Nooo! I’ll take Suzuko Mimori-sama’s punishment….Sorry I’m not allowed to think about her…

Note: I’m referring to my Muse Rejection post and the fact that in the Umi picture she tells you to never think about her again

2nd Note: I’m beginning to think that these Super Mini Reviews are really good for Fairy Tail 2nd Series. Mostly because Fairy Tail reviews can be a fair bit long so doing it like this lets me do more.

Episode 24 of Fairy Tail is called ‘The Grand Ball’.

So let me start this off by saying that you can technically skip this episode. Nothing really happens so you can go right to episode 25 without really losing anything.

So we open with Yukino wondering if clothes like this work for her.

Actually we open with a recap of what happened last episode but I respect you too much to tell you something I already told.

Mirajane, Lucy, and Wendy say she looks beautiful. Turns out that for saving the kingdom of Fiore all the guilds that helped fight the dragons and the mini-dragons were invited to a giant party at the palace.

The food’s delicious looking, everyone’s looking good, and everything’s happy and carefree!

So the first thing that happens after seeing all the guilds are here is Levy writing in her journal on how they defied their fates and saved the day! Good righ? Wrong! Things only get better through shipping!

So Gajeel comes in and asks what’s she up to and she says nothing. She starts about how she was scared for him during his fight with the dragons and how she’s glad he made it back. Awww…that’s why GaLe is my second favorite Fairy Tail pair.

So Hisui goes up to Lucy while she’s eating and we go into a little thing about how Hisui was a good friend of Lucy’s father. She apologizes for treating her friend’s daughter so badly before we switch over to Gray and Juvia.

So Juvia says she’s entering a new age and Grey rejects her once again. Aw come on Gray we know that Juvia’s the only girl that you can be with. She’s the only girl you spend a lot of time with other than Erza, Lucy and Wendy. And the rest other than Wendy are all shipped off to other guys.

Another little thing is Cheria and Wendy eating some jello but Mavis can’t eat any because it would get weird if food was disappearing.

So after everyone just confirming Natsu isn’t around, Erza talks to Kagura about how she would like to be friend despite everything that’s happen. Kagura says no way and wants to be like a little sister to Erza…

Now I am the only one shocked or is it with everyone? Kagura owned Yukino, would have beaten both members of Lamia Scale by herself and fought in a three way deathlock with two of the most powerful female wizards in the series and now she wants to be the cute little sister? I’m filing that one under the repression files. And I’m good repressor. I don’t even know what we’re talking about it’s in there so deep.

Anyway seeing that Millianna’s down, guess what Erza does? She pulls Happy, Carla, and Pantherlily out of her boobs! I just passed weird and went straight into crazy.

So after that, Milliana’s feeling spiffy. My questions how the hell did they fit? Are Erza’s boobs that big to fit three cats?!

Moving on…far along!

Gajeel ends up running into the guys from Sabertooth and after Rogue promises that he’ll never turn into Future Rogue, Yukino rolls around. She tries to run away but Sting speaks up, apologizes, and asks her to return to Sabertooth.

However everyone just jumps in trying to get Yukino to join them and it ends up turning into a fight. Ah now that’s some good fun Fairy Tail standard stuff…

During the fight Yukino smiles and says that it’s good to be wanted.

Then Arcardios stops everything and brings out the King…which turns out to be Natsu who stole all the king’s stuff!

We get some little dances that do a bit for the shipping crowds like Elfman x Evergreen, Happy x Carla, and even Wendy x Grey although Juvia’s staring at them like a creepy little girl…

After the break we get some stuff from Hisui, meaning her punishment for starting the events that led up to the gate being opened. She’s ready to take her punishment. However all the guilds, Arcadios, Darton, and all the masters speak on her behalf for some mercy.

What is Hisui’s punishment?

To wear the pumpkin mask…hat…whatever it is for one week! True evil! You might as well kill her!

So the episode ends with everyone saying kabo and wearing pumpkin hats too.

I’m going to give Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 24 a 6/10. It’s funny but not really all that action filled but then again it’s not really supposed to be. It’s supposed to funny and relaxing.

Now this episode was one chapter of the manga just stretched out. Next week we’ll getting two chapters covered and we’ll see the return of some super important and what really happened to Ultear after she used Last Ages.

Until next week where those answers are,
Later Days!

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