Looks like another episode of UBW. Maybe it’s not going to be as good as the last one. Some studios do that, you know. Put it all into the premiere and the finale.

Deven watches Episode 2.

I can’t breath! Choking on the awesome!

So the title says it best. Another Side, Another Story. It’s basically the same stuff that happened in episode 0 but from the main hero Shiro’s point of view.

Same deal as last time. I’ll skip the boring stuff because I respect you too much and I have other reviews to do tonight as I do this one.

So we start off the episode with Shiro as a kid in the Great Fuyuki Fire then we go back to the present day with Shiro in the Store Room of the Emiya House.


And someone comes into wake him up.


She’s so hot. It’s a pity what’s she going through. You’ll see in the Heaven’s Feel movie though.


Side Note: I love Saber’s new coat and scarf outfit. After 25 episodes of seeing Saber in a white blouse, a blue tie, and skirt and her armor, it’s good to see her in something else.

So after the opening, which is freaking awesome, we get Shiro doing some morning workouts and apparently he’s pretty well built.

So they have a good breakfast made by Sakura and the resident lovable freeloader Taiga Fujimura eats there too. You’ll be seeing a lot of her but other than one or two scenes she’s just for comedic effect. Remember Unlimited Blade Works is no punk and we need every laugh we can get once the action starts.

So to get those laughs, Taiga switches the soy sauce with the oyster sauce so Shiro puts oyster sauce on all on his morning rice. Personally I don’t see the big deal. I like oyster sauce on my rice. 😛

So after breakfast, Taiga leaves for school to grade some tests.

I think she stole that Vespa from Haruka from FLCL.


They clearly agree.

So after seeing a news report about gas leaks, Shiro and Sakura leave for school. Now I’m not going over of his entire day so I’ll summarize. Why? Because I have other responsibilities and it would take me two hours to write everything he did.

So now it’s time for me to do some summarizing and a pic spam to end it off. Shiro goes to school and helps out the student council president Issei. He goes to lunch and after school gets heckled by those three girls that snarked at Rin in episode 0.

Then Shiro has a flashback of the day that he was adopted by Kiritsugu. He goes over in his head about how he wants to be a hero of justice and to help people. However he doesn’t have power or the ability to so. So he settles for being able to help people with the little things. He ponders over all of this as he goes to work and even as he goes home.

The next day Shiro gets saddled with having to clean out the archery dojo by Shinji. Come on bro. Being nice is one thing but this is too far.


You’ve seen too much. You must be eliminated…


So Shiro’s there…on the ground…about to die but then someone shows up. We of course know it’s Rin.

Snapshot_38 Snapshot_39

So Shiro manages to drag himself back home and collaspe on the ground.


Come on he can’t even be near death in peace.

So Shiro runs his way out to the shed and something amazing happens.

It’s Saber!

Now I’ve got to do it. The classic scene for Saber and Shiro.


So Saber gets into a battle with Lancer and compared to the battle they had when Studio Deen had control this one is way better.

So after Lancer’s driven away by Saber, the second battle immediately gets started up with Saber vs. Archer. Unfortunately it gets cut off by Shiro using a Command Spell. And the episode ends with Rin saying good evening to Shiro.

Epic episode and the classic scene of FSN is Ufotable’s awesome glory. Best thing I reviewed this week for sure.

Now that we’ve eaten all veggies like good little boys and girls, we can get down to the insanely awesome action! The hype is real and I can’t wait for things to get started.

So until next week,
Later Days

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