Episode 11, wow the summer season went fast. Now we’re down to penultimate episode of Rail Wars! Let’s see how things turn out

I’ve seen this episode and Rail Wars reminds me of a cousin I have. It’s has its occasional stupid moments but they hit a competency streak and ride that until the end

So we start the episode off with Naoto pushing Bernina into a bathroom and Aoi tells them to hurry it up. However the guy that Aoi pwned last week comes up and pushes her out of the way.

Naoto tries to block him but he gets owned. He tries to use the taser but Aoi takes it like a champ!


Then she kicks him so hard he freaking flies into the hallway.


I think horses should take lessons in how to kick from this girl.


Crap. Looks like he’s coming in again!


Too heroic. Just in time Iwaizumi. Maybe you don’t just think about food.

So after the opening Aoi explains how she managed to catch up to them. She took a Tohoku bullet train make it. Clever. Did she think of that herself? Not knocking her intellect. Just that Aoi isn’t the train type of girl.

Turns out Nana took her so she could catch up. Lucky she did. They needed her.

Anyway Iwaizumi ties up and locks down our captives, Naoto gets a call from Haruka. That’s good. Why are you sitting around chilling when you missed all the action Koumi?


Oh she got captured…awkward…but isn’t she the first to get captured? It seems like she’d be one that we’d just assumed to be caught when ever things go down.

So what does Aoi think on the subject?


Now that’s my Aoi! She’s like an American! We don’t negotiate with terrorists!

Note:Got the wrong picture so just imagine a pic of him saying their find another use for her


Hmm…very curvy big boobed girl with innocence and naivety written on her forehead. He’ll…pop her cherry, deflower her, ummm….make her a woman….I’m running out of jokes. You try it. It ain’t all that easy.

Side Note: Look at this box. How the hell does she fit in it?


Either that’s a massive suitcase if it is I wanna know where he shops because I never seem to have enough room whenever I go on a trip or Koumi’s a lot smaller than she looks.

Note:The average Japanese woman is between 5’1″ and 5’4″ in height which translates to 154.29 centimeters for you Metric system folks

So they check Koumi’s room and inform Nana of what’s happening. She says that’s she’s personally coming to assist them and backup’s on its way but it will take time for them to arrive.

Something I need to show though.


Nothing like a woman in a suit. Sexy professional!

Before she hangs up Nana says that she trusts that he’ll make the right decision

So mysterious terrorist guy’s got them by the balls and what are you going to do Naoto? He blames himself. While as the leader a lot of things are your fault. This isn’t one of them. Koumi, as a member of the Public Safety Force, knew the risks of being on any assignment and took them.


So things get heated between Aoi and Naoto so what does Mari do? She asks Aoi to come and help her take a shower.

Normally I’m the first guy on the fanservice bus but that came out of left field.


That’s nice and all but what does have to do with the plot. Trying a less obvious reaction to the fanservice. How you like?

Okay got that out of my system. Now back to your regularly scheduled review.

Aoi thanks Mari for taking her away when she needed it. She needed a bit of time to cool off. She also says since the terrorists have seen her with them she needs to be on her guard so Aoi advises her to stay beside her ‘prince’ ie Naoto.

So the next scene the train stops to attach an electric train so they can get through the non-electric parts of the Sapporo route without having electric tracks. I assume this is going to come up later.

The scene after that, Aoi and Naoto are watching the prince in their makeshift base of sorts. The subject of Naoto being Sassho’s prince comes up and it gives Naoto an idea.


So Naoto apparently has a genius idea to switch places with the prince while Bernina is escorted off the train and to her destination by Nana


So after we get a flashback from Naoto with Bernina guessing that this might be an attempt to kill her so the sixth person or below in line could be come the king.

Makes sense. If they were selling 3DS for half price, I’d drop kick and leave my brother for it. Shoot. Every man for himself in type of stuff.


Naoto x Bernina! Although I’m still Naoto x Mari though.

So after that everyone gets fired up with Iwaizumi out for blood and Aoi asking to shoot to kill! Yay this going to be a good fight!

So after that we get some stuff from the kidnapper on the drop is going to be done.

Once the train gets to the Datemombetsu Station, the team brings Naoto(our fake prince) to the lead car but of course they realize it’s not the prince.

Let’s see, Duh! He’s taller, he has blue freaking hair, and they don’t even look alike. So what possessed you to think that it was the prince you idiots? If I was your employer, I’d ask for freaking refund.
So Aoi shoots the gun out of guy’s hand Note:Nigh Impossible. Even a sniper on his best day couldn’t do that. and after the dude retreats to get Koumi out, Iwaizumi goes in on him!

So like most times where there’s something stressful, Koumi collaspes into Naoto’s arms. So predictable Koumi-san.

Now the real battle begins since the train’s speeding up really fast. They need to stop it but the dude that wanted a piece of Koumi is holded up there with an automatic.

However Koumi’s brains aren’t going to fail us now! She asks Aoi to shoot out the flares in the lead car for a distraction and it works.


And that creates a smokescreen that Aoi uses to her signature Aoi Kick!

So once they get to the lead car they realize that the controls for the brakes are all busted. Crap! This train’s a runaway!

So at the end of everything what are they going to do?


It works but it’s insane. They’ll have to jump the gap between the cars while they’re at top speed.


It works but at the end this happens.

So now Aoi and Naoto are trapped on a runaway train and faced with that what does Aoi do? She takes off her stockings! Yay Aoi’s long sensual legs!


Yeah I was going to have two pics here but I didn’t want to go too far.

So at the face of being alone and on a train they start talking while Naoto wraps up Aoi’s injured leg.


So it’s true. People don’t have a good opinion of their own looks. Because her legs are her best part!

Another shift in the train has Aoi fall into Naoto’s arms and we get really close to the kiss but we lose it thanks to Gonou.



I guess I can forgive her since she saved them from a train crash but I wish they showed us that.


Total Naoto x Aoi moment!

And they end the episode staring out that this beautiful scene.


I say it’s a pretty good episode in my opinion. It had action, a bit of shipping, and a bit of drama. I’ll give Rail Wars Episode 11 a 8/10.

Now normally I’d have a few more reviews today but I’ve got nothing. I didn’t go to my local library on Saturday to download Fairy Tail also I’m mad that I didn’t get Sword Art Online II either.Reason being that I went to a garage sale, bought an Xbox 360, and got my money stolen. It doesn’t work! Lucky the lady gave me a money back guarantee so I’ll get my money back next week.

I’m here now so that review will probably be out Monday.

I’ll also have the Fuuka Review and the newest Fairy Tail Zero review out soon too.

So next week is the finale of Rail Wars. Have you liked it just as much as I have. Next week, even though I’ve been using them all this time, I’ll use PNG images for the occasion.

Looks like the final episode will be very Nana heavy, in both senses of the word!

So until some Nana action next week,
Later Days!