This is the guide! The guide that everyone that plays Love Live School Idol Festival needs!

So it’s one night I’m checking Twitter and Nick’s talking to one of our fans about LLSIF and he asked a question. When I came on, I answered and he then asked about how to get Love Gems. Then I decide to do this post and mix it with a way to get Love Gems easily.

Okay there are good few ways to get some Love Gems.

1.First if you’re just starting out then you’re in a good position. During your first week playing LLSIF, you’ll get 3 Love Gems as your Daily Login bonus. So by the end of the week, you’ll have 21 Love Gems.

2.Daily Login Bonuses
-You can get around 7 Gems during a 31 or 30 day month and 6 Gems during February

3.Viewing Side Stories
-When you start out there are around 50 Normal cards that you can idolize. So that gets you at least one 10+1 Roll. After that, it’s hard to get some Love Gems.

3. Viewing the end of a Story Mode Chapter
-This is self-explantory.

4. Completing All Difficulties of a Song including the Expert Version
-If you don’t have the talent to get through a Expert song you need to use an entire team of Stamina restoring cards. Mine are mostly Pure Cards.

5. Playing an Expert Song for the first song
-Just getting through the song nets you this Love Gem but it only works for the first time you do it.

6.Get an S Combo or Rank on a Hard/Expert Song
-Depending on how high the level of the song is, you can do this with just a team of Rares. However the higher the level of the song, the more Super Rare and Ultra Rare you’ll need to hit S Rank. As for the Combos, that’s all you and you’ll need practice.

7.Event Rewards and Album Rewards
-These just come up through the course of the game. Just play through the game or the Event and you’ll get them easily.

8.Muse Birthdays
-You can get 5 free Love Gems on each member of Muse’s birthday. They are as followed:

January 17-Hanayo Koizumi
March 15-Umi Sonoda
April 19-Maki Nishikino
June 9-Nozomi Toujou
July 22-Nico Yazawa
August 3-Honoka Kousaka
September 12-Kotori Minami
October 21-Eli Ayase
November 1-Rin Hoshizora
9. Downtime or Maintenance Issues
-If the game goes down unexpectedly, they’ll throw you a Love Gem or two.

Note: I’m taking the time to say this now. LLSIF is updating to a new version. So we might….there is no might we are getting new features and maybe even some of the features that the Japanese already have like halved experience until Rank 100

Extra Note: Whatever you’ve got iOS or Android, don’t uninstall your LLSIF, just go to LLSIF page in the App Store and do the update. Do not uninstall! You will lose everything if you do’t have your Transfer Code

Now that we’ve gotten the normal ways out of the way, it’s time to get Love Gems deviously and without any form of honor…Swagbucks!

Swagbucks is relatively simple to do and in three weeks worth of time, you can easily get enough cash for a $50 iTunes Card for iOS. If you have Android you can just get it converted to a PayPal account.

1.Complete all the easy daily tasks for an easy chuck of Swagbucks

2.Next play Swagasaurus Run under the Play tab then let it suicide. Then repeat until you hit the day cap of 10 SB.

3.Stream videos under the Watch tab. Then you can just either watch those or just let them play in the background until you hit the 150 SB cap. But it’s fairly hard to get to.

There’s a few other Swagbuck ways to get cash I’ll link you to the LLSIF Reddit post where you can get all the info.

And with that those are all the ways of getting Love Gems. I leave you to getting your Love Gems,

Happy hunting,
Later Days

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