She may be an evil witch. Heck her alignment on the wiki outright says that she’s Neutral Evil but she is one fine lady. Please Ufotable! Take off Caster’s hood!

Note: I’m Super Mini Reviewing this episode because I’m running behind. It’s Sunday and I want to have Wednesday and Thursday off so I’m going on hyper mode to finish these reviews. I’ll be normal reviewing Fairy Tail and Trinity Seven though. The only reason I’m Mini Reviewing FSN UBW because it was more of a setup episode. Don’t worry this isn’t going to become a habit.

So we open up the episode with Shiro walking home after the talk with Rin when just turns around and calls out to Archer. Rin basically ordered Archer to escort Shiro home since he doesn’t have Saber with him.

They get into a pretty heated discussion and about their differences and how Archer basically thinks that Shiro sucks. The topic shifts to what Shiro wants out of the Grail and once again Archer says it’s stupid and Shiro asks what he wants to wish for.

Archer says he wants for nothing. He had no dreams that went unfilled…technically he’s telling the truth but he’s technically lying. Complex right there.

After that Shiro returns home and meets up with Sakura and Fujimura. They talk for a while before Shiro goes to meet with Saber. She gets on him about not coming back by sunset but she lets get go once he explain the situation about the other Master at school and the alliance with Rin. Saber’s got no problem with it though.

So the next day, Shiro goes to school and during the day he meets up with and starts destroying all those sigils that Rin was destroying around episode 0 I think. I guess she must have told him about the sigils during their little meeting last night.

Anyway after that Shiro sees Shinji. Shinji just gives off this really really creepy vibe. He outright says that he’s Rider’s master and that he(or in this case she since Rider put up the barrier. Shinji asks Shiro to make an alliance with him but Shiro refuses.

After that night comes on fully and Shiro goes out to the shed to practice some reinforcing magic but of course he sucks at it. So he keeps blowing stuff up.

Saber comes in to watch him practice but being a highly attractive young woman around his age, it only makes it harder for the poor boy to concentrate. Saber notices this and leaves.However she doesn’t realize he’s distracted because of her looks, she just thinks that it’s simply because she’s there.

Note: Saber because of her life as King Arthur had to hide her gender. As a result she never got told she was pretty or beautiful by anyone ever. It doesn’t affect her much in Unlimited Blade Works but during the Fate Route where she’s the main female protagonist she develops a complex about her looks. She can’t see herself as beautiful or attractive.

So after Saber leave, Shiro keeps up with the practice but nothing comes out of it. Instead he falls asleep. Lazy man. Just lazy.

So once he wakes he seems to be in the Ryuudou Temple in the mountains near Fuyuki.

Sometime during the night, Saber wakes up and finds Shiro gone but she notices some weird strings everywhere. So she follows them and ends up meeting the final Servant, Assassin!

So back to Shiro, he wakes up and someone shows up…


Oh Caster is so hot! And thanks to her Seiyuu Atsuko Tanaka she has this low mature voice that
screams beautiful. Now some of your may think ‘Deven, what if you’re just hyping us up to let us
down? What if she isn’t hot?’

Well look!


Gets me every time.

Anyway Caster has Shiro caught in a web of magic threads and stars to suck out his magic. But luckily Archer comes through and saves Shiro’s butt.

And the episode ends the beginning of Saber vs. Assassin and Archer vs. Caster.

Now this was a kinda slow episode. But it has it’s good points. I’m going to give Fate Stay/Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 6 an 6/10.

So it’s Caster vs. Archer and Saber vs. Assassin!
I can’t wait!

So until next week,
Later Days!

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