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October 2014

Let’s Look:Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 30: Gastrodons and Spirits Become Evil!

The filler arc has some good starts! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

So we start off this episode with the narrator(hey the good old narrator’s back.) saying that the weather’s been all out of whack lately.

Bad for the world. Good for Fairy Tail Wizards.

They’ve never had this much work. Look at the guild hall.


Wow you can practically hear the chirping crickets.

So turns out pretty much everyone is out on a job right now.

So what are Natsu, Happy and Lucy going to do?

Mira’s got their back with a job in the town of Seabellius and they need a Celestial Wizard! Looks like it’s right up the Lucy alley!

But first they’ve got to get there…


Poor Dragon Slayer. Can’t catch a break at all.

Sooo…two projectile vomit filled hours later… they arrive at the coordinates for Seabellius but there’s nothing there except a great ocean view.

Looks like someone got played. It’s okay it happens to the best of us.

But you know what doesn’t happen to the rest of us. This!


It’s a Gastrodon! Get it from Pokemon! Looks like it’s an East Sea Gastrodon.

These are the jokes people…

Lucky they’re on a beach that means that Lucy can summon Aquarius…not the best play. She wash us all out to sea but hey whatever.

Hmmm it didn’t work. Trying again doesn’t work either and Taurus isn’t answering either. Maybe they put the whole summoning from the Golden Key thing on vibrate and aren’t noticing it?

Lucky we’ve got Natsu.

Snapshot_17 Snapshot_18

So…how bad of a lost is it if they lose to a giant sea slug…pretty bad.

So Lucy tries to summon every key that’s she got but nothing’s working.

Maybe not…we’re screwed.

Also Natsu got spit out by the sea slug. How can I tell?




Haha he looks like an ostrich!

But it looks like Natsu’s able to pull a win out.

Wow look at that sucker fly. Come on Gastrodon. You’re weak to Grass not Fire.

Anyway after that we switch back to the guild where Mira and the others(Gray, Erza, and Wendy) are worrying about Natsu and Lucy because there is no such thing as the town of Seabellus.

Then through the rain, Someone comes to the door.



It’s Yukino!

She’s got something to say but we switch back over to Lucy and Natsu.

Lucy keeps trying to summon the Spirits but nothing works until she decides to summon Crux, one of the Silver Key Spirits.


He tells them that the Spirit World and Human World are both in danger but before he can say what happened. We get this.


Virgo what happened to you!

Nice boob window.

After the commercial we go back to Yukino and the guys and she explains how her Golden Keys aren’t working either.

So Virgo’s all SM Dom now. Hmm Mashima good work on the alternate forms of the Spirits.

So Lucy gets into a whip duel with Virgo.

Then Lucy manages to get the rock that Virgo’s standing on but…

She can’t do it. Despite being different now, she’s still her friend and she can’t hurt her.

Normally I’d say that Lucy was being a bit naive. It’s a battle and she needs to be willing to hurt Virgo to save her but I can’t right now.

I just read chapter 37 of Fuuka. I’m not going to mix Fairy Tail with Fuuka but I’ll explain everything in my Fuuka Review which I swear will be out next week and my Suzuka Review which will be on out on November 1st.

Okay. Got to stay good with the reviewing. Okay! Back to Fairy Tail.

So after her little show of weakness to Virgo, Virgo just starts wailing on her! Like I wonder if she’s got any welts or something after that.

After going too far, Natsu throws a massive fireball at Virgo.

And then the Celestial Spirits that Lucy is contracted come to the battlefield.

Did they just turn Aquarius into a loli? Also her voice sounds familiar? I could swear that Sora Takui is voicing her but I’m not sure. I need to do some research in that.

So once Loke appears, may I add in cool armor, the Celestial Spirits announce that their contracts with Lucy are over and they seek true freedom.

But Lucy won’t accept it. She calls out to Aquarius, the Spirit that she’s been with since the beginning, but even she doesn’t remember her.

Damn. After reading chapter 37…to forget bonds made years ago…it really brings a tear to my eye.

However things aren’t going to back to the way they were without a fight Lucy.


Now the fight begins.

They’re getting owned and Lucy keeps trying to reach them to no avail.

Natsu tells Happy to get Lucy away while he goes in and fights Loke.

But even Natsu can’t go against them so the only thing they can do is retreat.


And the episode ends with the Spirits returning and Loke saying they need do something in order to get true freedom.

It was a pretty good episode. Although I’m not in a great place to review right now. I’ll give this episode 8/10 for a good beginning to the filler. I’m curious what’s going happen next.

So until next episode,
Later Days

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Let’s Look:Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Episode Episode 3: The Cobra Doesn’t Feel Like Killing You Now.

(So now that Illya has made her proper appearance I feel the need to talk to those that came in on the Fate Series on Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya. This Illya ain’t a Loli Magical Girl trying to save the world. She wants everyone dead. Keep that in mind as you watch.)

So we start off as with all proper death matches, with introductions.

I just need to say it again. Damn Ufotable! The sheer color and detail they put into this! What was Studio Deen again? I don’t ever remember…

Anyway as Illya finishes her introduction, Saber tenses up, ready for a fight.

But Saber don’t you remember Illya is Irisviel’s daughter! Killing her would be a disrespect to your fallen friend.

That’s for you all that came in on Fate/Zero. I fully intend to watch that. I’ve seen some fights on Youtube and Berserker had to have been the most powerful Servant other than Gilgamesh in that war.

Side Note: The reason that Saber doesn’t recognize Illya as Irisviel’s daughter because she should be around 19 or 20 instead looking about 10 at max. The reason is well…I could tell you but that wouldn’t give you a reason to come back to learn the answer would it? ;P

Anyway after the opening, Rin uses a Master’s special ability to see Berserker’s Stats.

Note: All Masters possess this ability but it seems that few ever use it. In Fate/Zero Lancelot(Berserker)’s For Another’s Glory negates this ability, leaving his identity as well as his full power a mystery

There’s no point in looking Rin…as Kuruma the Nine Tailed Fox said in Naruto, all you’ll see is just how immeasurable it is.

Then Archer says that Berserker’s so powerful he can take on the other six by himself! Damn!

Rin sends Archer out to fight according to how an Archer should. Sniping from miles away!

However that leaves them wide open on the defensive and close range offensive. But don’t worry we’ve got Saber for those.

So after they finish getting their plans together, Illya(I can tell that spelling her name is going to be hard for me.) asks if she can get started?

Aw how nice. At least when she kills everyone she’s nice enough to wait until we’re all ready.

She says just so casual. Like asking do you want to play outside or something.

And then all hell breaks loose.


But Rin goes at him with one of her spells but it doesn’t even tickle! Get them all Berserker!

Snapshot_7 Snapshot_8

I think that Berserker spent some time in Bleach before the Grail War because he just did a freaking Flash Step.

Well Shiro you had a good run in this war. Like what two hours. Hey some masters that aren’t even going to appear on screen died before then. Consider yourself lucky.

But lucky Saber’s just as fast and she blocks like a badass.

Now for a pic spam of this epic battle

Now what’s freaking amazing is that Berserker goes at this battle like he can actually see how long Saber’s sword is even if it’s sheathed in Invisible Air.

Note: Invisible Air is one of Saber’s Noble Phantasms as King Arthur. It doesn’t really have a basis in a myth but hey it keeps her sword and subsequently her identity hidden. That makes her last longer because the second the enemy figures out who your servant was they’ll make a strategy to exploit their weaknesses

So Saber and Berserker go at it Saber manages to get Berserker off guard and step on his sword. Yeah you’ve got him right where you want him, girl!


Okay appearently after he left Bleach he went to the Pokemon Games and learned Close Combat!

And it was super effective on Saber!

So at this point back in the Fate Route, this is where Illya says that Berserker is Hercules(actually Heracles because it goes by the Greek spelling not the Roman spelling) but she’s keeping her mouth shut now.

Good she’ll go further that way. Well not that much further…

So what can we do if Saber can’t get him with sword fighting.


Oh yeah. Archer! I almost forgot about him. So where is he?

Snapshot_16 Snapshot_17

If he wasn’t an Archer, then this clearly wouldn’t work…


Wow that was powerful…


Cares(You know what word I want to use) aren’t given!


She ain’t even trying. Someone bring Illyasviel a chair, a table, some tea, and some cookies. She’s clearly bored.

So Saber vs. Berserker starts up again. And well…let the pics show you.

Is this even fair!

Oh the humanity is there anything they can do?

Hmm nice move but we all know what’s going to happen nice.

So seeing that Archer’s attack had no effective, Saber takes the fight to the graveyard while Rin goes to back up Saber.


Ah wondering what to do? It’s futile no matter what you do! This is Berserker!

Anyway Shiro decides to run off to his death…I mean to the battle.

We have a quick scene with Kotomine and a mysterious young man with blond hair…I could tell you who his is but why should I? Let’s let the story play out and give us the information as it comes.

Howevery you’ll know who he is if you watched Fate/Zero.

After another quick scene of Saber vs. Berserker we go to this.


Oh no look out Illya!


Not even trying! Look she didn’t even turn around!

So now the battle between Rin and Illya starts!

So who do you think going to win when Illya says this!


She’s only a little girl(physically) but so many badass lines!

So the battle gets started and Rin can’t even hold a candle to Illya. Those little bird things that Illya’s got are insanely powerful and so freaking versitile.

This is going to be a tough one.


It’d just be easier to flip her the bird while you’re at Illya. As if it wasn’t hard enough.

So Rin goes up with a frontal assualt with some green gems and creates this.



And she takes out two of those little birds! All right! Only two more!


Illya just too strong!

Wow someone got away by a hair’s breath.

After some strategizing with Archer, Rin goes to backup Saber but ends up running into Shiro.

Then Rin goes all tsundere on him…and throws him into a tree with an arm lock. Not bad.

So she is predictably angry about him not running away but Shiro’s determined to fight.

So we go back to the battle between Saber vs. Berserker and it turns out that Saber drew him to the graveyard on purpose so she could use the gravestones and cover from Berserker’s blows.


So Saber does a little speech about how they can’t talk and they can’t even give other their names and all they can do is fight. Basically it’s her thing about being a knight coming up. However when she’s done with that she means business.

Wow she killed him. Muwhahahah! But for how long?

So Rin gets a message from Archer to get clear but why?

Snapshot_34 Snapshot_35

Really right now! Yeah! Only on the third episode we see one of Archer’s best attacks, a Broken Phantasm!

Note: A Broken Phantasm is a Noble Phantasm that has been filled to the limit with mana and if fired acts similar to a bomb

And Archer’s about to fire it off like an arrow!

Now remember what I said about for how long is Berserker going to be down well…


God’s Hand has activated!

Note: God’s Hand is one of Hercules’s Noble Phantasms. Coming from Hercules’s 12 Labors, the Heroic Spirit Hercules has to be killed 12 times in order to be truly defeated. And add to the that, he can’t be killed by any way that killed him before. So not only do you need to kill him but you have to kill him 12 different ways!


So what’s up now? Oh nothing. Just pics of Archer’s awesomeness!

Oh the humanity!

Look upon the wreckage!


Archer you are way more powerful than during the Fate Route.


There’s something more to that smile but that comes up later and I can’t tell you.

So what about Berserker…


Not a care in the world. Probably barely noticed it.

So apparently Illya has decided to withdraw and her interest has peaked in Rin’s Archer.

Hmm I watched a show when I was a kid and this saying stuck with me.

The Cobra doesn’t feel like biting you today. Walk away.

If this kept going Berserker and Illya would have owned them but hey if she feels like letting them live for another few days then whatever.


And the episode ends with Shiro coughing up blood and passing out.

Do I need to say again? Ufotable is incredible! What an episode! I can’t stop trembling from the awesome!

So the next episode promises to be an interesting one and at least Shiro learned from his mistake in the Fate route with keeping Saber at him. Looks like she’s going to the classic mysterious transfer student thing. She’ll totally have all the guys all over her.

So that’s all I have for this review. The hype is truly and epically real for Fate Stay Night,

Until the next review,
Later Days

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Trinity Seven Episode 3:Kirito-kun is cheating on Asuna and Arata has Harem Stripping Power

Arata your power! Arata is the true harem king! He has true power all harem heroes want!

So instead of starting the episode back where we left off last week we have Arata and the group chilling in the southern islands. How the hell did we get here?

All in good time my brothers and sisters. Although with this type of anime I’ll have more brothers and than sisters.



Darn it! Take off the sweater!

So Lilith explains that because of Arata and Arin’s actions the school was destroyed so they had to take their school vacation early so the headmaster’d have time to fix the damage.

Oh that’s nice and easy but how did we get here?

So then Levy and Selina show up in their swimsuits.




So then Levy brings up a good subject…

Ah the eternal debate of flat chests vs big ones. I refuse to throw my answer in since I firmly agree with my man Arata!


So of course having the biggest boobs here, that little jacket has to go Lilith-chan!



Yay! Did you see that small bounce they had to them?!

So after Levy suggests that Lilith’s wearing a bikini to try and seduce him, Arata has a image spot.

Like I said, for someone that has the Lust Archive she isn’t very lustful…awww



Wait a second! Kirito-kun’s cheating on Asuna…and Sinon…and Lizbeth…Silica…and Leafa…let’s just say that he’s cheating on his whole SAO harem with another one. Maybe he just wanted variety?

Note: The joke is that both Arata and Kirito are voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and both times he has a harem

So after the opening and Lilith pulls a gun on Arata to forget about seeing something better than a swimsuit, we get what led us here.

So after Akio kicks Arata turns out to have survived but how?



So someone pulled him inside something?




Did someone just pull Mirajane out of Fairy Tail and stuff her in here? She’s even got the top knot!

So Yui(Kirito has another Yui!) explains that if the breakdown phenanon then the school will be destroyed.

Then she explains that it’s possible to stop it if he chooses the right Thema.

So after remembering Mira and her Thema of Justice, Arata declares himself to be the opposite and Yui lets him out of the dream world.

Now Arata choose your Archive and Thema!

Snapshot_21 Snapshot_22

Now Arata let’s do to this!

That’s all nice and stuff but remember this is harem action so of course something else has to happen!



He..he possesses the true power of a harem hero!



Don’t be confused! Revel it!

So everyone in the room except Mira got stripped naked. When Akio asks why does she still have her clothes, Mira says she reflected the magic.

But where she did she reflect it?



Ah that’s where.

So with that the flashback ends but of course Lilith does a classic EEK.

So once we return to the present, Selina tries getting an interview with Arata but Lilith says that magic isn’t something that you show off.

Hmm Levy says that boobs are the same way and just to drive the point home she starts groping her!

She has the crazed look in her eye! She’s one of us!



Well this looks dangerous. I wouldn’t want to be staring down that barrel.



So Arata and Selina escape and end up on a rocky shore. And after a joke or two about whether she wants to see Arata with or without his shorts, Arata shows her his Magus Mode.



Still awesome looking!

Snapshot_40 Snapshot_41

Hmmm nice try Selina but maybe next time.



Like I said truly a harem hero’s power!

So after that we switch to Levy and Selina walking pass Lilith’s room when they hear her moan. Of course their dirty minds go right to this.

And they call Arata a pervert. Their minds immediately jump to sex.

Snapshot_49 Snapshot_50

So after that Levy offers for them to go to the mixed gender bath! It’s getting better every second!

So while they walk to the bath, Lilith explains that Arata needs to get the power of all the Trinity Seven in order to save Hijiri. He’s already met 6 of them. Turns out that Yui is a member of the Trinity Seven too.

But where’s the 7th member. Turns out that she disappeared before Arata arrived. Selina tenses up visibly

Looks like someone hit a nerve. We all know that the last member of the Trinity Seven is Selina’s sister, her twin sister actually. Side Note how her twin sister has bigger boobs than her is beyond me.

So once they reach the bath Arata despairs…

They’re wearing swimsuits in the bath!

Damn! I know how you feel brother!

So after Arata arrives Mira and Akio leave…maybe they don’t want to get stripped. Arata get Mira and Levy! They’re the only ones that haven’t been stripped yet!

Side Note: According to the Manga, Levy has not be stripped by Arata at all during the course of the entire manga…that only means she’s over due!

So Selina suggests that Arata learn to target a person with his power and suggests he use a sword or a gun. So Arata asks to borrow one of Lilith’s guns.

She explains because they have different Archives(Arata has Superbia{Pride} and Lilith has Luxeria{Lust}) and different Themas(Arata has Impel{Impel} and Lilith has {Abies})

So after Arata asks with his head bowed for Lilith to show him how to do it, Lilith gives him a little demonstration.

So after that Arata asks the Grimiore to try and it guess what! It works!

So turns out that he’s able to copy magics!

That’s one of the most broken powers you can ever put in a fantasy world!

And with that the episode ends.

Now being an author and a firm lover of Pokemon I always need to have a competitive balance in my stories but I still like really insanely awesome and broken powers. So I need to have powers that are really powerful but can still be balanced.

For example, a character I have Rez Proudheart has the ability to use all Seven Elements but I balance him by having weak control over those elements.

It’s all about balance and I think we might have it here.

It looks like we’re getting into the action again next week and Yui needs to be rescued! Quick Kirito go get Asuna and the group from SAO!

Anyway I can’t wait until next week but until then,
Later Days

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ShiroBako Update

Hey everyone. It’s Deven coming at you with update about ShiroBako.

I’m not really feeling ShiroBako. It’s not a bad show by any means. After all it’s only been three episodes.

However it’s not really drawing me in like some of the other shows that I’m watching are.

I’ve got Amagi, Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken, Fate Stay/Night UBW, Sword Art Online, and Trinity Seven on my watch list.

However I’m not getting that hype or that big interest from ShiroBako. Like I said it’s not that I don’t like it or think it’s bad.

It’s the exact opposite. I think it’s pretty good and with a good premise.

That being said I’m going to do some changes on the blog.

First, I’m going to switch ShiroBako to the sidelist and I swear on my honor as an anime blogger that I will be Full Season Review it the season that it ends.

Second, I’ll be reviewing three anime this season instead of two.

They’ll be:

1. Fairy Tail 2nd Series
2. Trinity Seven(coming off the side list to be a normal review)
3. Fate Stay/ Night:Unlimited Blade Works

And I think that it on the news side…

Oh and I’m one of the new writers on AnimeWithSky. I guess I shouldn’t have left that until the end but hey it is what is.

As you have seen with the last few weeks, nothing’s going to change. Some posts will be on both blogs. They’ll be:

1.Fairy Tail
2.Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
3.Trinity Seven

Also some of my Speculations for Date A Live and Love Live will go up there as well as my Date A Live Light Novel reviews as well as my Fairy Tail Zero Reviews.

However my reviews for Fuuka(When I get them done…) and the bulk of my Speculations will be here.

Now I’m sure that I’m done.

So until the next update,
Later Days

Let’s Look:Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 29: Giving The Spirits Their Wishes!

Feel free to read the review but to be straight nothing major happens. You can skip it and go straight to next episode without missing much.

So this episode doesn’t have much stuff to work with so it’s going to be a kinda short.

So Lucy and Yukino along with Natsu and Happy go up the Hill of Stars to summon all 12 Celestial Spirits to thank them for closing the Eclispe Gate during the battle against the Dragons.

So Lucy and Yukino decide to summon each Spirit one by one to let them have any wish they want from them.

And that’s it! I could really end the review there and you’d be ready for the next episode.

However I respect you all too much for that and I’m listening to ‘See You at the Elementario’ by Brilliant Four(The Ending for Amagi Brilliant Park) so I’m in the mood for some extra stuff.

So I’m going to heroically count down my top favorite moments in this one. That counts as a review? Right?

Anyway coming in at number 10 is Libra!

Libra is the Spirit of the Scales and she belongs to Yukino. So what do you want Libra?

That’s it? You can see why it’s number 10…

So moving on number 9 is Aries!

Aries is the Spirit of the Ram and she belongs to Lucy. So what could she want?


She wants a tan? We’ve got tanning beds for this…


Too much dude…


Well at least she’s happy…

Coming around the park at number 8 is Taurus!

Taurus is the Spirit of the Bull and he belongs to Lucy. We all know he’s a S-Class pervert so what does he want?

Well he’s got good taste…and with that he heads home.

Around at number 7 is Cancer!

Cancer is the Spirit of the Crab and he also belongs to Lucy. So what could a hairdresser from the sea want?

Hmm so how it turn out?


Hahahaha but this reminds me of the Tarturus Arc when…I can’t tell you sorry. I’m not going to give spoilers for you anime only viewers.

At number 6 is Capricorn.

Capricorn is the Spirit of the Goat and he also belongs to Lucy. So let’s get it to it.



What?! What?! I’m awake! He just started reading and I just blacked out for a minute.

So now we’re getting down to the good ones.

Coming in at number 5 is Gemini.

Gemini are the twin Spirits of the …well the Twins and they along belong to Lucy. Love these guys.

Hahaha it hurts to laugh so much.

Coming in at number 4 is Sagittarius.

Yeah he belongs to Lucy too and he’s the Spirit of the Archer.

Oh god! It hurts! It hurts to laugh this much. Not only does Happy get a afro but it gets cut by an arrow!

Next up at number 3 is Leo.

He belongs to Lucy and he’s the Spirit of the Lion and leader of the Zodiac. He’s also a member of Fairy Tail but that’s another story.

So what do you want Loke?

Hmmm I completely agree! Soft soft, white hair, curvy figure! I’d go for her too!

Close to the number 1 is number 2 is Pisces.

They belong to Yukino and they are the Spirits of the Fish. So what do they want?

Ah the sweet irony! The fish eats the cat! Hahaha good one!

The great number one is Aquarius.

She belongs to Lucy and she’s the Spirit of the Water Bearer.

Aquarius isn’t my favorite because of the comedy but because of the bond that she has with Lucy.

Aquarius is the first Spirit that Lucy obtain after her mother died. And because of being rich, Lucy didn’t have any friends so Aquarius was the only companion she had.

So Lucy does a little play with Yukino to try and make Aquarius laugh. It doesn’t work…epically and she ends washing them out and Lucy gets hung on a branch on a cliffside.

Aquarius pulls her off and puts her under a blanket so she won’t get a cold. She has a flashback of Lucy when she was younger.

Now we all know that Aquarius is …not a friendly person but Lucy did love her and cherished playing with her.

As we can see through the flashback, Aquarius cares for her too.

This last part could actually work in the canon since it really enhances a certain part of the Tarturus arc when Lucy summons Aquarius.

I could tell what happens but why spoil you? All I have to say is that I really hope that Eri Kitamura and Aya Hirano can give it their all in that scene.

So the episode ends with Lucy and Aquarius sitting down and looking at the stars.


So it was a funny episode and the part with Aquarius was really nice. So I’ll give Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 29 a 7/10 for good feels and some good comedy.

Now things are serious! The filler arc is coming next week. I hope it’s good. Although I really wished that they adapted A Day with Asuka and 419 Days. But hey they’ll do it someday.

But next the next review,
Later Days

Love Live Speculation: Movie Speculation

Honoka Kōsaka is a girl who loves her school, Otonokizaka Academy. When the school is planned to be closed down due to a lack of applicants, Honoka becomes determined to save it. Learning that school idols are popular, Honoka and her friends start up a school idol group called μ’s (pronounced muse) in order to attract new students. Once they successfully prevent Otonokizaka Academy from closing, the girls from μ’s aim for higher grounds and participate in “Love Live”, the ultimate school idol competition featuring the best groups in the country.

So I’m here once again with a Love Live Speculation. This time I’m coming at you with something big, a Love Live Speculation about the upcoming movie!

So as I’m doing this the same night as my Date A Live Movie Speculation so I’m feeling really speculative.

So as we ended the 2nd season of Love Live Hanayo got a text for some big news and everyone rushed back to clubroom.

Then we got the news that the movie was coming.

So it’s a logical jump that the two are connected.

So it’s time to speculate!

So after winning the Love Live what’s Muse got left to do?

Well I’ve been thinking long and hard about it. The only things I’ve gotten is going into the past, going pro, or going international.

What mean for going into the past is that they have something similar to a Love Live for all past winners. As we know Hanayo’s mom was an idol so I was thinking that the movie could be a thing where old idol groups and new idol groups face off. You know Old School vs. New School thing. It always brings in the crowds. And it gives us a chance to see another Muse Mama!

That’s my term for Honoka’s, Kotori’s, and Maki’s mothers. It’s mine so don’t use it!

Next one is going pro. What I mean is now that Muse has won the Love Live they’re the best amateur Idol Group. So who’s left for them to compete against other than professional idols. Now as I write this, I’m remembering something I read a few months ago. It was an article about a possible crossover of Love Live and Idolmaster. I’m guessing the movie would be a competition against the two of them.

Now that would be interesting movie!

Finally going international. It would pretty easy. Have some big time idol groups from other countries and it would be a competition to see who had the best idols in the entire world.

It’d be something worth seeing.

Any of the three options would make a great movie. Although I’m really partial to Muse vs. Idolmaster. That’d mean that it’d be Pile vs. Manami Numakura! Too cute!

So I hope that this helped out the hype for the Love Live Movie! I hope that we get some new info for the movie soon!

So until the next Speculation,
Later Days

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Let’s Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 28: Bunny Erza, Maid Erza, and How Bisca Joined Fairy Tail

This is one of the times that I love Erza. She’s a great character and one of the most badass female characters that manga has. But my favorite part is her love of cosplay!

So this episode start off like any other. Something crazy and strange happening in the Fairy Tail.


I have to say I’m half good at pool.

So Gray and Juvia went on a job together(totally going to end up together) and the guy that gave the job playing a few games of pool with them. Then he gave them the table in addition to the reward. Nice old guy.

So Gray prepares to shoot some pool the only way he knows how.


Is there one activity in the world where he doesn’t take off his clothes?

I haven’t found it yet. And I’ve watched the entire original series, read every chapter of the manga, watched all 6 OVAs, and even read Fairy Tail Zero and Ice Trail.

Anyway everyone totally swoons over Gray’s awesome pool skills. So of course Natsu has to try it out.


Not even close man. Like not even in the same reality close.

So Happy joins in by pitching the cue ball…and making a golf reference. Do you even know what you playing cat?!

So predictably everything goes to chaos, pool balls flying everywhere and breaking stuff.

Now this is funny.


Now that’s just blatantly asking for sex. More points to Gruvia for being the best Fairy Tail ship!

Back on track…

Snapshot_5 Snapshot_6

At this point Erza has a flashback of when she went to a pool hall expecting sweets. She’s wrong and they direct her to the sweet shop next door.

Normal right? Wrong! With Erza Scarlett of Fairy Tail nothing can be normal!

This is what she shoots pool in.

Snapshot_7 Snapshot_8

Hey she wore that in the 6th OVA, Fairy x Rave! As you can see I am a big Fairy Tail fan…but you can see that by the fact that I review it every week.

So Erza totally destorys all the balls and pretty much wrecks the place. However while she’s all sexy in her bunny girl costume, one of the guys notices her Fairy Tail guild mark on her arm.

They all get afraid.


As they should be. Why? Because it’s Erza!

So turns out that a bandit named Moulin Rouge has been saying she’s a part of Fairy Tail and stealing stuff. Erza swears to bring her to justice…as soon as she gets some cake. That’s Erza for you!

So she runs into Moulin Rouge in the sweets shop and takes one of the workers’ uniform to try and sneak up on her. Of course she doesn’t though.


This is Fairy Tail. Save the sublety and hiding for Part 1 of Naruto(Part 2 is more massive explosion than clever hiding)

Anyway Erza gets into a fight with Moulin Rouge and of course she owns her.

Turns out her friend needs medicine and she was just stealing to help them. She needs work and food since she’s a new immigrant to this country.


Erza doesn’t give a damn! Impersonating a member of Fairy Tail is a serious crime. Check out what Natsu did to Bora in the first episode of the original series if you want to know.

Anyway after beating her down, Erza offers her work at Fairy Tail which she takes up.

After which the flashback ends and Bisca, Alzack, and Asuka return from a mission. It turns out that Moulin Rouge was Bisca when she was younger. Fairy Tail took her in and gave her a home.

Now I know a lot of people rag on Fairy Tail being too Power of Friendship heavy but you can’t ever say that they don’t create a family atmosphere.

So the episode ends with Bisca and Erza about to play another game of pool.

So this episode isn’t all that good. Not all good but not bad either. I’m giving Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 28 an 6/10. It does good with the fanservice and explaining the past of a minor character but it doesn’t have that key factor that makes it a really good episode.

So now that this episode is over. We get into the good stuff. The filler arc! The real one and not these one shots. Pity. I really wanted them to adapt 419 Days mostly because a whole of Juvia x Gray shipping goes down as well as Gajeel x Levy shipping.

But tragically I’ll have to wait. It seems that this one is focusing on the Celestial Spirits so it looks like Yukino will return. Good I always liked her.

Also once the Grand Magic Games Arc ended, the ending animation changed. I’m happy for it because the first ending was depressing. All it was seeing what happened to Future Lucy after she died. While it was happy in a way, it’s still sad.

So now the new episode is a pan up of a character(of course female) in their pajamas. Hmmm seems like they used a lot of the budget and couldn’t get creative. Despite that I like it. I’ll start showing you those in this review.

First one was Lucy of course. Then Wendy. Finally it was Erza in this episode.

Strangely it’s kinda relaxing. It makes me want to go to sleep and relax. Maybe it’s May J.’s song and the characters in pajamas? Who knows.

So that’s all for this review.
Until the next episode,
Later Days

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Love Live School Idol Festival: How To Do Your Events New Version!

Continue reading “Love Live School Idol Festival: How To Do Your Events New Version!”

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Let’s Look:Fate Stay/Night:Unlimited Blade Works Episode 1:Another Side Another Story

Looks like another episode of UBW. Maybe it’s not going to be as good as the last one. Some studios do that, you know. Put it all into the premiere and the finale.

Deven watches Episode 2.

I can’t breath! Choking on the awesome!

So the title says it best. Another Side, Another Story. It’s basically the same stuff that happened in episode 0 but from the main hero Shiro’s point of view.

Same deal as last time. I’ll skip the boring stuff because I respect you too much and I have other reviews to do tonight as I do this one.

So we start off the episode with Shiro as a kid in the Great Fuyuki Fire then we go back to the present day with Shiro in the Store Room of the Emiya House.


And someone comes into wake him up.


She’s so hot. It’s a pity what’s she going through. You’ll see in the Heaven’s Feel movie though.


Side Note: I love Saber’s new coat and scarf outfit. After 25 episodes of seeing Saber in a white blouse, a blue tie, and skirt and her armor, it’s good to see her in something else.

So after the opening, which is freaking awesome, we get Shiro doing some morning workouts and apparently he’s pretty well built.

So they have a good breakfast made by Sakura and the resident lovable freeloader Taiga Fujimura eats there too. You’ll be seeing a lot of her but other than one or two scenes she’s just for comedic effect. Remember Unlimited Blade Works is no punk and we need every laugh we can get once the action starts.

So to get those laughs, Taiga switches the soy sauce with the oyster sauce so Shiro puts oyster sauce on all on his morning rice. Personally I don’t see the big deal. I like oyster sauce on my rice. 😛

So after breakfast, Taiga leaves for school to grade some tests.

I think she stole that Vespa from Haruka from FLCL.


They clearly agree.

So after seeing a news report about gas leaks, Shiro and Sakura leave for school. Now I’m not going over of his entire day so I’ll summarize. Why? Because I have other responsibilities and it would take me two hours to write everything he did.

So now it’s time for me to do some summarizing and a pic spam to end it off. Shiro goes to school and helps out the student council president Issei. He goes to lunch and after school gets heckled by those three girls that snarked at Rin in episode 0.

Then Shiro has a flashback of the day that he was adopted by Kiritsugu. He goes over in his head about how he wants to be a hero of justice and to help people. However he doesn’t have power or the ability to so. So he settles for being able to help people with the little things. He ponders over all of this as he goes to work and even as he goes home.

The next day Shiro gets saddled with having to clean out the archery dojo by Shinji. Come on bro. Being nice is one thing but this is too far.


You’ve seen too much. You must be eliminated…


So Shiro’s there…on the ground…about to die but then someone shows up. We of course know it’s Rin.

Snapshot_38 Snapshot_39

So Shiro manages to drag himself back home and collaspe on the ground.


Come on he can’t even be near death in peace.

So Shiro runs his way out to the shed and something amazing happens.

It’s Saber!

Now I’ve got to do it. The classic scene for Saber and Shiro.


So Saber gets into a battle with Lancer and compared to the battle they had when Studio Deen had control this one is way better.

So after Lancer’s driven away by Saber, the second battle immediately gets started up with Saber vs. Archer. Unfortunately it gets cut off by Shiro using a Command Spell. And the episode ends with Rin saying good evening to Shiro.

Epic episode and the classic scene of FSN is Ufotable’s awesome glory. Best thing I reviewed this week for sure.

Now that we’ve eaten all veggies like good little boys and girls, we can get down to the insanely awesome action! The hype is real and I can’t wait for things to get started.

So until next week,
Later Days

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