Not knocking the Celestial Spirits’ plight and the fact that they’re about kill themselves on accident but I can’t get pass the cute glasses that Lucy, Yukino, and Levy wear when they’re researching. Maybe it’s just me?

So we start the episode with a recap of how Celestial Spirit Contracts work from Yukino and she also says how it’s impossible for that contract to be broken.

Yep during the first series they do a whole little bit about how it’s impossible for the Spirits themselves to break the contract. Only the Celestial Wizard can let the Spirits out of their contract through three methods:

1. The Celestial Wizard cancels the contract and lets the Spirit go

2. The Celestial Wizard is arrested which also breaks the contract

3. The Celestial Wizard is killed which breaks the contract as well and sets all the Spirits under them free.

So as you see it focuses mostly on the Celestial Wizard so the fact that the Spirits broke the contract by themselves is a sign that something big happened.


Not really relevant right now but she has them all nice and straightly alligned so I had to take a picture especially since I’m working with a 1080p episode of Fairy Tail now. The color looks so crisp and clear.

So after the opening and explaining everything to Makarov, everyone questions what do the Spirits mean about Perfect Freedom?

They suspect Loke of being it all but it’s too early to say anything. And all of this talk about the Spirits’ betrayal is really making Lucy sad.

I think it’s time to put on your big girl pants, Lucy. Kick some butt and bring them back by force!

As you can see I’m back to form. I’m now at least over Fuuka’s death…but I still need to do my part of getting the news and spreading it out by doing my Fuuka Manga Chapter Reviews as well as my Suzuka Full Season Review.

Side Note: Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 4 Review will be coming…after all the Fuuka and Suzuka stuff. They’re more important to me right now.

As Lucy and Yukino muse about they can’t believe that the Spirits are rebelling, Lucy comes up with the idea to summon Crux one more time.


Looks like it worked…


Lucy if you can’t even get the right Spirit when you use the key, you should just be using those keys as necklaces or on a wind chime.

Anyway turns out that Crux is hiding inside Horologium.



Okay you had me confused there so after the title of the episode pops up, Team Shadow Gear arrives back at the guild but no one cares about those other two.

Levy! Levy is the only one we care about!

Note: Levy was intended by Hiro Mashima to be a background character like her team but she just kept popping up until she gained a following and now she’s one of the mostly liked girls in Fairy Tail.

So Crux explains that all of a sudden the contracts between the 12 Zodiac Spirits and their wizards just up and were nullified. Now the 12 are going on a rampage through the Spirit World.

As for the Celestial Spirit King, He’s epically MIA. And since the Golden Key Spirits are so freaking powerful the Silver Key Spirits can’t do anything more than hide and watch.

So when the topic shifts over to that Perfect Freedom that Crux simply sais Liberum. Yukino just pulls out a book on the subject…how convient…

Anyway Levy starts to read and says that the book is written ancient Merciedus and Crux explains that Liberum is the name of a ritual that Celestial Spirits perform. So it’s safe to stay that Loke and the others want to do it. But what does it do?

Hmmm got to be some type of catch or something.


Ah there it is!

So Natsu promises to put a beatdown on Loke and knock him. Lucy thanks him and when Makarov asks where it is, of course Levy has an answer to where they can find a clue. At the Magical Library!

All right! So the guild gets divided into teams! Erza’s in charge with Lucy, Yukino, Levy, Natsu, and Happy to head to the Magic Library to get more info on Liberum.

But there’s one problem with that.


Oh Natsu going all Shonen hero on us and trying to save the world by yourself.

So Natsu dives into the Celestial Spirit World and who does he meet when he arrives?


Moo! Welcome foolish human! If you try to go all Shonen hero on him, it’s not going to work!

So we leave Natsu’s ass whipping and we go to the girls in the Library and they’re all using Gale Reading Glasses!

So cute!

So the girls keep reading but only get bits of semi useless information but then the fun starts.


Dark Virgo’s here!

So now it’s Virgo vs. all of them. Who’s going to win?


Hmm that doesn’t look like the run of victory?

Looks bad! Levy be heroic!

Hmm I thought that spell of hers only at the stylized O when she was with Gajeel. But it doesn’t work because apparently Virgo can put a hole in anything! Why didn’t you do this when you weren’t evil Virgo!

Yukino do something!

Note: This joke would be a lot funnier if this review went up right after Fate Stay Night Episode 3 Review but hey

Is everyone going to Pokemon and learning Close Combat!?

Is there a freaking move tutor for Close Combat in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? Because everyone seems to know it now!


Hmmm shocking. Squishy mage type no longer. Lucy! Take a leaf from Yukino’s booK!

So while Lucy and Yukino are trying to keep Virgo off, Levy does the research and finds the Library’s donation list. Virgo manages to get a look at it over Yukino’s shoulder while she was starting own her.


Levy runs to find whatever she’s looking for and Yukino goes with her for protection.

We switch over to Taurus vs. Natsu. I say Taurus vs. Natsu because it’s painfully obvious who’s winning here.

He’s not even trying!

So we go back to the girls and Levy explains that the
Celestial Globe is actually in the library they’re looking. Now that’s a good stroke of fate!

….Something good happened. Balance the scales!


Wow that was fast. I have a solution to be Virgo! When she comes out of those holes, grab a mallet and let’s play Whack a Mole!


Then we switch back over to Natsu’s ass whipping in the Celestial Spirit world before we go over to Levy and Yukino looking for the Celestial Globe.

Then Levy gets an idea that the globe is in the Southern Warehouse because the Merdius means in that language means South so they start going to the South Warehouse.

How nice of you to show up.

Lucy summons the Silver Key Pyxis to point the way south but Virgo shows up and starts mixing it up with Lucy and Yukino.


Then we switch back to Natsu’s pwnage where Taurus keeps Natsu he doesn’t remember Lucy at all.

Then this happens.


You have no one to blame but yourself dude.


I wouldn’t want to. Your service stinks!

So we come back to Levy and she manages to find the Celestial Globe. Yay now we can stop the Liberum!

But let’s be real we all know what going to happen.

Aw man but deep down you already expected it.

What else can go wrong?

Oh welcome back bro. Hope you didn’t land on your butt. It needs time to heal from the whipping that Taurus gave you.

And with that Virgo escapes and Levy explains what she found out about Liberum.



So they have to stop them!


It’s countdown to save the Spirits from themselves! Which unfortunately starts the next episode.

I can’t wait to see how things turn out with this. It looks like Princess Hisui will be in the next episode. That means…Suzuko Mimori!!!!!

Until the next episode,
Later Days

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