Dishonorable of me, a Double Mini Review. But it’s the only thing I can do being sick this week.

I call Trinity Seven Episode 6 Review, Lieselotte Rocks!

So we continue from last episode where Liese has been revealed to be a Demon Lord Candidate.

Lilith tells her that it’s wrong for her to become a Demon Lord Candidate this way. You’re supposed to do with training and study…boring. Looks like Liese agrees. She can’t be bothered with boring crap like that.

Arata agrees with her shortcut ideology but he doesn’t like that she stole her sister’s magic for her own evil deeds.

Arata prepares to fight Liese but she just chills on a rock and looks through her tablet Grimoire. She checks out Arata’s stats.

So Liese asks Arata to join the evil mages’ side and if he does, she help him find Hijiri…wow it’s been a long time since we seen or mentioned Hijiri. Ayaka Suwa must be mad. She thought she got a major part in this anime but we’re on episode 6 and she was only in one episode. I bet she’s feeling gipped.

Anyway at that point Arata’s brains just goes into ‘Find Younger Cousin’ Mode. He lets Liese get too close and she lays a big wet kiss on him.

Now normally I’d be vague to what happened afterwards but I’m sick as I write this. So I don’t have time to be all creative and coy with my wordplay.

After Liese kisses Arata and steals his magic, she has a freaking orgasm. I might get in trouble for being so obvious but come on! Last week when this episode aired, everyone on Twitter was saying the same thing. That’s my reasoning and I’m sticking to it!

After that Arata’s down for the count and Liese uses Arata’s magic to strip everyone except Mira and Levy.

It turns into a battle of Levy vs. Liese while Mira uses Scan to understand Liese’s magic. This shows us just how badass Levy is!

She holds her own against Liese until Mira finishes with her Scan and lets loose a massive White Universe Spell.

It’s a flash of light. Liese looks like she’s about to crap herself and then all we see is Mira standing in a crater.

Looks like Liese is dead right? Wrong!

But it looks like she’s losing control of the power that she stole from Arata so she retreats for the moment but she’ll be back.

So after that Selina’s put up in the hospital wing with Yui, Levy, Arin, and Lilith protecting her while Arata trains with Akio and Mira to master his magic before Liese comes back.

But of course this isn’t any normal Shonen anime. She’ll be back in within the episode! Now the battle against Liese begins next episode.

But before the episode ends, Liese gets into a fight with the Headmaster.


So I’ll be calling the seventh review of Trinity Seven, How To Save A Fallen Angel 2:Magic Girls Version!

I like this little title because it references my Date A Live 2 Episode 10 Review where Tohka and Miku were saved by Shido and now something similar going to happen here with Liese.

Anyway we continue from the last episode with Lieselotte vs. the headmaster.

The Headmaster’s insanely strong. So how’s Liese going to win? Simple. Show off those nice boobs and hit him when he’s open.

And she walks away like a Little Miss Badass.

After the opening we see that Arata’s finally figured out how to copy Akio’s Mantra Enchant.But since it isn’t a magic that changes the Grimoire into a weapon so the Astil Codex changes into a little girl by the name of Sora.

Aww she’s so cute! It’s good to see Rie Kugimiya getting back to voicing flat chested snarkers. She’s getting back to her roots! I’ll always love her as Happy from Fairy Tail though.

So we go to the infirmary where Liese just busts right through all happy and what not but she gets caught by a trap that Levy set up…when is anyone’s guess. Why? Because she’s a ninja!

Anyway she cuts herself down and then goes over to talk with Selina. You really get to see that Liese legitimately cares about her sister right here which makes the reason why she went after Selina during the battle in the Eternal Library more obvious.

The reason that Liese went after Selina in the Eternal Library is so no one would think that Selina had turned traitor too. Because it’s natural for people to think that family members are working together when one goes bad. By sucking her sister’s magic out, she wanted to make sure that everyone knew that her sister wasn’t a traitor. I give her a C+ on the Caring Big Sister Scale. Not bad but not good either.

Anyway after Selina makes a bet with Liese, if Arata manages to beat her she’ll return to the school, Liese agrees and goes on the attack against Lilith, Levy, Yui, and Arin.

However she blindsided by some type of spectral dragon thing. Turns out it’s Arata’s Mantra Enchant and by that dragon biting Liese’s magic, he’s gotten back the magic that she stole from him last episode.

So now the battle between Liese and Arata begins. Liese has the advantage with speed but with Sora by his side predicting Liese’s moves, it’s about a stalemate.

So with the fight going nowhere Liese goes all out and uses her trump card, the Lost Technica of the Acedia Archive.

In fact to become a member of the Trinity Seven, one must master this technique but it’s dangerous. They’re all life risking techniques just like the one Liese is about to do.

So Liese uses Baal Peor to freeze time and goes on the attack against Arata and Sora but it doesn’t work. Arata puts a Mantra mark on his tongue when Liese goes to kiss him to steal his magic again. So that let’s Arata absorb her Demon Lord Element and bring her back down to normal.

After the battle Arata tells her how all the other members of the Trinity Seven feel about Liese. They want her back and they don’t care about things she’s done.

That’s nice and all but now because she’s used Baal Peor, Liese is trapped in a state of hyper speed for all time. With the last amount of her magic, she sends Arata and Sora back to normal time. Arata promises no matter what he’ll save her from Baal Peor.

Once they get back, Arata and Selina swear they’ll get to work on a way to save Liese.

The episode ends with the Headmaster saying that another magic school has just been wiped out and they might be coming around for them next.

So here’s my scores. Too Awesome! The Lieselotte Sherlock Arc was awesome! Liese was so cute and the fact that she wasn’t just all talk made it even better. I give both episodes a 10 out of 10!

Oh also the ending has changed again from SHaVaDaVa in Amazing by Levy and Yui to ReSTART the World by Lieselotte and Selina. I’m definitely liking this one way better than Levy and Yui’s ending theme.

So it looks the next episode is Arata studying with Lilith….Oooh I can’t wait and we see a little bit of Lilith in her swimsuit.

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