Hey everyone. It’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you once again with another Love Live School Idol Festival Post.

Okay so this event is Junsui Sengen or Innocent Declaration in English.


So it’s a Super Rare Honoka! Not really a big favorite. On my Favorite Muse Members, Honoka ranks out at number 7.

Just so you know my list is:

1.Nozomi Toujou
2.Eli Ayase
3.Hanayo Koizumi
4.Maki Nishikino
5.Umi Sonoda
6.Kotori Minami
7.Honoka Kousaka
8.Rin Hoshizora
9.Nico Yazawa

So just so you know I’m not knocking Honoka, I love all the girls of Muse but there can be only one and for me that’s Nozomi!

Anyway here we go!


Until Next Rank: 566 EXP
Love Gems:1


Oh no! Everyone look! A Pure Event! My worst nightmare!

So since I have consistent internet(relatively consistent. I’ve got internet issues again. Every damn time!), I don’t have the problems with getting on…much.

The real problem is I have a horrible Pure Team. Granted I have a SR Maki that can turn all my Greats into Perfects and I have three Fully Idolized and Leveled Pure Rares but that’s it. I only have 4 good Pure cards.

So in that is my strategy, avoid playing Pure songs as long as possible.

So I’ve been getting good at Natsuiro 1, 2 Jump and I’ve gotten a handle on Oh Love and Peace. So my strategy is to basically get all my Tokens from these songs and any song that I’m good at.

Then I’ll try and soldier through the Event Song, Pure Girls Project(A Primtemps Song) as best as I can.


Despite my lack of ability for Pure songs, I still want this Honoka card. Why? Because if I can get it then I’ll have two SR Pure cards and that’s good for my team.

Break Even

So I’ve got to get my Break Even…I only need to get one Love Gem. Also I plan to post a way to get Love Gems relatively easily during the Event. So look forward to that.

That’s good!

So that’s my plan and my Break Even!

Wish me Luck! I’m going in!

Until After the Event,
Later Days

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