project as well as my Muse Confession Rejection Post, my Snow Halation Comparison, Love Live School Idol Project Speculation, and Love Live School Idol Project Season 2 Full Season Review.

Also since today’s Kotori’s birthday, if you have it, please log in to Love Live School Idol Festival and claim your 5 Love Gems.

Also another shout-out to my man, Nick Corps who got me into Love Live!

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