Oh Ultear. Oh Gray. They suffer so much in this anime.

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Episode 25 of Fairy Tail 2nd Series is called ‘Drop of Time’.

This episode is all about things returning to normal after the attack of the dragons. Except one thing.


Who is this?

So as we go through the episode first we see that the pace is really slow but it’s not bad slow. It’s good slow. It’s relaxing.

The members of Fairy Tail start heading back to Magnolia while Jellal and Merudy start leaving Crocus.

Now on the Jellal and Merudy side, they search the wrekage of Crocus for Ultear until Doranbolt comes along to fill them in on the situation.

So turns out that Doranbolt modified the memories of all the members of the Magic Council including Lahar so they wouldn’t go after the Royal Family. After all the Royal Family used magic from the Book of Zeref so that would make a major problem in the entire country of Fiore. So it’s best that it stays in the shadows

So after that and this is my favorite part. Cobra returns to prison without a fight but not before saying a few choice things. One, he heard the voice of Cubellios(Kinana). Aw now if you watched the Key of the Starry Night filler arc(which is actually canon) then you know there’s a fair bit of Cobra x Kinana shipping…

Anyway the big thing is that…well let Cobra tell you.


Now I didn’t know this when I downloaded but it’s a suckish translation. Gates of the Underworld should be translated as Gates of Tartarus As in Tartarus, the third part of the Balam Alliance, the only one that hasn’t been taken out yet.

They’re about to make their move!

Now since I’m on AnimeWithSky with this post I can’t really go off on a long tangent but I’ll do a quick one.

So if Cobra heard this while he was fighting that means that a member or members of Tartarus was there during the Grand Magic Games. The only reason that I can think of is that they wanted something…or someone. The only question is did they get it?

For those answers we’ll have to wait until the Tartarus arc begins.

So back to Fairy Tail, they’re in a carriage heading back to Magnolia, relaxing. Erza’s drawing a custom armor(very badly), Natsu’s about to barf, and Lucy and Happy are laughing. However Gray’s just looking out the window. He can’t get that vision of dying out of his head.

He tells Wendy what happened with Ul and the feeling he felt after the fight with the dragons.


So after that we go back to Jellal and Merudy leaving Crocus and passing an old woman on the road who gives them a letter from Ultear.


Now if you’re not well versed in Seiyuu, the old lady is Ultear. Turns out Last Ages aged her down to her last few days alive.

You can even tell at the beginning of the episode when she talks. Miyuki Sawashiro doesn’t really lower her voice at all. She just elongates her words to make her sound a bit older.

As Merudy finishes reading the letter, she cries and Old Ultear disappears as Jellal looks back. Old Ultear walks for a bit until she passes the carriage with Natsu, Gray, Erza, Wendy, and Lucy in it. As Gray looks out of the window he sees Ultear and recognizes her.

As he asks for the carriage to stop, Ultear nods no. She’s had her time. Her part in this battle and in this life is over.

The episode ends with Ultear looking up at the sky, being bathed in the sunlight, saying finally she’s forgiven herself for the things she’s done.

Now this is just the feels episode of Fairy Tail and I’m giving it a 9/10 just for that.

Now the episode is epically awesome but bad because according to Hiro Mashima’s twitter, the entire month of October for the Fairy Tail anime will be filler so to give the manga a chance to get some more distance.

Aww man. I really want to see the Sun Village arc and the Tartorus arcs get animated.

I guess I have to wait.

And you will need to do until next week with Fairy Tail Episode 26, Present.

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