So here we are at the end. How will things turn out for Rail Wars’ final adventure?

So we open up with Naoto sleeping on the train they’re on and the cutesy Nana decides to wake him up. Once he wakes up we get this.


Yeah that’s you should start the day. No Raisin Bran. No Wheaties. No Frosted Flakes. Just a face full of huge boobs. It’s the most important thing of the day!

After that Nana and Naoto transfer off the train to another one that will take them to Tokyo.

Nana and Naoto then explain to us why they’re together and why the others are gone. Turns out as the leader of this little group Nana had some serious paperwork and straightening out she had to do after the whole Prince indicent and being the vice-captain that he is Naoto helps out. As for everyone else is back in Tokyo waiting for something do.

So now it’s time to take the long train ride home and just relax.


Aw it looks like a bulldog. Reminds me of my cousin’s dog. That dog bit me at a tender age.

So after a quick explanation of the train and why it looks the way it looks(thank goodness I skip all this train stuff from Naoto), it’s time to get on and head back to Tokyo.


Ah nothing like sitting on a train, relaxing. Now if it was me and this train had wifi, I’d be playing Love Live School Idol Festival or playing my imaginary Nintendo 3DS which I can’t get because my Mom wants me to get other stuff for the house.

Not the time for a rant and who knows I’m getting a large check for my final one and I might have enough to get what she wants and what I want.

Anyway, it’s a nice ride and Nana and Naoto will arrive back in Tokyo by 19:30 or 7:30 standard time.

So what can they do until then?

Of course Naoto’s going to get into trouble.

Looks like he hears something. Show us the way, train boy!

So Nana tells him to just leave it to the train’s staff and that they’re just customers. Good reasoning right? It’s not enough for Naoto.

After a quick flash to Tokyo with Aoi and Koumi eagerly waiting the return of Naoto we head back to Nana and Naoto.

Relax bro. Just sit back and chill…

So despite that the conductor(which looks like Passione was lazy and reused Princess Bernina’s character design for her) takes Naoto and Nana up to the driver.

So once he gets up to the driver, he doesn’t even listen to him. Or rather he listens, he just doesn’t think anything’s wrong.

The cute little conductor explains that this is his final job for the National Railways and wants it to end on a good note. Oh if only you knew what kind of stuff was about to go down.

Naoto goes back to his seat and Nana asks if he solved the problem. He says no but then just rushes off again. And he calls…

Mari Sassho!

Wow I legit thought he was just going to go somewhere on the train and find her. She has been in nearly every episode and been in all the arcs.



So he calls her and asks her to listen to the sound of the engine over the phone…hmmm bad idea.

Mostly because it looks like he’s got an iPhone all that money and they don’t do half the stuff an Android can do. Personally I have an Android phone and tablet but my music player(R.I.P.) was an iPod. Android just doesn’t make any good handheld MP3 players so I go to Apple for them.

Sorry for that. Those darn tangents.

So Mari says because of the sound quality she can’t really get a good listen on it. Naoto apologizes and hangs up on her. Then immediately calls Koumi to look up what might be happening in the manuel.

Aoi gets mad and wonders if Naoto thinks about her as similar to Iwaizumi(only good for hitting things around) because he called Koumi first. What do you expect girl? Can you read as fast as she can and memorize it? I didn’t think so!

So we flash back to the train and Koumi has the answer! Turns out that the heat-absorbing fan belt is worn out. How can they tell?


Ooh that has to hurt. I’ve got a few burns and they’re some nasty little things.

Okay now you know the problem but how are you going to fix it? Oh I know. A ex-girlfriend of mine(she was really handy and insanely cute…) her car’s fan belt broke down while we were driving so she took a pair of pantyhose and switched them out until we could get it to an auto shop.

And that’s exactly what they do here. Unfortunately for me, my girl wasn’t wearing the pantyhose so I didn’t get this sight.

So after that we’ve got one problem fixed. While they’re stopping to change the belt, Naoto spots a rail bus.


Aw it’s a cute little thing. Nana explains that how she used those little rail buses you used to work. And we see a picture of Nana working in one of those things. Looks like she followed the path of Mari Sassho and wore a cute maid outfit!



So after that they’re back on the train and Nana explains how the train is able to take curves so well.

Then Nana takes off her jacket…yay!

Then Nana notes that all the passengers are sweating so Naoto checks the air conditioning. And it’s broken! Aw come on. Another problem!

So Naoto consults the legendary all knowing Koumi-san for advice in this matter. After that they head up to see the driver and they see the breaker for the air conditioning was tripped.

Looks like it broke because it keeps flicking down.

So what does Nana do?


Necesity is the mother of all creative ideas but if you have to come up with clever ideas to fix a broken down train then it’s the train’s fault not yours. Scrap this thing as soon as we get back to Tokyo!


That it does, Nana. That it does.


Now this is funny. Check the next picture.

As they talk on the train and mention the Goddess of Trouble Aoi sneezes and you know what that means in Japanese culture. Someone’s talking about you somewhere. Ahahah, Aoi-chan’s the Goddess of Trouble!


So after fixing another problem the team of Nana and Naoto find another one! Why did the Japanese put this train out there? Do they even check for problems?

Turns out Nana heard something short out as they walked pass and the air conditioning hasn’t turned back on.
That’s all nice and all but look at this.


Wow she’s sweating through her shirt. Oddly other than Mari running out of the shower in a towel, this is the only fanservice we’ve gotten. Rail Wars is slipping in its final episode.

With another call to Koumi, they get some answers to how to fix it.

After everything’s fix up, Naoto and Nana head back to their seats and Naoto apologizes for dragging her into this. Nana says that she wanted to ignore it at first but he just couldn’t let her. It was kinda dangerous and so she moved to help him. Just like how she’d do with Gonou. Then cue Gonou sneezing back at Tokyo. Hahaha well at least she said something nice.

So after long journey, the conductor thanks Naoto for all his help.


Give some longer hair to Bernina and they’d be twins. Just lazy Passione. Just lazy.

So another problem pops up and of course Naoto rushes off to help. Strangely it’s endearing after Nana says this.


After a tough journey of having to fix every problem on board they finally return to Tokyo and the K4 room. After that long day Nana and Gonou give everyone tomorrow off.

Well after everything you’ve done today, going above and beyond the call of your duty, you deserve it.

Now that everything’s over, Naoto walks home alone. Strange since ever since joined he’s always had someone by his side. He’s alone but not for long!


Minori Chihara-sama! I mean Noa Kashima! What’s she doing here?

Side note: Minori Chihara appears in the last five or so minutes of the episode but still gets paid the full amount for voicing Noa which is around 3000 yen at least. It could be more because she is a top class Seiyuu. At least 3000 yen for about five minutes of work, now that’s beautiful

Turns out everyone’s having a party in Naoto’s room including his harem! Everyone’s calling him a womanizer and the girls want to finally straighten out this whole harem mess.

But not until after a toast.

And with that Rail Wars is over.


Rail Wars in my opinion the first five episode were half decent and okay. They did what they needed to do but they weren’t the best. Episode six sucked, blatantly and firmly. However episode seven and onwards were the great ones. They had some good action and some great parts to them.

So I give Rail Wars as a whole a 7/10. It had a good ‘daily peace’ ending and a relaxing carefree end to the series. Hopefully it will get a second season and a OVA.

With that, all my stuff for the Summer 2014 Season is completely. Stay tuned in for my stuff for the Autumn 2014 Season.

Just to remind you I have:
1. Fairy Tail the 2nd Series
2. Fate Stay/Night: Unlimited Blade Works
3. ShiroBako
4. Trinity Seven(Side List)

Now remember Trinity Seven’s on my Side List here so you’ll only see it if I drop ShiroBako. However I’m also posting it with Skycorps so if I don’t drop anything you can definitely see them there.

So the hype is real and the countdown to the Autumn 2014 Season is close. So until the first anime of Autumn comes around,
Later Days