This is one of the times that I love Erza. She’s a great character and one of the most badass female characters that manga has. But my favorite part is her love of cosplay!

So this episode start off like any other. Something crazy and strange happening in the Fairy Tail.


I have to say I’m half good at pool.

So Gray and Juvia went on a job together(totally going to end up together) and the guy that gave the job playing a few games of pool with them. Then he gave them the table in addition to the reward. Nice old guy.

So Gray prepares to shoot some pool the only way he knows how.


Is there one activity in the world where he doesn’t take off his clothes?

I haven’t found it yet. And I’ve watched the entire original series, read every chapter of the manga, watched all 6 OVAs, and even read Fairy Tail Zero and Ice Trail.

Anyway everyone totally swoons over Gray’s awesome pool skills. So of course Natsu has to try it out.


Not even close man. Like not even in the same reality close.

So Happy joins in by pitching the cue ball…and making a golf reference. Do you even know what you playing cat?!

So predictably everything goes to chaos, pool balls flying everywhere and breaking stuff.

Now this is funny.


Now that’s just blatantly asking for sex. More points to Gruvia for being the best Fairy Tail ship!

Back on track…

Snapshot_5 Snapshot_6

At this point Erza has a flashback of when she went to a pool hall expecting sweets. She’s wrong and they direct her to the sweet shop next door.

Normal right? Wrong! With Erza Scarlett of Fairy Tail nothing can be normal!

This is what she shoots pool in.

Snapshot_7 Snapshot_8

Hey she wore that in the 6th OVA, Fairy x Rave! As you can see I am a big Fairy Tail fan…but you can see that by the fact that I review it every week.

So Erza totally destorys all the balls and pretty much wrecks the place. However while she’s all sexy in her bunny girl costume, one of the guys notices her Fairy Tail guild mark on her arm.

They all get afraid.


As they should be. Why? Because it’s Erza!

So turns out that a bandit named Moulin Rouge has been saying she’s a part of Fairy Tail and stealing stuff. Erza swears to bring her to justice…as soon as she gets some cake. That’s Erza for you!

So she runs into Moulin Rouge in the sweets shop and takes one of the workers’ uniform to try and sneak up on her. Of course she doesn’t though.


This is Fairy Tail. Save the sublety and hiding for Part 1 of Naruto(Part 2 is more massive explosion than clever hiding)

Anyway Erza gets into a fight with Moulin Rouge and of course she owns her.

Turns out her friend needs medicine and she was just stealing to help them. She needs work and food since she’s a new immigrant to this country.


Erza doesn’t give a damn! Impersonating a member of Fairy Tail is a serious crime. Check out what Natsu did to Bora in the first episode of the original series if you want to know.

Anyway after beating her down, Erza offers her work at Fairy Tail which she takes up.

After which the flashback ends and Bisca, Alzack, and Asuka return from a mission. It turns out that Moulin Rouge was Bisca when she was younger. Fairy Tail took her in and gave her a home.

Now I know a lot of people rag on Fairy Tail being too Power of Friendship heavy but you can’t ever say that they don’t create a family atmosphere.

So the episode ends with Bisca and Erza about to play another game of pool.

So this episode isn’t all that good. Not all good but not bad either. I’m giving Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 28 an 6/10. It does good with the fanservice and explaining the past of a minor character but it doesn’t have that key factor that makes it a really good episode.

So now that this episode is over. We get into the good stuff. The filler arc! The real one and not these one shots. Pity. I really wanted them to adapt 419 Days mostly because a whole of Juvia x Gray shipping goes down as well as Gajeel x Levy shipping.

But tragically I’ll have to wait. It seems that this one is focusing on the Celestial Spirits so it looks like Yukino will return. Good I always liked her.

Also once the Grand Magic Games Arc ended, the ending animation changed. I’m happy for it because the first ending was depressing. All it was seeing what happened to Future Lucy after she died. While it was happy in a way, it’s still sad.

So now the new episode is a pan up of a character(of course female) in their pajamas. Hmmm seems like they used a lot of the budget and couldn’t get creative. Despite that I like it. I’ll start showing you those in this review.

First one was Lucy of course. Then Wendy. Finally it was Erza in this episode.

Strangely it’s kinda relaxing. It makes me want to go to sleep and relax. Maybe it’s May J.’s song and the characters in pajamas? Who knows.

So that’s all for this review.
Until the next episode,
Later Days

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