Inner Anime Lover: Deven what’s Studio Deen?

Deven: They’re the studio that did the original Fate Stay/Night back in 2006. You remember. We watched it to prepare to review Unlimited Blade Works.

Deven watched Ufotable’s version of Fate Stay/Night

Deven: What the fuck is Studio Deen?

Inner Anime Lover: What the fuck is it indeed my man.

Brothers and sisters in Fate Stay Night, Forget Studio Deen’s adaptation of our beloved Fate/Stay Night. It was merely a illusion placed in our minds to confuse from the truth!

And that truth is Studio Ufotable’s adaptation!

This episode just started the hype and the hype can’t be stopped. I’m shaking from the awesome. I got the episode to review on Sunday and it took me an hour just to get myself mentally prepared.

Enough of me blabbing.

I’m going to keep it a bit short on these first two since they’re hour long episodes. Don’t worry. I’m not going to skip the good stuff.

So we start off the episode with Rin as a kid seeing her father off as he participates in the 4th Holy Grail War.

Side Note:If you want to see how he did, go watch Fate/Zero. Also done by Ufotable. These freaking geniuses

So Rin wakes up from a dream to realize that she’s late for school.


She gets dressed and walks to school only to realize that her clock was an hour fast so she’s really early.

So I’m not going to go through the whole day so I’ll just list through it and do a pic spam afterwards.

She meets Mitsuzuri and she asks if she watch the archery practice. Rin says no as Sakura Mato comes in. She leaves the archery area and sees Shinji Mato and totally rejects him.

He deserved it. He needs to get his ego deflated. She walks through the school and meets with Taiga Fuijmura as well as Issei and even our main male protagonist, Shiro Emiya but we only see the bottom of Shiro’s face.

So like I said, I’m not going to go through entire day since it’s quite slow paced. So I’ll just skip right down to when Rin gets home.


While she was out at school looks like she got a message from Kirei Kotomine…Kotomine…

Sorry he’s an evil dude and I remember what he did in the Fate Route.

Side Note: I’m currently converting Fate Stay Night the Visual Novel so I can play it on my tablet. I can’t wait to play it for myself.

Anyway Kotomine explains to Rin that 5 of the 7 masters have been chosen and thus only the Archer and Saber classes are left.

So this sets in Rin’s mind that it’s time to do her summoning.

So remember when Rin got to school really early. It’s going to come up soon. See she managed to crack a code on her Dad’s stuff and breaking the code messed with the clocks, setting them all forward an hour. Now that’s going to be really important.

So Rin prepares her circle to summon an Saber class servant.


Okay Rin you can do this!

So Rin completes the summoning and summons…


I didn’t even know that sitting could look so badass…

Anyway so Rin confirms the contract and what does Archer do? Starts snarking! I love this guy.

He snarks about she’s a weak master, her young age, and how she should just sit around in a cellar somewhere while he’s out being badass. And it turns out that because her clocks were an hour fast Rin was early for 2 AM for when she was her strongest. So she missed out on summoning a Saber class Servant.

Wow I’ve never seen so much snark so fast and I’d like to consider myself an expert at snark.

So just literally after barely taking a breath from so much snark, Archer makes Rin so mad that she uses a Command Spell to force Archer to obey her commands.

Note: In the Fate Stay/Night Universe, Command Spells can be used to force a Servant to do an order. For example, during the Studio Deen version Shiro had to use a Command Spell to get Saber to stop fighting Archer. You can also use them to give your Servant a boost in power

So after losing control and using a Command Spell, Archer and Rin shift to the living room to continue their conversation. After seeing Rin’s power in action Archer acknowledges her power and accepts her as his Master.

And you know what’s her first order for her Servant?


He’s a powerful Servant. A Heroic Spirit that has no doubt saved countless lives and done great things in his time. And you’re asking him to clean the living room…


See even he’s shocked!

So Rin wakes up, too late to go to school, and goes downstairs to the living room.


So Archer made tea and now it’s time to get down to some serious business. Unfortunately Archer can’t remember who he was.

Note: Heroic Spirits are beings from various points in history, either the past or the future. They can be anyone who has done what was called the ‘impossible’ in their day or was a person of great power. Just some of the Servants I can mention are King Arthur(Saber), Medea(Caster), Medusa(Rider) and Hercules(Berserker) and there’s hundreds more.

So Rin takes Archer out for a day to scout the city and it’s a pretty boring one so I’ll just pic spam again.

Now this is what you get when you do good work people. Massive budget! This looks like they threw all their money into the first episode! But you know what’s the best part! They haven’t! It’s just going to keep getting better!

So after that we see this.


Who is that? I mean I know who it is. I’ve watched the original anime but hey you that haven’t seen don’t know who that blond guy is. Well he’ll be important(read:dangerous) later.

So the next morning, Rin calls Kotomine and tells him that she’s officially a part of the Holy Grail War and to put her on the list.

Then she leaves for school. Once she crosses the grounds, she notices something.


Wow! Turns out that there’s a barrier around the school and when it activates it will suck everyone’s souls to power a Servant.

Think Kurumi’s Time Draining Castle from Date A Live. It’s like that.

So Rin resolves to do a little messing around with the mystery person’s barrier.

Unfortunately she runs into Lancer.

And cue epic battle between Archer and Lancer. This shows just how much awesomeness Ufotable can put into an anime.

So freaking beautiful.


No Rin. This is what happens when Ufotable has control!

Anyway the battle ends prematurely because someone is observing the battle and with the Holy Grail War no one must know. If you find out…then you die.

Just ask this guy.


And because of her kind heart(it’s there, you just got to look deep), Rin heals Shiro and she asks Archer to track down Lancer. At least this battle won’t be for nothing…

However it is. Archer couldn’t track him down so what do they get out of this?


A freaking battle against Saber!

And that people is what ends the episode.

I can’t breathe! The Hype! The Hype man!

This is going to be one of the best Fall Seasons of all time and I’m happy to be a reviewer during it!

Next time we’ll see Saber full out in action.

So guys need to come back if not for Saber who else…Archer of course.

Anyway Until next time,
Later Days