Oh Rider. Always in Fate and Unlimited Blade Works getting taken out first. Just wait! Oh just wait! And you!

Deven points at all of the readers, the AnimeCorps writers, and even the AnimeCorps editor.

You’ll all see how awesome Rider is once you see the Heaven’s Feel movie!

So we start off with Shiro and Rin go to lunch where she apologizes about Archer trying you know to kill him and she’s bound him with a Command Spell not to hurt Shiro or Saber until the end of their alliance.

However things go bad at the school when Shinji and Rider activate a Bounded Field.

Note: The Bounded Field is one of Rider’s Noble Phantasms called Blood Fort Andromeda. It’s a massive dome of blood based energy that allows Rider to collect magical energy from living people by liquifying their bodies into blood and organic ooze. Then she drinks that to refill her mana levels. Sexy right.

Anyway to throw Rin a solid after she basically stop Archer from killing him …for now…so Shiro summons Saber with his second Command seal to fight some weird zombie things that appear in the school.

So Saber fights the familiars while Rin and Shiro go to face down Shinji and make him stop the barrier. However when they get there, they find that Rider’s already dead and Shinji’s still bastard.

Apparently Caster’s master and Caster came around, basically said ‘Your Servant’s going to die. The only question left is are you going to die with her?’

Now being the general scum of the earth like he is, Shinji let’s Rider die and when Shiro and Rin come around he crawls out scared. Rin was about to just own him but Shinji begs for his low and when I say this low and just disgusting life. Rin lets him live and Shiro calls the paramedics for the students that were hurt by Blood Fort Andromeda.

All in all, this was a good episode. I really liked it. Rider…just Rider. Why do you always get killed first in the first two routes? I can’t wait until Heaven’s Feel!

So now things are going to get good in Episode 9, I can’t wait for next week.

Until then,
Later Days

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