Aww Mira so cute! That ending though

So we continue from where we left last week.

Hijiri, or the person that just looks like Hijiri, leaves after being all mysterious as she leaves.

So if she’s not Hijiri who is she?

Sora’s nice enough of to explain.

Ilya? Well don’t I have egg on my face. Two Illya’s this season.

So facing the idea that missing Hijiri’s Grimoire is at a school that should be destroyed means that something must be up.

So Mira heads in and Arata and Sora follow behind but she snarks that Arata should go find his girlfriend.

Sora immediately says that she must be jealous but she says she isn’t but of course she is.

After the opening they start walking around the school where Sora explains that despite the school being destroyed in the report they’re actually in a world created by Illya.

Hmm doesn’t this remind you of the first episode.

Anyway the scene shifts to them in the school walking around looking for Akio and Lilith but they find no one.

Well they find someone but they ain’t friendly.


Hmm looks like it’s time to fight!

Go Mira!

Too badass! Yoko Hikasa is awesome!

Arata, you hero! But it’s not the time bro!

Turns out it isn’t him. Sora explains that the place might be charmed to seal Magus Mode.

So my man Arata strips his blazer off and gives it to Mira to cover herself while Sora says she’ll take the ghosts.


Sure! What do you want?! Crepes? Ice Cream? Frozen Yogurt?

She seems like a desserts lover girl.

So after Sora takes down the ghosts, Illya comes in and starts a fight with Sora.

Taking bets! I’ve got my money on Sora.

We shift over to Arata and naked Mira. They try to get out through the front door but it’s locked.

Then they move over to a classroom to regroup. Arata hands over his shirt to Mira so she can better preserve her modesty.

Aww man. But I respect that at least Arata understands this is not the time to fully indulge his perversions.

However she’s wearing nothing more than a man’s shirt which is cute in it’s own way.

While they rest up Mira and Arata speculate on how they are trapped. Mira comes up with the idea that they’re in a barrier.

Mira explains the two types of barriers, the five point barriers and the central ones. So since it’s easier to look around at the top tower than it is looking around five random spots around the school, Arata decides to check out the tower while Mira rests up.

But she ain’t having that! She’s coming along too!

I knew I liked her a lot!

Arata takes her hand and runs out to find the barrier.

Now we switch over to Sora vs. Illia.


She’s so cute when she’s being all badass.

So after a quick conversation about the students being the monsters, Sora stops holding back and attacking all out.

And by all out I mean she destroys everything in the hall and blows out the windows.

Strong master even stronger grimoire…I’m not remotely shocked.

That’s what you get for using super big attacks, Sora-chan! You end up wide open afterwards.

And Illia-chan picks up the cube all cutely but then smiles evilly at the tower.


Does this look like the face of mercy? Quite cute but no visible mercy.

So we move to Arata and Mira about to go up the tower but with Mira just wearing a shirt, her going up the ladder will be just a beautiful sight for Arata…wait her panties got destroyed too. He’s going to get way more that just a panty shot.

Then Arata acts all honorable and tries to go up first but Mira brings up the possibilities of traps so he can’t go up first.

That leads Arata carrying Mira on his back. Aww it looks so cute and it makes Mira blush. I think someone’s opinion of the MC is changing.


So as they go up the ladder, Arata asks why she became the leader of the Security Commitee. Mira explains in a flashback how she was alone and unable to connect with people before Akio reached out to her and was there for her.

And since Akio was a member of the Security Commitee she joined too.

And that influenced her Thema. Mira is not the type of person that would seek out being for lack of a better word the cop or the dealer out of justice. It isn’t her. She’s actually a shy, awkward and quiet girl at the center of her nature. However she knows that the things she does, protecting people and destroying impure things, are something worth doing and that’s why chose Justice as her Thema.

So after her story she gets all embarrassed about telling her story.


And after a little banter they continue up the ladder to the top of the tower.

It looks all clear from the top but there’s something extra there.


Oh so this is clearly a trap…


Yep this is a trap. I can see right here.

So Illia calls out to Arata and says that she’s not going to hurt him but Mira’s in the way of them being together.

Also on the side, Sora starts up some mental communication with Arata. She tells him that the cube she’s stuck is the focal point of the barrier, if he destorys it then they’ll be all good.

So Arata says that he’ll stay with Illia in exchange she’ll have to let Mira go.

Nice of you Arata.

Illia accepts.


Looks like she copied that pose from a romance movie but it’s so damn cute! Loving Mira’s Dere side.

Now that’s noble. Truly the harem of the year.

After Arata asks about what will happen to Sora if she stays in the cube, Illia betrays him.

Deep down we should have expected this.

Then Illia goes that subtle type of crazy. Not that Yandere crazy like Kurumi Tokisaki or Yuno Gasai where it’s kinda cute. It’s the type of crazy where it’s only crazy in context.

See crazy grimiore.

So now Illia gets serious, she starts sucking out Sora’s magic and the ghosts are about to start eating Mira.

And with our poor hero tied down by Illia’s vines all he can do is watch…

And with that the darkness takes over Arata and all that’s left is Astral Trinity!


And that’s the end of this episode. I’m beginning to think that Trinity Seven is the harem of the year! It’s got good action, classic harem antics, drama. What more could you ask for!

Now things are getting serious in Episode 10, I can’t wait to see what happens with Astral Trinity next week.

Until next week,
Later Days

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